Winchester hits "Journeyman" Phase of his Career

There was a time (the spring run of ’06) when MacT said nice things about him, but the wheels fell off this season and at the exit interview the coach basically set him free.

Winchester imo is very much like Dan Lacouture. He has the tools to have an NHL career but will need to play with more urgency. I remember a terrific hit in training camp in fall 2006 (behind the Oiler net, can’t remember who he flattened) but there wasn’t enough of it.

Here are the EV ppg/60 for Oilers rookie forwards in 06-07:

  1. Brad Winchester 1.19ppg
  2. Marc Pouliot 1.17ppg
  3. Patrick Thoresen 1.15ppg
  4. Zach Stortini 0.31ppg
  5. JF Jacques 0.00ppg

A couple of notes on these numbers. First, the Oilers were a terrible offensive team and none of these guys were carrying the mail, so one would expect all of them to have improved numbers in the upcoming season(s). Also, Jacques cannot have another season like this one, it is statistically impossible.

Also, it’s completely unfair to compare the 06-07 team to previous clubs, but Ales Hemsky’s ppg/60 at EV as a rookie was 2.26. That Oiler team scored 231 goals, this year’s club scored 195. If we did a simple (and completely unscientific) nicking of Hemsky’s numbers to put it in 06-07 context, we still get 1.91ppg. Mike Comrie had the best rookie PPG/EV number in recent Oilers rookie history (2.52) but we have to give a lot of credit to the fact that Comrie was given Doug Weight’s linemates.

As for Winchester, I think he would have been a nice option at the end of the roster (for a nice price) but this coach has an amazing track record when it comes to which players to punt so there’s not much to argue about over Winchester.

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4 Responses to "Winchester hits "Journeyman" Phase of his Career"

  1. mc79hockey says:

    Two comments. First, persons who wonder about strength of competition should note that Ales still hasn’t topped that number. I can’t help but think that we’re going to see him do it at some point – to be honest, I kind of think he’s going to have a big year next year – but the competition has undoubtedly since been ratcheted up for him.

    On the JF Jacques thing…it’s a bitch to research but he played 289.92 ES minutes this year without an ES +. Going back through my numbers…the 2005-06 winner of what should be referred to as the “Rock & Roll Award” was Pascal Rheaume with 77.35 ES minutes. Your 2003-04 Rock & Roll winner was Peter Sejna with 238.08 ES minutes. 2002-03 looks like JP Vigier with 163.7 ES minutes.

    JF Jacques is a special young man and that was a special performance.

  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    JP Vigier is available as a UFA this summer.

    I believe this hardworking Manitoba-born rightwinger could be had for the league minimum.

    Its too bad about Winchester.
    when that lad’s game is on its a pleasure to watch. My favourite kind of player.

  3. Bendelson says:

    I HOPE Hemsky can get back on track this season… but I doubt it. With Hemsky being the only gifted offensive player on the team – it’s not hard to predict he will be playing against the top defencemen in the league night in, night out. Not to mention the sad fact that he will be playing without a finisher, on a soft team that will take a physical beating more often than not – again.

    It’ll be tough.

    In regards to JFJ – wow, that’s an impressive rookie campaign! MacT must have one hell of a soft spot to play someone as useless as JFJ so many games last year. He can’t get any worse this season, though I would think a solid NHL lineup would have no use for someone like him… luckily, he plays for the Oilers.

    Is Winchester worse than JFJ????
    How is that possible???

    By the way, good for KLowe to offer up $50m for Vanek. I’m just glad Buffalo matched, as I agree, he’s going to have a tough time living up to those numbers this season.
    If you can’t play the UFA game, you may as well raise the bar for RFA’s around the league.
    I still think Tampa Bay should offer up big for Lundquist (steal him or drive his price up enough to kill the Rangers)… they could win again (and soon) with a world class goalie.

  4. Black Dog says:

    Winchester is worse then JFJ in that he has further along – older, more experienced.

    What JFJ did is truly amazing but I think he likely breaks that gooseegg this year – he’ll break camp and probably actually play this year instead of sitting in the pressbox. Likely will get the odd shot with some veteran linemates. He’s like Nilsson – very important season for him – hopefully he gets some confidence and begins to roll.

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