Chorney and VandeVelde Star for UND

A nice night for two Oilers college prospects, Taylor Chorney and Chris Vande Velde. Chorney had a couple of assists and Vande Velde scored a goal.

It’s really hard to get good updates from normal sources for US College Hockey. It is definitely a niche sport but the fanbase seems as rabid as any.

A great source for UND info is available here.

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7 Responses to "Chorney and VandeVelde Star for UND"

  1. mc79hockey says:

    I feel your pain LT. Two sites I used to use back when I wanted to follow my sister: and

  2. Lowetide says:

    Where did your sister play?

  3. Black Dog says:

    Van De Velde looks good now but I worry how he’ll handle the 18th on Sunday.

  4. twain says:

    I’ll be taking in a bunch of MSU games this year, I’ll try and post some comments on Petry if I’m able.

  5. kanadienkyle says:

    Was at the game tonight. Chorney had a tough first two periods (getting caught from behind and stripped of the puck twice), but was the best player on the ice in the third.

    Vande Velde looked alright tonight, but didn’t have much jump in his game. Inherited the first line when Oshie was kicked out, but lacked chemistry with the linemates.

    Petry played a decent game. He handles the puck very well but is prone to taking long shifts. Took a couple of lazy penalties as a result.

    Am open for questions if there are specific requests.

  6. Lowetide says:

    kanadienkyle: Just a few:

    1. Is Chorney stronger this season? He seemed slight at the WJC’s.

    2. Vande Velde. Is he a Coke machine? Is he a skill guy with size? Can you describe what he is? Based on the stats he seems run of the mill, but several peopls (Asia, Bryan) have said enough nice things that now I’m curious.

    3. Petry. Anything about his game stand out? Quick first step? Nice pass? Is there any one skill you would say is clear of the rest of his arsenal?

  7. kanadienkyle says:


    To answer your questions:

    1. Chorney does in fact seem stronger. He is more involved down low and seems to be able to break free of battles on the boards. His skating has also improved from last year, especially his lateral movement. He may have packed on some muscle, as he is noticeably stockier.He is logging a lot of minutes (26 last night, by my friend’s stopwatch) and doesn’t fade late in games as in previous seasons. It seems he paid a lot of attention to strength and conditioning over the summer.

    2. For most of last year, VDV could have been accurately described as a Coke machine, and I liberally borrowed your phrase to tell others about him. He is a different player now. He has offensive skill but his biggest contribution is his size and skating. He just opens up room and then finds ways to exploit it.He has a few moves to beat you one on one, but can also pbysically dominate down low to get clearance. He scored his goal by picking up a Chorney rebound (off the glass) pushing a defender out of the way and getting himself room to shoot. I think of him as a Keith Primeau type of guy. He does well on the PP but can also kill penalties. Doesn’t hurt the team anywhere on the ice and provides room for the smaller wingers to maneuver.Could easily be a guy who improves his totals as he progresses.

    3. The thing that impressed me the most was that he always appeared calm. He makes nice passes and makes the simple play instead of forcing the issue. Makes nice passes, distributes the puck well and doesn’t appear to panic under pressure. Can play physical but can also just angle a man off if thats the best thing to do. I suppose I would use the word efficient.

    The only concern was the very long shifts and the penalties he took as a result. Two lazy plays, one of which he had to take and the other he didn’t.

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