Luc Robitaille was a speaker at the POWER WITHIN presentation today in Edmonton. Interesting speaker, he had some wonderful stories.

My favorite involves his draft day (at the Montreal Forum). He explained that Mario Lemieux and the first rounders were in the expensive seats and the guys like him were in the nosebleeds. However, he was thrilled to be there and looking forward to getting drafted.

He said that the Forum hotdogs were killer and as the hours rolled on he had more and more of them. The first round phased into the second round and on it went until 7 hours (and 7 hotdogs) later when his name was announced.

He raced down from the cheap seats to get to the Kings table where there was no one around. He finally found an LA KINGS staff member who gave him a pin and told him to fill out a form.

And that was it. 171st overall and no jersey, no hat, no photo. Just a pin. And 668 NHL goals.

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6 Responses to "Robitaille"

  1. Slipper says:

    My favourite aside to the Luc Robitaille story is who the Kings selected in the 4th round with the 69th overall pick. One of only 5 left handers to reach 300 wins in the bigs, and he was picked ahead of both Robitaille and Brett Hull.

  2. Ribs says:

    Wow.. That’s a weird one slipper. I wonder if he has a jersey and hat somewhere from that draft day.

  3. kanadienkyle says:

    Tom Glavine, if I recall correctly?

  4. Oilman says:

    If Glavine had played in the NHL, he’d have scored 500….because they would have counted every shot he took that was within 8inches of either post…was there ever a pitcher with a wider strike zone than Glavine?

  5. James Mirtle says:

    Robitaille’s actually surprisingly articulate and engaging. Always like catching him on the radio when he’s BSing about whatever.

  6. Dennis says:

    Yeah, from what I’d read, lots of the Kings would make fun of Luc because he never really lost his accent but now he’s taken on a white collar job with the Kings and word is that he’s doing some good work.

    And nice quip, OM. As a fan of a club that absolutely couldn’t beat Glavine once ’91 or ’92 came around, you’re bang on with your assertion that he enjoyed a wide strike zone. I always had a laugh when Braves fans complained about the wide strike zone employed by Eric Gregg the day that Livan Hernandez shut them down. Of course, Gregg’s zone was redicolous that day but the Braves got redicolous calls all fucking season, every season.

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