Glencross Roads

This is Curtis Glencross. The photo is from October 2005 and he is in the uniform of the Portland Pirates.

He looks to me (a little bit) like Ken Linseman but he’s a pretty big hockey player.

The oldest scouting report of any kind that the Al Gore will give me comes from an HF poster named Oilers Chick. I don’t know her real name (but I know it sure as hell isn’t David Staples) but have been reading her stuff long enough to know that she’s either seen these players or gets good information.

In March of 2004 she wrote “Glencross combines grit and physical play with some scoring touch. He led the Seawolves in both scoring (21G, 13A – 34 pts) and penalty minutes (79). If you want a more detailed report I’ll be happy to put one together for you later.This time of year many NHL teams’ scouts, and even some GMs are checking out the NCAA crop (drafted or not). They like to see them in post-season since it’s close to FA time and the draft. Also, the level of competition/intensity of play is higher than in the regular season for obvious reasons.Alaska-Anchorage was one of the biggest surprises of the WCHA Final Five. No one thought they would be there, let alone beat Wisconsin to get there. Glencross and especially senior goaltender Chris King were two of the best Seawolves players in the tourney.”

I’d reprint the scouting report from Sportsnet and tsn (they’re identical, because you know even though they are in competition with each other let’s not get carried away on thorough) but the fact of the matter is Oilers Chick summed it up pretty nicely. The farther along I go on the Al Gore the more I realize that grass roots often trumps corporate.

He seems like a really normal guy. In a CBC interview he once said “I’m not supposed to be in the NHL. All my friends back home, we still talk once a week.”

He’s an RFA this summer which means that the 25-year old (6-1, 195) LW will be due a raise from the $522,500 he’s making now. Let’s list all the LW’s in the organization with their 07-08 cap number:

  1. Dustin Penner 4.25M
  2. Raffi Torres 2.25M
  3. Ethan Moreau 2.0M
  4. Geoff Sanderson 1.5M
  5. JF Jacques .668M
  6. Patrick Thoresen .570M
  7. Liam Reddox .508M

So Glencross appears to be a nice, affordable and somewhat proven (compared to JF Jacques, as an example) option in the 10-14F mix for next season. I’d say at a guess that Penner and Moreau return for next season along with a scoring winger brought in via free agency or trade and then someone like Glencross for the 4line.

I suspect today’s trade was made to address the need for an “inexpensive but useful” option at the back end of the roster and sealed the deal for more than one Oiler prospect. If we make a list of players who appear to have established themselves at the NHL level this season (Cogliano, Gagner, Nilsson, Brodziak, Stortini), add them to the NHL players on the roster (Horcoff, Penner, Hemsky, Stoll, Torres, Pisani, Moreau) who are under contract or rfa’s for next season we get a total of 12 players (of a possible 14).

It’s my opinion that one or two of Stoll, Torres and Moreau may get sent away this summer but surely established NHL players will be coming back in return. No, today’s trade threw yet another roadblock in front of the kids on the farm and this guy looks for all the world like a MacTavish-type player (which I define as a player who is as effective or more effective away from the puck as he is when in possession or as an option on the rush/under control in offensive zone).

Pretty good night to get drop dead drunk if you’re a hockey player in Springfield. How’s that old Jimmy Buffet song go? If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.

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12 Responses to "Glencross Roads"

  1. oilerdiehard says:

    Over at HF there seems to be some talk that according the new CBA. GlenX has played too few games for a 25 year old and will become a UFA. I think he has to hit 80 games and needs around 35 more to make that mark. We have 28 games remaining.

    Though I would imagine if we show interest off the bat. He would probably be fairly easy to resign regardless.

  2. Jonathan says:

    “No, today’s trade threw yet another roadblock in front of the kids on the farm”

    Thank goodness. Seriously, the kids on the farm have had waaayyy to easy of a time making this team. A player should have to earn a spot. For example:

    Pouliot – 28p/36GP AHL. He gets a 9-game audition, going pointless and -7. At least he fired twelve shots at net, as opposed to:
    JFJ – 25p/38GP AHL. He also gets a 9 game audition, managing 2! shots on net and 2PIM to go along with a -3 rating.
    Thoreson – 20p/23GP AHL, 3p/17GP NHL. He earned a callup, but surely would be sent back down to the minors if there was anybody to replace him in the lineup.

    This is a lineup so poor, Kyle Brodziak is 8th among forwards in points. Now, I like Brodziak, and I even think he’s going to be a good bottom-sixer for the next decade or so, but at this point he should be somewhere between 10th and 13th among forwards in points. He should be rotating in and out of the pressbox, and on a good team probably would even have seen some AHL time.

    On a team where 7 regulars weren’t NHL’ers last year, I’d say that there aren’t nearly enough roadblocks in front of the farmhands. Especially given that the Springfield Falcons currently sit at 19th in a 29-team league.

    I know thatyou’re the first one to point out our need for legitimate NHL’ers on this team, so I’m not really criticizing- I just really have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone in Springfield, because they’ve had more than their share of shots.

  3. Lowetide says:

    jonathan: I agree with you. Having said that, I still haven’t given up on Pouliot or Jacques. Pouliot because the fan in me says he’s a MacT type who can’t get traction but will (and maybe soon since Horcoff isn’t playing and they have been poor 2 games in a row) and Jacques because his skills are so unique.

    As for JFJ’s offense, it is an anomaly. If you can hit AAA pitching you can hit big league pitching and you can predict it if you let enough air out of the tires.

    Jacques Desjardins’ NHLE’s have been “in the range” with Pouliot all down the line. Which is to say not great but not historically bad either.

    He isn’t Billy Ashley who put up big numbers in a bandbox, he’s a guy who CAN score goals and have an impact. He just isn’t there yet.

    I know I get stubborn on guys but Jacques has such a great toolbox it’s important that the organization be patient with him. Guys with his size and speed combination don’t grow on trees.

  4. Black Dog says:

    LT – did you catch MacT’s comments last night?

    1/ He has a concern that Horcoff may be out for an extended period of time. Combine that with Hemsky and Pitkanen not looking right (hell, let it stand alone) and this team is beyond dead.

    2/ Beyond pissed at Stoll and his issue with his stick and to paraphrase “It would be one thing if the guy had 25 goals but there is no offence there so we have to address the issue” – so his patience with Stoll has worn thin.

    I think Pouliot gets another shot (God please let him make the best of it this time – at worst Reasoner’s spot is there for the taking next year).

    With Glencross coming on board where is there a spot for JFJ?

  5. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: I don’t know if there’s a spot for JFJ to be honest. I just can’t believe he’s Brad Winchester but the Oilers have to make a decision on him in the summertime and they may walk.

    Very disappointing career as a pro.

  6. Bank Shot says:

    The problem with Pouliot is that he plays like a limp noodle.

    MacT would go through hell and back for any guy that just hustles, regardless of whether he’s any fucking good or not. (Stortini, Reasoner)

    Some guys need kicks in the ass, and unfortantly Mact’s track record with guys who are not self starters is absolutely shit.

    I don’t like Pouliot’s chances of becoming anything more then a 4th line hole plugger at this point.

  7. Dennis says:

    This move impacts JFJ more than Pouliot given that Glenncross is a winger. I think Pouliot will get another shot if MacT’s mentioning his name and like the man said, at the very least he’s an alternative to Reasoner who’s clearly done as anything other than a penalty killer.

    I’m not saying they dont have plans for GC beyond this year but JFJ’s banged up down in SF so maybe they’re doubting he can help us this year.

  8. Ducey says:

    I like the trade. Especially in the NW, every team seems to have about 10 of these guys.

    From the Blue Jackets side of things, I guess getting crushed in the first round of the playoffs, if they make it, is worth a GlenX.

    I don’t see this as impacting JFJ. He profiles as a heavyweight and will likely need a few more years learning how to scrap in the AHL before he can earn a full time NHL gig.

    As for Chicken boy (AKA MAP) he has not really lit it up in the AHL. He had better go nuts on conditioning this offseason or he is done anyway.

    GlenX might have this biggest impact on the decision to stick with Reasoner and is likely a good replacement for one of Torres, Stoll, or Pisani if they get injured, traded, sick, or break another stick.

  9. nameht says:

    Just confirmation that he is infact a UFA at the end of this season

    Glencross, by the way, is not an RFA, as reported in lots of media outlets. I’ve been assured by the Blue Jackets that he’s a UFA this summer, because he hasn’t played enough games in the early stages of his career. So, per the CBA, he gets a chance to test the waters as a UFA.

  10. Lowetide says:

    nameht: I don’t really think that’s a big issue if he can find a role with the Oilers in the next 30 games.

    It seems like a pretty good match and a player like Glencross isn’t so established at the NHL level that a one-way deal for good money from a team that traded for him and has a spot for him in the fall would be easy to pass up.

    They can negotiate with him before July 1, right? Or has that changed with the CBA?

  11. hwy16 says:

    Any benefit to Katz buying out some contracts?

  12. Black Dog says:

    hwy16 – go to mc79hockey – Tyler took a look at this in one of his recent posts

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