This is Kevin Prendergast. His draft regime (01-07) was solid but he has moved upstairs and now appears to be the “fifth face” in the “Mount Rushmore” that is the Oilers management team (the other four faces being Nichols, Laforge, Lowe and MacT).

It is extremely likely more than one face will be replaced when ownership changes and it’s impossible to gauge where KP stands unless you’re an insider.

I’m a big fan of KP’s draft work, the guy had the ear of the boss and delivered Hemsky, Gagner and a nice list of good players behind the two gifted bookends.

Having said that, Prendergast is the face of modern day hyperbole. Seriously. This guy must be a wonderful poker player as he seems to be able to make incredible statements without causing anyone to call bullshit. A few examples from his most recent media experience:

  1. “We don’t really have players to sell.”
  2. “teams aren’t going to offer us good players for bad players.”
  3. “There were nowhere near this many positives last year.”
  4. “We don’t see a whole lot of holes — outside of youth.”
  5. “They want our better players.”
  6. “They could go on a run. They could do almost anything.”

Sweet Jesus. Christ. I mean, come the hell on. When a man in (somewhat) charge of a bad hockey team says “we don’t see a lot of holes” you need to JUMP IN and even when he says youth you need to say something like “do you think this team needs a few more NHL players?” or something that makes sense. “We don’t really have players to sell” is also a beauty.

In one of the articles in the dailies, KP laid out a deadly quote. It rings in my ears and I will remember it a long, long time: “This is the result of starting over a couple of times.”

Sometimes in the middle of an article that goes nowhere lies a certain truth. Thank you, Mr. Prendergast, for saying it out loud.

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17 Responses to "Prendergast"

  1. Ribs says:

    It’s been hard to grasp just what exactly KP’s role in the organisation is. When he speaks publicly he doesn’t sound overly knowledgeable about the teams prospects or needs and I think that’s why reporters shy away from hammering him with the hard stuff. I don’t think they expect him to know anything because he’s usually just regurgitating the words of MacT and Lowe.

    I’ve always seen KP as an in-between type of guy who gets the information from the scouts to Lowe and the coaching staff. It would be interesting to know what specific role he actually plays when it comes to draft picks and prospect management. How loose are the reigns on him?

    Whatever he does, it works. Or at least it appears to work.

  2. Ribs says:

    For fricks sake.. Now Smid is hurt???

  3. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: His role has changed this season. He is no longer the scouting director, so his knowledge of prospects and possible draftees would be different this year.

  4. doritogrande says:

    When do we sever ties with Kenta? KP’s done some great things drafting in North America, but our standards drafting kids playing in Europe has been piss poor for a long time now. If anyone goes, he’s the one in my opinion.

  5. godot10 says:

    GM’s and assistant GM’s have to spin in public. It is the nature of the job. :Look at Bill Belichek. You can’t let other GM’s know what you are really thinking.

    It is the job of the coach to be the truth teller.

    “We don’t really have players to sell.”
    1) Roloson and Sanderson and Reasoner don’t really have much value.
    2) Torres is hurt.
    3) Souray is hurt, so you really can’t trade a defenseman.
    4) Staios is part of the core veteran character leadership retained to mentor young players. Any offer would have to be mindboggling.
    5) Horcoff is hurt, which makes it difficult to trade Stoll or Reasoner while keeping the team competitive for the rest of the season.
    6) They are willing to sign Pitkanen, and not trade him if he is willing to sign a reasonable contract.
    7) Buyers don’t want to give real players back at the deadline. They are more likely to in the offseason.
    The Oilers don’t need prospects or draft choices, they need real players, and a hockey deal.

    So they are not really sellers. Q.E.D.

  6. godot10 says:

    //”There were nowhere near this many positives last year.”//

    What is wrong with that? Last year,
    1) There was no Gagner, no Gilbert, and no Cogliano.
    2) Nilsson, Smid, Greene, Stortini, and Brodziak were suspects as much as prospects.
    3) Would Stoll recover from his concussion?
    4) Horcoff was having a so-so year.

  7. godot10 says:

    “We don’t see a whole lot of holes — outside of youth.”

    Which is basically true.

    3 rookies, Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert.

    Grebeshkov, Smid, Nilsson, Stortini and Brodziak had only a season or less before this year.

    Penner, only a year and a half.

    46% of the starting lineup with less than 2 years experience.

    Almost all of them look like they will be NHL’ers at some level of proficiency.

  8. Lowetide says:

    godot10: Saying “there weren’t this many positives last year” is so bloody lame it is to laugh. You can’t defend it, no one can.


  9. Pat H says:

    One almost wonders if there is some ongoing ‘dare’ within the organization – “who can make the most outrageous quote to the media/fandom and get away with it?”

  10. Ribs says:

    LT: What is he doing now? I’ve always just assumed he’d be getting a bigger paycheque and more responsibilities with his new role since Howson left.

    Who’s running the show here?

  11. Dennis says:

    Scene: Dennis struts around his house, refreshing drinks and making chit-chat. He passes a table where Vic, Ty and Cam are all discussing the glory days of the MGM line and how easy it used to be to root for Laraque.

    All of a sudden the doorbell rings and the host strides to the door.

    LT enters, soaking wet and mournful, chin planted firmly on chest.

    Is this the party, he asks.
    Yes, says the host. Did I give you the wrong directions? Why did it take you so long to find us?

    I’ve been driving around for a long time says Lain. I guess I took the long way to get here.

    And scene.

    Welcome aboard, Lain!!;)

  12. Asiaoil says:

    Well I actually agree with most of this sentiment – a lot of the holes in this team will be eventually be filled by existing young players developing – but that will take time……..lots of time.

    Of course if we have a chance to land an elite talent of any sort you do that – but the odds of convincing any elite vet that this mgmt team has a clue going forward is not good.

  13. Tyler says:

    Buyers don’t want to give real players back at the deadline. They are more likely to in the offseason.


  14. rickibear says:

    Speaking of KP and Kenta. It is good to see Bumagin is playing for Khimik again.
    He went from 24GP 3g 7A with a 20 GM break to 26GP 7G 7A. Maybe his knee and the rest of him are healthy again. KP said they wanted him over here next year. He had Similiar #’s to ovechkin as a 18 yr old. before he blew out the knee.

    With Smid hurt & in a walking cast I would like to see TJ Kemp get a thank you call up.

  15. digger says:

    -11 points out of a playoff spot with 21 games to go.

    -Horcoff, Souray, Torres out for the season, Hemsky playing with one good arm.

    -Roloson having a poor year, basically pulling the chute on his team by asking to be dealt.

    -Primed to give the Ducks a pick that’s currently sitting at 4th overall, and with the Kings win tonight they’re only 4 points behind the Oilrs, so 1st overall isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

    -Oilers management basically waving the white flag with Prendergast’s words in the papers on thursday…for the first time in 12 years, Edmonton will not see playoff hockey in consecutive seasons. And it’s not like seasons earlier in the Lowe/MacT regime where they *just* missed the cutline. They’ve not even been close to making it.

    Yep, 2006 sure seems like a lifetime ago at this point…and KP’s quote of “This is a result of starting over a couple of times” is an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

  16. Julian says:

    Last year the team had the same number of injuries, and had to go on a 1-21 slide over the last quarter of the season just to finish 6th last.

    If we go 1-21 over the rest of this season, we’re far, far in dead last. At our current pace for the rest of the year we’ll still finish worse than last year.

    There’s more positives for the future manybe this year, but this certainly isn’t a better year. Plus said positives are somewhat offset by the Souray anchor of a contract.

  17. doritogrande says:

    “-Roloson having a poor year, basically pulling the chute on his team by asking to be dealt.”

    Can you elaborate Digger, I haven’t seen this one yet.

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