Deslauriers as Backup in 08-09?

Long-time Oiler fans know that the “pipeline” for off-season information begins at Jim Matheson’s PC. In his HOCKEY WORLD one-pager today he has some interesting items on Dwayne Roloson and Jeff Deslauriers:

  • Roloson’s stock went up with his play at season’s end, and the Oilers are looking for a 2nd or 3rd in trade.
  • If Lowe can’t deal Roloson, the team will “almost certainly start next year with 3 goaltenders” because JDD is waiver vulnerable.

Roloson’s cap hit is $3.667M for the upcoming season and the actual cost of his final year is $3M (source: If Edmonton can offload Roloson that money could be spent on a pure scorer to go with either Hemsky or Gagner.

As for Deslauriers being NHL ready and the strength of a Garon-JDD tandem, that seems at first blush to be a combination that would fall in the “suspect” category.

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14 Responses to "Deslauriers as Backup in 08-09?"

  1. Ducey says:

    Explain how starting the year with 3 goaltenders works again?

    Assuming Garon is the number 1, you have JDD and Roli fighting for back up minutes. Roli is going to be pissed and rusty, and JDD is going to miss development time (again).

    If I am Lowe and I can’t trade Roli for a good pick (2nd rounder or above), I would go with Roli and Garon and take my chances with JDD getting thru waivers. If he doesn’t get thru you have DD on the farm who in 2009 should be where JDD is now.

  2. Jonathan says:

    If Lowe can get a 2nd/3rd round pick for Roloson I’ll be amazed. He was great in some games, and awful in others, and that kind of compensation sounds a little high. I’d be happy with anywhere from a 3rd to a 5th round pick.

    As for Deslauriers, I guess you never know until you actually see, but it might be nice to give him a try at the NHL level. To toss out one super-optimistic comparison I like, look at Manny Fernandez’s numbers. At 25 he jumped from the IHL, where he had posted a .916 SV% with a team that won it all that year to Dallas, where he went 11-8-3 with a .920 SV%. This season Deslauriers posted a .912 SV% for a team that was pretty bad. His numbers aren’t great, but he’s probably ready for backup duty. The real question is whether you trust Garon to be the starter- and I think, looking at his career numbers, that this season with Edmonton wasn’t an aberration, and he’s ready for the number one job without caveats.

  3. jon k says:

    Agreed on the suspect judgment pertaining to Garon-JDD.

    Problem I see is, Roli has absolutely no value in a 3 goalie system where he’s fighting two guys for spots.

    Roli has always struck me as the goalie who needs a run of at least 3 games to get into a groove, and I think we’ve seen enough anecdotal evidence of that dating all the way back to his acquisition in ’06.

    If we can move him for any pick in the top 100 it would have to been considered a victory in my opinion.

    However, this whole thing brings to the surface an issue that’s been bubbling under since the lockout, what do we do with the goaltending moving forward? There was no hope with the Conkkannen duo, and even after signing Roli I don’t think anyone thought he had viability even to the end of that contract.

    So, if Garon doesn’t re-up, we’re in hot water for a starter. Even if he does re-up we’re in hot water for a capable backup, since I have little faith in either JDD or Dubnyk for the immediate future and I think the results in triple-A to date are reason enough to be troubled.

  4. Jonathan says:

    So, if Garon doesn’t re-up, we’re in hot water for a starter. Even if he does re-up we’re in hot water for a capable backup, since I have little faith in either JDD or Dubnyk for the immediate future and I think the results in triple-A to date are reason enough to be troubled.

    Dubnyk’s statistics are certainly reason to worry. His statistics this year are worse than Deslaurier’s last year. (.904, 3.12 vs. .908, 2.47) However, Deslaurier’s numbers really aren’t that bad, and if he struggles, there are plenty of goaltenders out there.

    Although I’m optimistic about Deslauriers, my preferred option would be to sign a guy like Alex Auld. He won’t be too expensive, and unlike Deslauriers, could be relied upon to step in if Garon gets hurt.

  5. breakerdog says:

    Im going to throw something out there.

    Roloson for Ray Emery.

    -Contracts are virtually the same for this year with Ray getting one extra year.
    -Ottawa would love to unload Emery without having to buy him out. In return they get a guy who could potentially be a number one.
    -Rollie would love a shot at a #1 job for a cup contender
    -The Oil were gonna eat this salary anyway so why not do it with a guy who has some potential to be something.
    -Worst case scenario is Emery goes into the crapper and the Oil can cut him and save half his salary (something they cant do with the 38 year old Rollie) and they still have JDD as backup
    -Best case scenario is the 25 year old Emery grows up and becomes a #1 guy here.

    This just seems to make sense for me.

  6. Asiaoil says:

    Yes you can find a guy here and there like Fernandez who had numbers like JDD and went on to NHL success.

    Problem is….you can also find dozens and dozens of guys with numbers like JDD who are now selling cars for a living.

    I would prefer to keep Roloson because good goaltending will be CRITICAL for this team next year if it expects to make the playoffs. If we deal Roloson – then yeah a guy like Auld is a way safer bet than JDD to help us win the 25 games he starts.

    JDD is probably worth nothing on the trade market right now…..and there is a reason for that.

  7. Oiler Mag says:

    I think everyone is agreed that JDD had a pretty up-and-down year. However, his stats hold up pretty well when compared to guys who will also probably get first dibs on their respective back-up roles; Jimmy Howard, Tuukka Rusk and Al Montana. And he’s been plating on a pretty rough team. Is 3.7 too much for a back-up goalie? Probably, especially with 25 to sign and still have room for wiggling at the trade-deadline for an experienced goal-machine-LW.

  8. Bruce says:

    Roloson for Ray Emery.

    Yeah Breakerdog, I threw that one out there on the Trade Deadline thread and again in the last week or so when the Ottawa post mortems were coming down. (Or were they mortem posts?)

    As you have detailed nicely, it works from a logic standpoint (although it made more sense for Ottawa on Feb 25). But it may be Emery really is a ten-foot-pole job, in which case a hands-off policy is the better part of valour.

    Roli has always struck me as the goalie who needs a run of at least 3 games to get into a groove

    Jon K: I agree he has seemed that way here. The odd thing is that Roli was almost strictly a platoon guy in Minnesota, when he posted back to back Sv% of .927 and .933 in 2002-04 playing 50 and 48 games.

    For the record I hate the three-goalie system. Last time we had it here was just before the Roli trade, and we had the three-headed monster I called Huey, Dewey and Louie. It was screwy. While there were lots of games we used two of the three, and Mike Morrison became something of a shootout specialist coming off the bench, it seemed unsustainable at the time and it proved to be so. If you think Roli was cranky this year it would be far worse with a third incumbent in the padded cell.

  9. doritogrande says:

    I think it’s vital for us to relieve the goalie cramp going on in Springfield this year. The best way to do that is get rid of the Roloson contract for a pick and promote JDD. I seem to be in the minority here, and believe he’s ready to play in 25 games next year as the backup. He can’t do any worse a job than Morrison did when he got the call. Similar ages, correct?

    With Deslauriers gone, we can finally see what Dubnyk can do in a full season as a pro starter. We know what he can do as a starter based on his junior numbers, and they were for a really shitty team. He’s so far been on par with his counterparts in the first round of the 2004 draft, none of which have yet to have any significant impact in the NHL. He’s young still, and if we give him another two years on the farm, similar to the way Alex Auld was brought along by Manitoba, we may have something.

    But this all has to happen this year if our goalie prospects are to take the next developmental step. Another year of JDD and DD fighting for scraps in the minors will do neither any good.

  10. Asiaoil says:

    If people want a young guy to take a swing on – then get Halak from the Habs. His numbers simply crush JDD’s and he’s younger. Not like he’ll every go anywhere with Price in front of him.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Lowe has started every season since the lockout with a big hole somewhere on the roster. This fall it might be goaltending again.


  12. digger says:

    I’m not a fan of a 3 goalie system either, but I am a fan of at least giving JDD, for the first time since he’s been Oilers property, an honest, equal footing shot at earning the backup position at training camp. Every other year he’s had a preseason game here and there, but there was never any doubt that he would start the year in the minors. It now looks like ‘fish or cut bait’ time is drawing nigh for this guy.

    6 years after his draft date, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give him that chance. If he earns it, good for him and Roloson gets moved ASAP. If he doesn’t, JDD moves on to another team via trade/waivers.

  13. DeBakey says:

    Two things about Deslauriers
    – his late-season stint as Roli’s back-up will have given the Oiler braintrust a fairly clear idea of how good he is now compared to how good he was.
    – Without that bad spell in February, where one could argue he ran out of gas, his save % for the season was .917 – in the top-10 in the AHL.
    From March 2 on, in his final 10 AHL starts, his Save Percentage was .923.

  14. Dennis says:

    Surprised that you referenced Matty’s piece but didn’t get to his blurb on the Oilers going after Horton.

    I mean, that one’s so out of left field that he Has to have a source on that, no?

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