Draft Week Post #8: Top 30

Here’s my final Top 30 for Friday. There’s no chance this will be the actual 30 (there are no goalies) but they all have at least two areas of strength and almost all of them have stats that make them attractive prospects. I think the top end isn’t quite as good as advertised based on their numbers, but it is an exceptionally deep draft.

  1. Steve Stamkos- Terrific talent but just average for 1st overall.
  2. Zach Bogosian- He might end up being the best NHL player in this draft.
  3. Mikael Boedker- Someone’s getting a ridiculous talent.
  4. Drew Doughty- One dimensional, but what a dimension.
  5. Joshua Bailey- Has wide range of skills.
  6. Luke Schenn- A unqiue talent in this draft.
  7. Colin Wilson- Calling card is his ability to take/make a pass.
  8. Zach Boychuk- One dimensional talent has terrific skill.
  9. Nikita Filatov- May be the equal of Stamkos.
  10. Alex Pietrangelo- Mobile defender, raw compared to the group above him.
  11. Cody Hodgson- Wide range of skills.
  12. Joe Colbourne- Playmaking center comes with size and risk.
  13. Colby Robak- Size, speed and skill. Terrific package.
  14. Kyle Beach- John Ferguson reincarnated.
  15. Michael DelZotto- Good offense, needs work without the puck.
  16. Jordan Eberle- Skill forward with big brain. Born Oiler.
  17. Mattias Tedenby- Speed, skill and energy. Undersized.
  18. Jake Gardiner- Sleeper. Terrific speed, smarts. 6-2, 170.
  19. Greg Nemisz- Shooter with some size.
  20. Luca Sbisa- Solid D prospect with wide range of skills.
  21. Erik Karlsson- Intelligent puck mover is very small (5-11, 165).
  22. Corey Trivino- Skilled playmaker, variety of skills. Undersized.
  23. Tyler Myers- Huge defender who skates well. Not much offense.
  24. Colton Teubert- Rock hard D with speed. A born Flame.
  25. Tyler Cuma- Strong 2-way defender is undersized.
  26. John Carlson- Bull in a china shop. Nice range of skills.
  27. Tyler Ennis- Speed demon with skill. 43 goals in the dub.
  28. Anton Gustafsson- Two way C with plus size and skill. Back a concern.
  29. Zac Dalpe- Plus shot, has skill and a work ethic.
  30. Luke Adam- Big scorer from the Q. Speed a concern.

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18 Responses to "Draft Week Post #8: Top 30"

  1. DeBakey says:

    From this description, I’ll take one
    Jake Gardiner to go.

    From lists I’ve read elsewhere, Teubert & Gustaffson caught my eye.

    I’m talking, of course, about guys outside of the Top 8 – 10.

  2. therealdeal says:

    You definately went a little against the grain in terms of projected pick eh LT?

  3. Lowetide says:

    therealdeal: Yeah it’s not really based on projected pick or anything. It’s just me reading and then playing around with the Desjardins math.

    A few questions I have are

    1. Why hasn’t anyone been talking about Bogosian as the top pick?

    2. If Filatov went 7gp, 4-5-9 at the World Junior’s and Stamkos went 7gp, 1-5-6, would we be surprised if Filatov were the better player?

    3. How crazy is it that the Russians are not even on the radar much anymore? Redline has Petrov rated very high but admit he may never come over. Weird.

    4. Where would Sam Gagner go in this draft?

  4. Islandlife says:

    What would Detroit do?


  5. Lowetide says:

    Actually, Detroit would draft Tikhnov and he’d be ready by Christmas.

  6. LJ says:

    Lowetide: If I’m reading the Desjardins numbers correctly from a few posts ago, wouldn’t Sam Gagner be a cinch for 1st overall?

  7. Lowetide says:

    LJ: He would, except for TOI numbers which we don’t know for each player.

    We DO know London runs their gunners hard (the Schremp rule) but I have no idea how Stamkos’ time on ice totals compare to Gagner’s from a year ago.

    But yeah, Gagner had a better 17-year old junior season (118 to 105 in 8 fewer games) than Stamkos.

  8. LJ says:

    Lowetide: Seems odd that Gagner would possibly go higher in this oh-so-hyped draft class.

    I’m with you on the Bogosian front. I don’t really understand why Stamkos is universally heralded as the best player in the draft. He could well be, but my research says he’s no Sidney freakin’ Crosby.

    Maybe Stamkos is just a swell guy?

  9. Sean says:

    I’d bet Anaheim takes Beach, he’d fit right in there.

    I commented on your Dejardins post earlier that Gagner could be #1 if he was a month younger. Is TOI the only differentiator? Numbers wise, Gagner stacks up well…

  10. James Mirtle says:

    1. Why hasn’t anyone been talking about Bogosian as the top pick?

    Heck, he’s not even getting dibs as No. 2. He’s my No. 2, for what it’s worth.

  11. Asiaoil says:

    I like Boedker a ton as well LT – kid may actually be able to make the jump since he’s fast and built pretty well for a kid his age. If he somehow fell to the #7 slot I’d be dangling Cogliano to get him since we are so deep at center – would TOR bite to get the local kid they let slip away?

  12. jon k says:

    I think that consideration of Bogosian as the first overall speaks more to the underrating of Stamkos more than anything else.

    Interesting list, but some picks are definitely against the grain. Some players have some advantages that teams love (ie Wilson), but really lack the top-end skill or ability to move them above up.

  13. Mark-Ryan says:

    LT: You can’t discount the Patrick Kane and Sergei Kostistyn factor in London last year either. He probably wouldn’t have gotten those numbers on Stamkos’ team at 17.

    Filatov at #9? I’d take him at 2.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Mark Ryan: Oh yeah, exactly. We need to have way more info to compare year over year like that. Some of the information (scoring rates for league, quality of team) are available but TOI and other items aren’t so it’s not a comparison we can be in any way comfortable with imo.

    Filatov’s only ? is that he’s Russian. A minor item is that he seemed to be in about 10 leagues last season which can’t be good but enough scouting reports have him as =Stamkos that if he weren’t Russian the guy would be in the top 2.

  15. Alice says:

    Just scanned TSN’s site again this morning, in light of the chatter going on here.
    Gardiner. Smart kid from the prairies, 6’2. What’s not to like there?

    Filatov. Looks like Iggy Pop. I’m calling that on the plus side of the ledger, btw.

    Boedker. Nice stretch run, and one penalty in 20 OHL games?
    2008 Playoffs Kitchener
    20 9 26 35 2

  16. Lowetide says:

    Iggy Pop. There’s a name from the past.

  17. Ofer says:

    There’s a reason Stamkos is being universally considered the #1 pick.

    You’re on the right track in saying that LDN plays their top guys a ton….it’s like about half the game or more, really. Their numbers are skewed no matter how much I love Sam as a player.

    Stamkos is better than Gagner, better than Kane, no matter what the numbers say.

    Sarnia wasn’t that good of a team this season and he scored NINE goals in the first round without much of a supporting cast.

    He is fast as lightning (no pun intended) and has a ridiculous release on his shot. He’ll get defenders with one quick move over and over again.

    Stamkos is truly a top-drawer talent and a clear #1. 58 goals this season and many were of the “no one else can play with me so screw it, i’m doing this myself” variety.

    He’ll be a star, no doot aboot it.

  18. spOILer says:

    Keep in mind many scouts have said if Tavares was in this draft, they’d still take Stamkos #1.

    Gustafsson does not go in the 1st round. I doubt Ennis will either.

    Oilers will take G Markstrom with the 2nd they get for Stoll, if he’s still there Saturday.

    I have real trouble blowing a first or second rounder on a goalie unless he’s a surefire blue-chipper. This goalie crowd is weak (not as bad as last year), but I think Lowe would love to have a young netminder who can play, because it does such wonderful things to the cap hit, something he’ll need in about 3 years.

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