Interesting thread over at HF about blogs and specifically Oiler Blogs. I find it interesting that people would be puzzled about reasons why someone would spend time blogging.

It seems to me that ego, search for knowledge, exchange of ideas, some form of kinship and creative outlet would all be in there somewhere and there’s probably a few I haven’t thought of or pursued (money, apparently one can make money from this) or dared delve into (avoiding chores, relatives, etc) for fear of some kind of major personal revelation.

For the record, I blog for the reasons explained above. It’s a release for me, like fishing and playing solitaire was for my Dad. The main reason for my entering the internet and searching for like minded Oiler fans (like Kim Gernack, may he rest in peace) was exactly because of the isolation felt I’m sure by so many of us who enjoyed hockey and baseball as children, discovered women and demon alcohol, did things we hope are long forgotten on that front and then eventually returned to a life that wouldn’t kill us or having us living in a cardboard box on the outskirts of town (I have friends who are there now who wish they had gotten their debauchery out of the way before walking down the aisle).

I do find it curious that people feel a need to make suggestions about changing my blog, though. It reminds me of a guy I knew years ago who would constantly say “you know what you should do?” and then give me marital advice (although he himself was unmarried) or suggest some good investments (despite not having a pot to piss in).

For the record, I blog about hockey with baseball references because I see the game the way my father taught me. My father taught me about hockey through baseball, and he taught me a lot of other things about life through baseball too. So, when you say “I wish you’d stop with the baseball references” it makes no sense to me since I see so many similarities. Doesn’t anyone ever equate up the middle defense (C, P, 2B, SS, CF) in baseball with up the middle defense in hockey (G, LD, RD, C)? Doesn’t anyone ever look at a team goals against average and think ERA?

There are huge differences in the game, but there are also similarities in the game. And baseball is wise for hockey fans because it is so much farther ahead in terms of math and math my friends is your friend when it comes to figuring things out. We don’t have the Bill James equations all sussed out for hockey yet, but with the efforts of Tyler Dellow, Vic Ferrari, Gabriel Desjardins and others we’re starting to chip away at it. I’ve often said that there is a Jesus Alou out there stealing ice time from someone who deserves it, someone who is the Darrell Evans of hockey.

If you don’t understand those references, look it up. Or, hang around long enough and someone will explain it to you better than I can. Or, ask. But don’t ask me to change my blog because honestly it’s pretty much exactly what I’d like it to be right now.

A forum that tries to ask questions with the bias removed. A blog that doesn’t take itself so seriously you need to be packing a slide rule and a bunsen burner to enter. A smart man I know once said there are no stupid questions only stupid answers.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my blog. It pleases me to see people stop in and honestly I’ve learned so much from the posters who’ve dropped in over the life of this blog. If you don’t like it, that’s fine too. However, I hope this explains why I refer to baseball and why those references are staying.

My Dad would understand, and after that I really don’t care.

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  1. Bruce says:

    LT: Your blog is fantastic as is, and the baseball references are absolutely appropriate and (usually) bang on the mark.

    Keep up the outstanding work with absolutely ZERO apologies required. You da man.

  2. budorduke says:

    Your work is much appreciated by myself LT, keep it up.

  3. Coach pb9617 says:

    I’ll echo Bruce. My boyhood obsession was baseball and your references hit home. Though I’ve grown to hate many things about the way baseball is run, it still makes sense as a jumping off point. I think hockey would be more easily related to American fans if you had the easy numbers to spout.

    Don’t change a damn thing – the intelligence in your posts lifts the discourse on the Oilers every time you hit “publish”. I have friends that are fans of other teams and they’ve openly expressed their jealousy/hostility over the fact that I’ve got such an amazing resource for high-level talk about the team. When you’ve got a writer or writers that are well clear of the local media in their daily columns, you’re in good shape.

    Don’t change a damn thing. I actually get excited when I see your RSS feed update.

  4. mike w says:

    The real question, if there should be one, is why one would bother with HF Boards.

    The dim-witted thread about your blog speaks for itself…

  5. nitric_oxide_99 says:

    Lowetide – been reading your blog almost everday since leaving edmonton for berkeley ca a couple years back – a great way for me to stay informed and connected to my team and town. I totally dig your use of baseball analogy (also grew up with a “baseball first” old man) – don’t change a thing!

  6. Schmidty says:

    LT: As a long-time reader, newby poster, I really appreciate your time and efforts. Being exiled south of the border leaves NO outlet for intelligent puck discussion.

    You are my fix(es) for each day.


  7. Gord says:

    I read the thread over at HF but did not comment – I was waiting to see if anyone caught on why you (& most people) probably blog.

    When I create a topic thread at HF, is is gone in a couple of days buried on page 2 or 27 a few weeks down the road.

    If I spend a couple of hours researching to answer someone else's topic thread, it is buried in page upon page of responses. So many times I read a post on page 3 where someone posts "I haven't read the responses but has anyone considered this…"

    A blog gives you a library of your topic threads in one neat package; on your topics only. If people are interested in your style of writing & the topics you cover, they drop by… If not, their loss.

    And I know you do not wish suggestions on your writing style (who would?) – but I do have a suggestion about the page format.

    I like the complete post in front of me as it is presenyly set up. That makes it easy to read "at a glance".

    But if it is not too much trouble – once the column goes to page 2 – you might consider (as a favor to us) if you followed Mudcrutch's format of having a few key paragraphs with "Read the rest of the article" linking to the complete article opening up.

    If it is too much trouble to format the archive, no big deal; I will still drop by because I like the articles. But it would be much easier to scan 10 or 12 archived articles per page while trying to find the one I am thinking of.

    Either way, you are still the 2nd blog I drop by every day (Dobber is the first)…


  8. Black Dog says:


    For anyone who comes to this site or any site for that matter and does not like how it is presented I would have a couple of suggestions.

    1/ Write your own stuff and do it the way you would like it done. Go to it.

    2/ Don’t partake – go away.

    Bloggers blog for different reasons but it is unpaid work in nearly every case and the content is free.

    Why you would complain about something that someone does for their own enjoyment and that costs you nothing is beyond me. Lack of respect? Lack of sense?

    LT – you and the lads at CinO were my introduction to the Oilogosphere. I would rather read the content here then almost any other sports website. It is always well thought out and well written and it is presented with humour. Its terrific stuff and Saturday and Sunday mornings when the kids drag me out of bed at whatever ungodly hour Satan has directed them to awaken me, I’m always here first to see what you have going on. Keep those dogies rolling Lowetide

  9. Mike says:

    Change nothing.

    That is all.

  10. HBomb says:

    The real question, if there should be one, is why one would bother with HF Boards.

    The dim-witted thread about your blog speaks for itself…

    Motion seconded. The “let’s trade Horcoff and play Schremp on the first line” crowd of neophytes at HF can go fornicate themselves with an iron stick.

    I appreciate the work Guy Flaming does as much as the next guy, but there’s a lot of subterfuge on HF Boards, without question.

    Even though I’m not super-knowledgeable about baseball (I love my Red Sox and am too a former Expos fan), I love the analogies as a way of explaining a point, even if some of the names escape me. The Walker one was right in my time period, so I appreciated it.

  11. Daron says:

    Hello from Houston, Texas, LT. As the clichΓ© goes, First Time Commenter, Long Time Reader. As a 41-year-old lifelong Texan and NFL guy, I discovered the magic of hockey through my brand spanking new HD widescreen TV the first week in May 2007. For me, seeing the game in HD was a revelation. It made all the difference. Within a week I was hooked and having to explain to my wife why I was watching hockey every night. Within four months I was explaining to my wife why I wanted to spend the princely sum of $150 hard-earned dollars on NHL Center Ice. Anyway, not to bore you, but after that whirlwind 2007 playoff was over, I was a bit starved for my newfound passion, and not having a living soul here in Houston to talk about it with (you’re watching WHAT?!?) amongst my family and football buddies, I looked to the internet to feed it over the offseason. It didn’t take long to find your blog, and it didn’t take much longer than that to find that the Oilers Blogoshpere in general has by far the best group of blogs out there. And make no mistake: That group, sir, is led by you, not to put too fine a point on it. When you are the third www stop every morning (right after Lileks and Deadpsin) for a Houstonian who hasn’t even followed the NHL for two full seasons yet, you are definitely doing something right. I even proudly sport my Edmonton Oilers hat around town, now. I am literally learning the game and the league on the fly, and you are unwittingly acting as one of my professors (Mirtle is another, along with MC79, etc.). You have made me a fan of the team, through getting to know it through your eyes and words (and those of your colleagues and awesome commenters). So I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the time, thought, and care that must go into producing something like this every single day. I know I speak for legions when I say, Thank You Very Much, and please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. You have fans down here in Houston who might be a bit disappointed if LT went away.

  12. grahaeme says:

    LT: I read this blog everyday and haven’t ever left a comment. So, first time caller, longtime listener here.

    Your blog is like the old john short show after the games when i was a kid. It’s in dispensible. I don’t think that you ramble and rant like some of the babbling boozehounds who would call in after the games, but I can’t imagine oilers hockey without either.

    This was, like black dog said, my first portal into the oilogosphere. This is the first place I go to check on oilers news and your analysis is thorough and well appreciated. I don’t get all your baseball references, but I look ’em up.

    You know your doing the right thing, I just wanted to say that I appreciate it.

    PS: My wife walks by and sees me reading your blog and says “is there REALLY something new happening everyday?” I keep telling her yes. haha.

  13. Rob... says:

    I saw that thread over on HF and couldn’t believe it. This site is by far the best Oiler information you can get anywhere, bar none.

    I grew up playing baseball so I at least understand the positional references, when you pull out players from the past I’m usually lost. However, that doesn’t take away from the genius of this blog, I’m still able to figure out who that player player probably was when you refer him to a hockey player.

    This site is the first stop on my daily (sometimes more than daily if I’m bored at work) Oiler rounds. This is the only Oiler blog I have bookmarked, all the others I find through this site.

    Don’t change anything LT, from baseball to the Golden Seals. They are all great!

  14. heed says:

    your blog makes my day at the office a helluvalot better. the site is always comical and informative.

  15. Oilman says:

    LT – you know the only reason I read your stuff is for all the NY Mets references you manage to sneak in there!;o)

    Keep up the fantastic work – it’s my first read every morning.

  16. stubby43 says:

    I lurk waaaay more than post. I appreciate the baseball analogies as I was raised baseball fan 1st and an Expos fan nonetheless. the game has not been the same since they left Montreal. I never missed an episode of TWIB or the Weds (I think that was the night) night Expos game of the week during the late 70’s and early 80’s.
    As heart broken as I was about the ’83 cup run or the ’87 Flames upset, I don’t think they match the disappointment of Blue Monday.
    I read the blog for the Oiler insight but I think just as much for the 70’s/80’s Expo names that stir up summer memories for me. Thanks LT.

  17. goldenchild says:

    More Schremp posts please. He is like cowbell to country music, and you can never have enough cowbell.

    Btw I think every sports fan uses analogies from one sport to another and I haven’t read many people do it better than your hockey baseball references.
    I am huge NFL fan, just got my NFL prospectus 2008 (a must read for any NFL fan) and its clearly a derivative of the Bill james stuff.

    I used to post at HF years ago but when that place got taken over by the Sugar Tits Army it became unbearable. There is no better place to talk Oilers hockey then here and no better conversation starter than LT.

  18. BenJammin says:

    Thank-you for all your efforts LT. I can’t add much to what has already been said, but I can add another voice to the often silent choir of supporters that you have out here in the blogosphere.

  19. Ddoorstop says:


    Keep up the good work. This blog is the high-light of my work day.

    BTW, the more baseball references, the better.

  20. ABMAN says:

    LT: I have you set as my home page so its the first thing up when I boot in the morning. Keep up the good work, its much appriciated.

  21. Matt says:

    This is what I wrote in a similar moment of reflection/frustration about a year and a half ago. Most of the time there are no problems, but some days I feel like it should be part of the banner on the top of the site as a constant reminder to the few knobs out there:

    Most blog readers come to a particular realization on their own over time, but if you’re one that hasn’t yet, please ask yourself this question: What is the objective of the authors? There are many, many, many possible correct answers to this question — it depends almost entirely on the site in question — but one that is universally incorrect is to satisfy your expectations. Yes, you. Blogs are not public utilities. They carry no promise, express or implied, to appeal to you. If you don’t like it, go away, won’t you?

    And just so you know, as an Oilers non-fan, the baseball references are my favourite part. πŸ™‚

  22. Dale McCartney says:

    Hey Lowetide,

    Yet another longtime reader, who has never commented before on your wonderful work. I really just wanted to echo what many of the other lurkers have said, and tell you how very much I appreciate your efforts. I am not sure how much this motivates you, but, in hockey terms, I think you are part of an important trend. I have watched and played hockey all my life, and always been more cerebral than physical about it (when I was a 12 year old goalie, my nickname was “Gump,” so I have always had to be more cerebral), but reading your site for the past few years has really helped me to better understand hockey. I know you are doing something right, because I have visited your site every day throughout the summer, even though there has not been a puck shot in anger in months.

    Keep up the good work, please.

  23. James Mirtle says:

    I love hearing from guys like Daron in Texas.

    Baseball’s not my game, never has been, never will be. Dad didn’t follow it a wit, as the only time I can ever recall it being on in the house was when the Jays were in the World Series.

    That said, I’m here reading every day, and whether I get the references or not doesn’t detract from the hockey discussion.

    A blog’s all about the writer’s voice… you’ve certainly nailed that part of it. Everyone certainly blogs for different reasons, but I’d hope enjoyment’s always at the top of the list.

  24. MetroGnome says:

    Im neither a baseball fan nor an Oilers fan and I read this blog daily.

    I think that’s all I need to say on this matter.

  25. theoil says:

    I usually don’t post here although I do read you all the time. I make an exception this time because of the topic.

    IMO you are the best writer on the Oilers for style – hands down. And I really enjoy the information and perspective. Thank you for doing this and I can tell how much you enjoy doing this.

    But as to the point of this particular blog? There was one poster over at HF who expressed an opinion that he didn’t like the baseball analogies. One. Not two. One.

    Compare that to the number of guys who responded to this blog here by taking swipes at HF posters. Surely you can see that exactly what happens at HF is happening here too.

    So there are idiots who post at HF. I don’t know of one person who would dispute that. But it’s not like there is a higher standard to post here. Anybody that wants to can come here and comment. My post is proof of that. πŸ™‚

    Your readers taking constant swipes at all HF posters because they have a larger audience and therefore more foolish posts doesn’t really accomplish anything particularly positive. There are idiots everywhere you go and sometimes good people say foolish things.

    How would that be different than here?

  26. spOILer says:

    Wow. I had no idea. I avoid HF Boards like I would ant hills.

    I’m saddened to hear the hive mind has a thread on how you should blog.

    As others above have more eloquently put it, this blog is the hockey blog world’s top read.

    For someone to criticize your parlance, your idiom, your lingua franca makes no sense.

    The more metaphors, and analogies, and allusions used, the richer prose becomes (in the hands of one who knows how to use these tools, which you quite obviously do). These devices make bridges that broaden our understanding and context of hockey and all the major sports you utilize (which has never been restricted to baseball).

    Your knowledge is deep, your insight is intelligent, your tone is genial and not given to hyperbole or extremes. You are a pleasure to read.

    And it’s also a joy to read someone who has actually watched 1970s hockey, which is hard to find around the old Al Gore ;o)

    I haven’t looked at the HF thread, but I’d be willing to bet the poster has a bigger problem with baseball than he does with your writing.

    And that’s sad. Is it our education system? Has the next generation lost the value of the metaphor?

    Please, don’t change a thing. It’s perfect.

  27. Big T says:


    This blog is my first and last stop on the Al Gore every single day. I just got back from vacation in Kelowna and couldn’t wait to see what I’d missed.

    Thank-you for all you do.


  28. Geoff says:

    Lowetide, your blog is one of the first things I search of a morning. As an Australian interested in hockey and the Oilers, blogs are the best way for me to get people’s opions about the team.

    The type of opinion’s I normally get from conversation whilst watching a rugby game with mates is exactly what I get from your blog. But you’re more in depth than me claiming that player x sucks with no evidence to back it up.

    I don’t understand the majority of baseball referces, but they make the blog unique and excellent. Now if only you converted them into cricket references the site would be perfect!

  29. Ryan Budney says:

    What amazes me is that you still put in the effort to look at I took one look at that place and bad memories of junior-high school came back to me. I guess there must be a few gems in that place, but it’s not worth it to me.

    I don’t always get your baseball references — the only connection I have to baseball is that my grandfather wore an old Edmonton Trappers cap whenever he was out in the yard doing chores. But hey, it’s not like you’re speaking in ancient Greek. I’ve heard of baseball before. It’s supposed to be a sport of some kind that they play south of the border.

    Speaking professionally I do appreciate your comments like “math my friends is your friend when it comes to figuring things out“. This is an idea that is maybe not widespread enough in society.

  30. Julian says:

    LT, your blog is seven miles of fucking awesome. Don’t ever change. Or stop, for that matter.

  31. Scott says:


    I’m sure it would be enough if posting was simply something that you enjoyed. The fact that you bring a tremendous amount of happiness and insight to people around the world is amazing. You are awesome.

    Lowetide = Good

  32. Doogie2K says:

    I’ve tried off and on to blog for the last few years (it’s back on at the moment), tried a few different things, but inevitably came back to a style that worked for me, and that’s really what it’s about. It’s not [Reader X]’s blog, it’s your blog, and that’s, I think, the only relevant thing. Sometimes, “it’s my site, I can do what I want” sounds childish, depending on how it’s invoked, but at the end of the day, it’s the universal silencing argument, because…well, it is.

    The only argument I would take with baseball and math is that baseball is a series of discrete plays, whereas hockey is constantly ebbing and flowing, and highly chaotic in both environment and gamestyle compared to baseball. The sort of mathematical breakdown that works so well with baseball is convoluted by dozens of mitigating circumstances, to the point where I don’t think hockey will ever be mathematically defined as well as baseball (not without breaking out the quantum physics equations, anyway).

    However, that being said, this is probably my favourite Oilers blog and one of my favourite hockey blogs on the Internet, and definitely one I look to for well-thought-out analysis and amusing anecdotes. I never agree with someone every time, but in some cases, even when I disagree with someone’s take, I enjoy reading it, and this is one of those cases.

    Also, @Daron: Wow, that’s a pretty impressive story. A belated welcome aboard the good ship Oilers.

  33. kurri_17 says:

    I’ve been to your blog almost every single day (usually multiple times) since shortly after you started it. Your blog is the first place I go to when I’m starting my daily Oiler’s reading…

    I love the baseball analogies and your effort to write so regularly is appreciated.

    I don’t post often as my thoughts are usually written by someone else, but I’m always there reading… πŸ™‚

  34. Steven says:

    Just going to chime in here along with everyone else about how great this blog really is. You’ve expanded my knowledge about baseball, hockey, stats and prospects ten-fold. Between you and the rest of the Oiler bloggers I know I’ve learned more about hockey than I could anywhere else.

    Seriously keep up the great work!

  35. Loxy says:

    Each post on your blog offers more insight than 50 posts on a message board.

    Keep it up.

    I’d be lost here in Vancouver without people like you.


  36. Kevin says:

    Brand new to posting on the Oilogosphere but over the last month I’ve become a perpetual visitor to these sites. Lowetide so far has been THE best blog on the oil, with numbers, annalysis, and level headed assertations on the team and it’s players, trades and draft results. Blog away, I’ll be reading!

  37. Jenga says:

    I am one of your many readers who never leave comments, but I read your blog everyday and always enjoy it.

    Your blog (and a surprising number of the Oilers Blogs) is intelligent, reasoned and very well written. Keep it up.

    I have no idea why you spend as much time as you do on this blog, but as one the beneficiaries of your time and care, I say thank you.

  38. Bruce says:

    The real question, if there should be one, is why one would bother with HF Boards.

    What is this “HF Boards”?

  39. Dcfung says:

    I don’t know a damned thing about baseball (besides what I learned here). But i’ll continue to enjoy your blog on a daily basis. Thanks again!

  40. PDO says:


    You have guys from Australia and Houston reading you daily.

    Is there really more that needs to be said?

  41. therealdeal says:

    I absolutely dislike baseball, but this is my favorite site on the internet.

  42. Coach pb9617 says:

    So, one of my favorite baseball teams ever was the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals. The 1980 Royals and 1982, 1987 Cardinals are close behind. Yes, I’m a Whitey disciple.

    The 85 team was great because they had no power outside of Clark and even he missed 1/4 of the season. They were dead nuts on their Pythagorean and, now I’m getting excited, they stole 300+ bases with a 77% success ratio! The pitching was insanely deep (man I would love to watch Tudor pitch just one more time) and the bench was a bit light, but full of very good situational players.

    I think if the Oilers end up successful this year, they are going to be hockey’s version of the 1985 St. Louis Cardinals.
    Even the player comparisons work out.

  43. kenb says:

    LT: I know this is getting a bit repetitious, but I also am a first time commenter. I live in Vancouver and have been an Oiler fan for many years, but my level of interest since the lock-out and the 06 cup run has been sky high. I started out reading all of the blogs on a near daily basis, but have gradually whittled it down to yours with occasional visits to some others. Like everyone else, I want to thank you for all of your efforts. Though not a baseball fan, I was a huge Expos fan, and I at least get those references.
    The other great thing about your blog, and a reflection of the quality of it, are the great comments by the regular contributors, like dennis, bruce and others too numerous to mention. The sum of all the parts is the best thing on the web.

  44. Coach pb9617 says:

    I wonder what % of your readers were able to identify the gentleman in the photo on first glance?

  45. Ribs says:

    Geez, they (HF Board Posters) really make it sound as if every blog entry you put up has some bizarre unrelated 3000 year old baseball reference attached to it.

    I’ve never been a big fan of baseball so some things go over my head here but I think you make your point obvious enough that the reader doesn’t have to know the inner workings of age old baseball relics to get it.

    I think the problem with people telling you how to run your site is a joke. It’s just past 1pm and I can see from your handy SiteMeter that the blog has had 2300 Page Views today alone.
    Pandering to the odd fellow who feels left out because he doesn’t follow you seems like a pretty outrageous request.

    Keep on Truckin’ LT. This is pretty much the only blog I travel to regularily and it has replaced my time on message boards completely. It’s just so much nicer not having to sift through the sea of nonsense to get to some substance here. The comments board isn’t flooded with nutjobs or people who can barely read and write. The comments don’t take off on wild tangents everyday. Your posts are interesting and bring about nice debate. You update pretty much every single day which keeps things regular and is very much appreciated.

    My only fear is that your comments board will get flooded with with the usual icky-gooey message board fodder and posters and the great discussions will die down due to unreadability. So far the increase in posters hasn’t been so bad so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks again.

  46. Master Lok says:

    Your blog is the highlight of every workday lunch LT. Keep writing your way.

    And hfboards sucks so much – and it all starts with their moderators!


  47. Jonathan says:

    I really don’t think you even needed to defend yourself, LT. This site is far and away the best one out there for learning about the Oilers, and personally I know it was my inspiration to start blogging, although some might view that as a negative πŸ˜‰

  48. Dennis says:

    I can’t think of another place where a man could have such unfounded fervent belief in a package of Lupul and Smid for Pronger.

    Keep up the good work, Lain!!!:)

  49. Lord Bob says:

    LT, I think you have the potential for a great baseball blog here, but what’s with all the hockey mumbo-jumbo? Who cares about Rowber Nilzon or Samantha Gag-nerr?

    If you do not reform immediately, I will be forced to complain about it on Baseball’s Future.

    (P.S.: My parents were cousins.)

    (P.P.S.: hay y doesnt jp traed halladay for a shortstop? halliday 4 rodriguez? i think so!!! -lb)

    (P.P.P.S.: Seriously, awesome blog.)

  50. Earl Sleek says:

    Im neither a baseball fan nor an Oilers fan and I read this blog daily.

    Seriously. If you and the rest of the Oilogosphere would just stop posting, it would certainly help me hate the Oilers more. πŸ™‚

    To echo everyone: Great site, and great response.

  51. Art Vandelay says:

    I won’t insult you by comparing this site to HFBoards, which is the interwebs equivalent of a John Short phone-in radio show. But I will say there’s more useful information in a single LT post than in a stack of Journal Sports sections (no point in mentioning the brightly colored flyer named after the Earth’s heat source).

    I hate the Oilers, but I read this site every day because the stats analysis can be transposed on to any set of players on any team.

    The HOF analysis is a personal favorite. The Baseball analogies are highly enjoyable.

    Great blog and getting better.

  52. PPP says:

    You know that people really like what you are doing when this:

    I’m neither a baseball fan nor an Oilers fan and I read this blog daily.

    pops up frequently. Not that it matters to you but I wish you were a Leafs fan.

  53. PunjabiOil says:

    I agree with the thread’s general premise. Keep up the good work, and pay no heed to the ‘HF Clowns’

  54. Marchantfan says:

    I don’t know what else I can contribute beyond what others above me have said. This is the best hockey site on the ‘net, and I don’t know what I’ll do when the Oilers finally hire you and Jonathan as advisors and you’re no longer able to post. For now, I am simply enjoying what I know is the best hockey writing available anywhere.

    Also, as far as I’m concerned, you are the Bill James of hockey. I re-read Moneyball a few months ago, and what struck me this time was how un-mathematical he was. I’m not saying he didn’t use statistics, I’m saying that he often simply *wrote* about baseball and left others to prove his theories, in addition to advancing new ways of measuring performance.

  55. Wyshynski says:

    Wonderful take, sir. Although the HF thread quickly became what they mostly become, which is pissing in the wind.

    Your blog is a must-read for your audience, and that’s all that should matter.

    BTW — Not sure of the Darrell Evans, but Mike Gartner is the Don Sutton of hockey.

  56. George B says:


    I hate baseball but love your blog.

    ‘Nuff said.

  57. CM says:

    I’ve never been a fan of baseball but five more years of this blog and I very well could be…

    I love sports, I love the references, and like many other posters before me I love this blog…

    Thanks a bunch LT…

  58. CrazyCoach says:

    As one who got hooked on Les Expos in the mid to late 70’s (and miss them horribly to this day), I like your baseball references. My dad to, was a baseball guy first and foremost and if I had half the skill in hockey that I do in ball, then I’d be on the third line instead of the fourth.

    My dad used to cut old inner tubes into strips and tie them around my wrists and have me field grounders. Guess he was ahead of his time, because now I see they sell similar things to teach kids how to field. He loved ball, but grew to like hockey in time.

    LT you have the best Oilers blog there is going.

    Anyone who disagrees, needs to do something that involves sex and travel!

    Keep it up.

  59. George B says:

    Although I will totally agree with theoil that the swipes at HF in these comments don’t do much to elevate the status of blogs and bloggers.

    Lowetide, you know you are well spoken and enjoyed by many readers, and the couple guys at HF that “Don’t get it.” shouldn’t make the entire site get classified as it does.

  60. Jay says:

    I think the last thing you need to be concerneed with are the opinions of HF posters. You have one of the best sports blogs out there, and it’s a daily read for me.

  61. alphahelix says:

    i’ve never left a comment here before but i must say: fuck those people who tell you to change your blog. sometimes I don’t always get the references, but sometimes I do – and thats not really all that important, the fact of the matter is that elements like this add flavor and variety to your writing.

    You are Lowetide, nobody else is, your writing shows that and it is part of what makes it all so interesting and entertaining. The people complaining don’t know a God damn thing about baseball, writing, or anything.

  62. Ozzieoiler says:


    As per everyone else your blog is a great read and that’s all anyone could want. We don’t have to agree with it and many don’t but that’s the point it’s a great way to debate a topic.

    Being here in Australia your blog makes all the difference. I started reading over on HF years ago and there was some amazing stuff being written by yourself, MC and others. Over time all these guys left and as you can see many off us followed. I still drop by HF but it isn’t what it used to be.

    I work with a guy from Saskatoon who is a leafs fan. Poor bastard. i told him about HF and the leafs board and he loves it. I gave him one bit of extra advice, find the guys who know what there talking about and try to find the bloggers like yourself who have a far more insightful and levelheadedness about them.

    Love the work. And as previously said you are my first read everyday.

  63. Jonathan says:

    Just curious as to how many people chiming in actually read the thread at HFBoards that set this off?

    The reason I ask is because I’m thinking the response here is way out of proportion to the actual incident, which was basically: “hey, I like LT but I wish he wouldn’t include baseball stuff”.

    Now granted, Lowetide has every right to write whatever he wants (and I really enjoy it, btw) and so his post was certainly valid and not (IMO) an overreaction. But the constant attacks on a thread with some valid points for bloggers is a little silly. There’s some genuinely decent stuff in there, albeit liberally mixed with silly comments from a few select posters.

    And frankly, I can generally use a little criticism. At worst, it makes me think about what I’m doing, even if I decide I’m happy with what I’m writing.

  64. dstaples says:


    Here’s what I hate about your blog . . . That it’s not published in the Edmonton Journal.

    More people should have the chance to read your work on a daily basis (and if I have anything to do with it — and if you’re willing — they will, on the Journal’s hockey site at least).

    Of course, this comes from a guy who is leery of all the baseball/hockey comparisons that I read here and in other places, for reasons I mentioned in the past and will no doubt mention again.

    But the baseball references are part of what makes this blog what it is, the most loved Oilers blog on the Internet.

    Besides, when you bring up Del Unser, LT, I can actually picture the gangly, goofy-looking guy hitting and catching, and that little jog of memory now and then is somehow soothing.

  65. Lord Bob says:

    The reason I ask is because I’m thinking the response here is way out of proportion to the actual incident, which was basically: “hey, I like LT but I wish he wouldn’t include baseball stuff”.

    My reply, at least, stemmed more from the fact that LT seemed concerned enough to post about how unconcerned he was, and I think most of these did as well. HF was only the icing on the cake.

  66. DeBakey says:

    Thank you, Hane. Base-zuh-ball bin berra berra good to me. Anita Dark bin berra berra good to me.. but Chico can’t talk about it.

    One fun thing about blogs is the geography
    Every day I read, among others:
    – a bunch of Oiler blogs written 99.9% by guys who don’t live in Edmonton
    – Other hockey blogs, including one by a Kamloopian living TO, and a Calgreean.
    – a humour blog by a Canadian who lives in Nashville [he went to the USA on a Base-zuh-ball scholarship]

    And that’s just some of the Bloggers
    The commenters are from all over the bloody globe!

  67. Bohologo says:

    LT, you stride through the blog ranks like a colossus, so please, apologize for nothing. In fact, if you decided to blog exclusively about knitting, pencil erasers, or bat droppings, I would still make a point of reading it every day.

  68. MikeP says:

    “Although I will totally agree with theoil that the swipes at HF in these comments don’t do much to elevate the status of blogs and bloggers.”

    So. What.

    I’m not going to characterize all posters at HFBoards as idiots, if for no better reason than LT is a poster there too. But really, if I cared what a bunch of kids (or people indistinguishable from such) thought of me or anything I wrote, I’d go ask my stepdaughter and her friends.

    Those who say “all blogs are this” have already made their minds up anyway. Those who actually go out and LOOK and say hm, it’s true, some bloggers are idiots (like that MikeP/kraigus guy) but others are pretty cool (like that LT guy) have earned some respect.

    I dislike baseball; except for being an excellent reason to get soused in front of the television (because you won’t miss much while you’re tilting the bottle back), I won’t watch it. That being said, I watched an in-field homer live the other day and was so excited I jumped up to tell my wife after I watched the 5th replay. I know who Cal Ripken and Andre Dawson are, but that’s about it. I still love the baseball comparisons, because they’re different.

    LT already knows he’s the shit, he doesn’t need me telling him that. But I’m going to say it anyway: LT, you’re the shit. Most of us struggle to find some new way of saying things, but you found it a long time ago. Haters can go watch the Leafs for all I care; why they care what you write is beyond me.

  69. Doogie2K says:

    You have guys from Australia and Houston reading you daily.

    And several unabashed Oilers haters. Crazy.

    Lowetide, you know you are well spoken and enjoyed by many readers, and the couple guys at HF that “Don’t get it.” shouldn’t make the entire site get classified as it does.

    The general slagging of HF has nothing to do with specific comments towards LT and his site and everything to do with the call-in-show mentality of the place. You read some of the dumbest shit there sometimes, and unlike a call-in show, there’s not even really anyone screening the calls. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing of value there, simply that it’s not right there in front of you.

  70. TXOilFan says:


    I read your blog daily. Living in Austin, TX this is my way of staying connected to the Oilers. Anyway, I can not begin to express how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  71. Bill Needle says:

    As an Oiler fan who disagrees with your well-researched opinions and a semi-regular basis, I say keep on keepin’ on. If there wasn’t a website that pumped up the likes of Marc Pouliot so much, I wouldn’t be excoriating him when he continues to fall short of the Oilers’ initial expectations. And I would miss that.

  72. Islandlife says:

    Me too.

  73. oilswell says:

    Dislike blogs. Hate baseball. Irrelevant; love your site.

  74. grease trap says:

    Hey Lieutenant (Lt),

    Because of you I watched Baseball for the first time in my life this year.

    You’ve also taught me a lot about how the Iced Hockey works.

    I wuv you.

  75. Tuomas says:

    You have guys from Australia and Houston reading you daily.

    I’m from Finland and also reading this blog almost daily.

    I have seen something like three baseball games in my life and still like those baseball references (I had to do bit research about baseball statistics though).

    Keep up the good work!

  76. Bub says:

    Mr. Lowetide,

    I’m a little behind the times, I see. Another first-time commenter but long-time reader. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much since discovering it two years ago that it’s often the only reason I fire up the computer.

    Yours and a few other Oilogs are what keep me placated, as a fervent Oilers fan transplanted to Cowtown (but watching Oilers road games on TV on nights the Falmes play at home is also nice). I echo all the positives mentioned above, and should also mention that the thoughtful awareness of your commenters makes my presence mostly redundant anyway.

    Keep up the excellent work – all of you! It often really beats the hell out of reading the commercial alternatives. Your efforts are a wonder to me, as well as conduits towards home, humour, cleverness, and a passion for sports.

  77. Big Dan says:

    Hi Lowetide.

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I check your blog every morning before heading to work.

    I love your passion for the Oilers, and your funny anecdotes of the hockey past.

    There isn’t another site that gives such detail on the Oiler prospects.

    You truly are the best blogger out there.

    Keep up the good work!

  78. digger says:

    The general slagging of HF has nothing to do with specific comments towards LT and his site and everything to do with the call-in-show mentality of the place. You read some of the dumbest shit there sometimes, and unlike a call-in show, there’s not even really anyone screening the calls.

    Let’s be fair though, it’s not like this thread’s been much different than a call-in show.

  79. oilerdiehard says:

    Let’s be fair though, it’s not like this thread’s been much different than a call-in show.

    Yes exactly. People have two pointer fingers. If this thread is any indication if you have one pointed at HF then maybe the other one needs to be pointed at themselves. Because frankly it is hard to see a lot of difference here.

  80. JohnnyOil says:

    Though I love your blog, LT, I’ve had enough of your reverential David Byrne references!

    Besides those, keep up the good thinking πŸ™‚

  81. Lowetide says:

    johnnyoil: This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.

  82. MikeP says:

    I was thinking, if you’re going to criticize Lowetide for *anything*, it can’t be baseball, it’s gotta be Chris Hajt. And maybe Alexei Semenov. Calm feet my butt!

  83. Lowetide says:

    Mike P: Lol. My stuff is better if you have no long term memory.

  84. Pi says:


    This comment is similar to the ones above, but I’ll keep the accolades coming.

    As an Edmontonian stuck in Calgary, I really appreciate all of the good work you do. Keep it up, and continue with the Expos/baseball references (I haven’t read a Spike Owen reference yet).

  85. pts2pndr says:

    I am new to your blog but I enjoy your insight. Have been an avid BB fan since living in southern Cal. I believe that all sports have one common thread that being to win you must have strength up the middle. Centre in Basketball, QB in football, pitching in BB and Centre and Goaltending in hockey. Basketball is very comparable to hockey re defense and system play. Your thoughts?

  86. Yeti says:

    Wow. What an interesting thread. Seven years on!

  87. thurmtim says:

    True story…

    Before my wife and her boys emigrated from Peru, the youngest was decidedly curious about hockey but no experience or knowledge beyond playing field hockey in gym class. I introduced him to your blog while we waited for the slow wheels of Immigration to turn. Your cogent and intelligent discourse had a huge effect on his burgeoning English skills and unabashed love of the Oilers. We both read and discuss this blog frequently. Your fans are LITERALLY everywhere and they are Legion. We cannot imagine the interweb or Oiler fanhood without you. Well done, Sir. Never change a thing!

  88. TheOtherJohn says:


    Never change. Certainly not this Blog.

    This Blog is as good as it gets. Do I agree with everything you write? Nope, not even close. Come here most days just to see what an optimistic Oiler fan thinks. Love your perspective, I also greatly appreciate the insight of so many commenters here. Don’t agree with lots and lots of those comments either. But appreciate so many of the carefully thought through opnions expressed here daily.

    As to the baseball references…..absolutely love them. It was a major part of my youth and young adulthood. The Expos, the Kid, Hawk, Rock, Scoop (sarcasm alert), the Cards, Vin Scully, spit, the Dodgers, Greg Maddux, Bill James, range factor, the importance of base on balls, love it all.

    And you are 100% right so much of the baseball analytics is 25+ years ahead of the Analytics debate in Hockey

    Dont even want to look at HF topic because to the extent that anyone there insulted one of my friends it will just get me angry. Keep up the superb work

  89. MrEd says:

    Coach pb9617,

    No idea who that dude is. Help!

    Best blog ever.

    Wondering why the post dates are reading weird. it’s not July of 08′ is it?

  90. Lowetide says:

    True story…

    Before my wife and her boys emigrated from Peru, the youngest was decidedly curious about hockey but no experience or knowledge beyond playing field hockey in gym class. I introduced him to your blog while we waited for the slow wheels of Immigration to turn. Your cogent and intelligent discourse had a huge effect on his burgeoning English skills and unabashed love of the Oilers. We both read and discuss this blog frequently. Your fans are LITERALLY everywhere and they are Legion. We cannot imagine the interweb or Oiler fanhood without you. Well done, Sir. Never change a thing!

    That’s all kinds of awesome. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing.

    A note for all: I’m moving the blog to another server, which will hopefully make life better for all. One of the glitches? This post from 2008 is the front page. Thanks for all of the comments but if you want to read new content just click on the ‘Laleggia’ comments to the right and it’ll take you there.


  91. delooper says:

    Sorry I haven’t been reading very closely the past few weeks. Surprised people are criticizing or suggesting changes to your blog. I imagine it’s more a symptom of the long winter grind and the Oilers providing just a **tiny** bit too little hope.

    IMO I suspect this is just a “victim of success” thing. As your blog becomes more popular and common-to-read, your commenters reflect a wider spectrum of humanity and sometimes that’s just ugly. Look at the comments section in any on-line newspaper…

    I barely know anything about baseball but I’ve had fun learning about it, reading your blog.

    Have to get back to a light-sabre duel with my son. You know, important stuff.

  92. Unicorns says:

    I want to say firstly that having read this blog for years (I don’t care to think of how many

  93. jimmers2 says:

    Message boards are for selling used tires and septic tank cleaning services.

    THIS place is home. LT, your voice was in my head before I ever found this place (2004 or 05, I think! Happy Anniversary). Thanks for making that little lonely line of thought into real conversation. I don’t post very often at all but it isn’t really needed, you and the regulars here do a great job carrying the discussion where I couldn’t go without their help.

  94. Ryan says:

    The problem with this thread is that I hadn’t posted here yet. Ftfy.

  95. sliderule says:

    First thing in the morning I open my I pad log on to Lowetide and read the comments from the night before.

    I then check the news on other sites then precisely at 830 I log on again to read your new post.

    My wife says wtf are you going to do with yourself if he ever shut down.

    So for my wife’s sake please keep on trucking like you do so well.

  96. Diesel says:

    I’ve been reading this site nearly every day for several years and never once have I ever thought to myself “I wish he’d tone it down with the baseball references”, despite the fact that I don’t understand 94% of them, After all, it’s not difficult to appreciate their charming delivery and carry on reading.

    OR we can always give it some context via 10 seconds of google research.

    I guess that’s what it really comes down to. Are people so lethargic and bloated with entitlement that they show disdain for anything that isn’t their particular blend of pablum?

  97. Hammers says:

    For me the most important thing you said is My Dad would understand and after that I don’t care. As a Dad nearly 80 those are good words to hear .

  98. Hammers says:

    LT after reading what so many are saying you must realize there are a lot out there that follow you because of the way you write your blog . Anyone with the passion you show doesn’t have to legitimize why you do what you do . We follow because we want to and you need to know that .

  99. delooper says:

    That said, I think you’re a little bonkers on the goaltender front. Your head is pretty level on all other things. On goalies, do not trust the Lowetide guy.

  100. DBO says:

    As an Albertan living in Newfoundland, I get up at 230 am Alberta time. Check this blog. Then like an addict I check every 15 mins (even knowing I’ll have to wait hours). Re read the comments and occasionally chime in. LT this blog is like a port in the storm. It keeps me feeling tied to home. We share in our angst, our triumph, and mostly (of late) our frustration. It allows for intelligent discourse, occasional rambles, and some good debate. Don’t ever change. We love you exactly as you are. And yes I think I just quoted a terrible movie

  101. Colieo87 says:


    I’ve been reading this blog since 2008 some point then all I remember was i was deaf and that year always been a black hole in my life but you helped me get through it with your comical references and just a passion and following my fav team made my day so much better. Since thoughts dark days of a year plus no mt hearing and getting my cochlear implant to hearing again till today. Thanks alot LT and keep up with the baseball references my dad never watched ball just hockey. But I like how you bring to put similarities and the math in both.

    Long time readers fan. Now in edmonton from lac la biche.

  102. Truth says:

    Keep up the excellent work LT.

  103. jasperavenue says:

    LT, the same as everyone before me, I completely enjoy your writing. I have been a lurker – never a contributor since well I’d guess since your blogs second day, so many years ago. When I tell my friends to read your blog, I also state that I am amazed you can write something everyday about the OIl, and almost always bringing a balanced perspective.

    We subscribe to neither Edmonton paper, nor have TV, the internet is the source of news and entertainment, as are a couple of downtown bars. I do, as I have for 30+ years buy half a set of Oil season tickets, and still keep hoping for next year.

    I appreciate that you have little or no contact with the Oiler management organization. As long as you choose to write Lowtide I hope is stays that way.

    My day starts with Lowtide, it is my home page, and then on to some news sites and emails. The day you stop we all will lose something that is appreciated, valuable, educational, and familiar. As long as you can I trust you will contine to write, comment, and keep the contributors polite.

    My handle – jasperavenue – comes from years ago when the Oil won the cup in Edmonton – see I can’t remember which year which is why I don’t comment – the city closed a couple of blocks on Jasper Ave and we walked back and forth between 4th and 6th I think. No crowds on Whyte Ave in those days. Yes I was at that game.

    I encourage you to keep up the good work, stay as fresh as you can, and allow us the priviledge of learning from the best blog and news source about the Oilers.

    Thank you and be well

  104. D says:


    Your blog adds big time value to my life. It’s one of the first items I read every morning.

    Thank you for what you do.

  105. Bag of Pucks says:

    Here’s a paradox:

    This blog IS clutch, but as many of the more erudite posters here frequently remind me, clutch doesn’t exist!

    Ipso facto: this blog doesn’t exist!

    Fortunately it does exist in a wonderous alternate universe where the Expos are revered, the Allman Brothers are on their one millionth encore at the Fillmore, the Alberta Premium is always chilled, and the local team is continually agonized over with equal parts respect for precision critical thinking skills and impassioned dialogue. Oh, and a massive sprinkling of Albertan optimism and tongue in cheek humour. The latter particularly crucial on crap weather days like this!

  106. delooper says:

    Oh, this post is from 2008. Ha!

  107. prairieschooner says:

    This is the only sports blog I follow.
    It attracts a lot of very thoughtful talented posters
    I feel like I get to rub shoulders with the” in the know”” crowd
    That is why Lowetide was on the internet 2 years before Al Gore

  108. Kmart99 says:

    While I don’t post all that often, I have been a regular reader of HfBoards, Lowetide, Oilers Message board, Oilersnation, CoppernBlue, Mc79hockey RIP, Tlusty’s many great write ups, COH,etc..etc…for many years. This blog is my fav by far. Yes the writing is the main reason. But also the comments section. The regulars on this site are far and above those of other blogs. I read ON and FN daily and can’t help but see aassive kinship amongst the commentors here as opposed to sites like ON and FN(great in their own respects). Like the puppet in Team America, all I ask is that you never die. Promise me, you’ll never die.

  109. Darrell says:

    Hey LT – I spent the week watching Cactus League Spring training baseball at my condo here in Mesa, AZ. There are a dozen ball parks within 50 miles with Sloan (cubs), Hoho (Athletics) and talking stick (Dbacks/Rockies) in my backyard. If you ever have a chance to get away the first beer and game is on me as you truly work hard for us even when our Oilers appear to be in cruise control.


  110. Cameron says:

    LT, your blog is so good even Flames fans become hyper dedicated readers!

    You are the gold standard. There are no fewer than two FN writers who openly ape the flavour and structure. Right team, but still pale imitations.

    Now if the Flames can prove that Monahan is our Devon White, all will be well with the universe!

  111. yawto says:

    Best blog on the oilogisphere. Don’t change a thing. The day you start writing for someone else and not for yourself the authenticity will go away. This blog is authentic. You are authentic. Please don’t let fake people on the Internet (haters) change on of the most right and honest publications out there. The only way you should ever stop writing is if Katz gets his head out of his ass and makes you the GM. The logic and reasoning of you writing makes me wonder if you wouldn’t be the best GM in the league. Keep it real Lowetide. Keep it like it is. Always my favorite read.

  112. VanOil says:

    The Squids are great artists, maybe it is the home made ink. πŸ˜‰

  113. auzy11 says:

    I have looked real hard at the drafts over last ten years and the players the Oil drafted and the players they missed is sickening,i would fire the whole lot of them. How does Stu M still have a job,,,,,,my god i know i am better versed at drafting than these monkeys

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