Those who read this blog often know that I have about three favorite subjects: clusters, procurement and starting a season balanced.

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10 Responses to "Balance?"

  1. doritogrande says:

    Which of those three things you like includes Stan Weir?

    Jonathan mentioned it about a week ago, but Smolinski’s still available. I’d take a flyer (training camp tryout) on him and see if Brodziak/Pouliot can’t beat him out.

  2. digger says:

    In regards to Absolute Zero, before we can count on him doing any “mur-diddly-urdling” (love that, btw), he’s apparently in town getting that back of his checked out to see if it gets greenlight…or if he’ll need surgery.

    Either way, it sounds like he’s going to be starting camp a little bit behind the 8 ball. That, he doesn’t need.

  3. rickibear says:

    Dorito: We have to look at Brodziak as a 2nd/3rd line center minimum.
    He was #13 center .97EVG/60.
    He was #21 center .90 1stAsst/60. His goal+1st asst/60 total is #12 center 1.87/60.
    Horcoff #11 1.89/60
    Cogliano #28 1.56/60.

    Plus Brodziaks our best returning + 2:00 PK TOI forward. 4.82GA/60 he ranked 19th best forward.
    Reward him.

    Plus Cogliano was 4.60GA/60 on the PK in limited play. He needs to be on the second PK unit.

    Let Pouliot and whoever battle for the #4 spot.

  4. Ribs says:

    I just can’t see Lowe adding any one of those guys this season.

    Unless Tony Stark decides these are the strings he wants to pull or Tambellini knows something Lowe doesn’t, Lowe will sit on his thumbs like he always does until the deadline or next offseason.

    With the options out there being what they are I can’t really be against that.

  5. toqueboy says:

    two items:

    1) knowing we are not cup contenders this year, why waste a prime development year for brodziak (and the ilk) by injecting a reasoner type player…seems a little ridiculous to bring in someone when we could have had reasoner from the get go (a mact approved warrior). as everyone has saaid, this is building and we need to get games in for these young guys so that we have a chance to have some huge out performers next year…much like the smyth decision was made in the summer, the center position of youth was made this summer. if we see a notable at camp i woould guess it would be a shooter in the murray mold which would address an organizational shortage as opposed to youth development issue…could a murray type character be our oates for shooting?)

    2) i think that if you’re honest the bar is in a different position than the last few years…while we don’t have a perfect roster, it’s a nice step in the right direction…obviously we’re a few injuries and a sophmore slump or two from looking like the team that faltered down the stretch a couple of years ago, but our top end talent is much higher than i’ve seen in awhile…we’re just a “maltby”, “cleary” and a “hedja” from being a team you’d like…maybe next year we’ll be calling them “brodziak”, “pouliot” and “smid”? here’s hoping.

    my biggest issue with this year is that we have no obvious goalie plan…or rather our plan consists or playing our 4th best goalie the second most games (DD in the A)…and we have no definitive starter or development plan. i like garon, but i don’t like our current managgerial dirction for his position.

    if i were poaching from teams over the cap, i’d pay attetion to chicago and lang’s situation if we were looking for a center. how about mclaren on d? money notwithstanding

  6. Sean says:

    I’d rather give Brodziak the chance to succeed than bring in a guy like Smolinski who will be 38 next year when the Oilers are ready for a real run. That said, a training camp tryout would IMO increase competition and the Oilers would have a stronger start to the season. Either way with Pisani on third line, I think the 3rd line will survive.

    If I had to chose my wishlist for TC it would be (in order)

    1) Enforcer
    2) Veteran D
    3) Veteran C

  7. Schitzo says:

    Toqueboy – sticking with your analogy, is Cole our Oates for power forwards?

    Dammit Penner and Jacques, pay attention this year.

  8. alan says:

    Those who read this blog often know that I have about three favorite subjects: clusters, procurement and starting a season balanced.

    What about the Expos? I have read your blog since the beginning, and as a former Expos die hard, the Expos analogies are always meaningful to me…

    I really wanted to continue to follow the Expos in Washington, I really did. I mean what the heck difference should it have made, I wasn’t from Montreal, the Expos weren’t getting any TV deals in Canada anyway, so why couldn’t I love them in Washington?

    I just couldn’t. I tried and I couldn’t. The new city was just weird and full of fans with no appreciation of the Expos brand and their tradition, and the owners were hellbent on commercializing the product and making a buck; the baseball team on the field was secondary. I gave up on the Washington Nationals, it just wasn’t the same.

    For the same reasons, I am giving up on oilersnation, sorry LT. I tried and I can’t. It just isn’t the same.

  9. toqueboy says:

    schitzo – i would be overjoyed.

  10. Say No to Mike Johnson says:

    We don’t need a bunch of useless vets. Either get a real defensive C like Madden, Vermette, Kesler ect or stand pat.

    We don’t need a 4-5 defensive D either. We need a horse not a guy to take Smid’s minutes. Deal Staios and whatever else it takes and land a guy who CAN handle heavy minutes. Volchenkov or go home.

    We don’t need an enforcer, we need another player like Stortini. Schremp for Tootoo and we’re set.

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