Nash Cashes

It’s been a slow start to the season for Riley Nash. His Cornell team isn’t scoring a lot of goals, but reading the play by play (the Cornell website is actually very good, they give you a play by play the NHL might want to copy, and all kinds of interesting stats. For instance, buddy is the vaunt in the FO circle based on the written play by play over the last few games).

He scored his first two goals of the year this evening and it’s 2-1 for Cornell as the Big Red face Harvard. A lot of big brains on that ice.

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7 Responses to "Nash Cashes"

  1. Bank Shot says:

    Good to see him start to put the biscuit in the basket.

    I’m not sure if Hockey Canada cares about how many points Nash puts up based on where he’d likely slot into that team, but if he’s murderlizing the Egghead Conference it probably helps his chances of making the squad.

    He has to beat out all the CHL players that the braintrust is familiar with, so he needs to bring a good resume to winter camp.

    The important thing here, is that we get to watch him for 6 games at Christmas, and decide his entire hockey future based on those games. Amirite? ;p

  2. Mark-Ryan says:

    Plante had more points last night then he had all last season, too.

    Good night for Oiler prospects.

  3. PunjabiOil says:

    The important thing here, is that we get to watch him for 6 games at Christmas, and decide his entire hockey future based on those games.

    That made me laugh.

    Out loud.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    I want him to succeed because Rambler will be an awesome nickname. The NHL is really suffering when it comes to decent nicknames these days.

  5. knighttown says:

    The good news as far as making Team Canada is that the “Q” is absolutely pathetic this year. There is a very good chance they have zero representation. Across the country, with a few eligibles in the NHL (Gagner, Sutter, Stamkos), you’ve got to think this is one of the better years to be trying out.

    Is it too early to look at some Team Canada hopefuls?

    At Forward:
    -John Tavares
    -Cody Hodgson
    -Nazem Kadri
    -Taylor Hall
    -Jordan Eberle
    -Riley Nash
    -Brayden Schenn
    -Evander Kane
    -Matt Duschesne
    -Greg Nemisz
    -Logan Couture
    -Colton Gillies
    -Jamie Benn
    -Dana Tyrell

    then, if they’re returned:
    -Josh Bailey
    -Zack Boychuck

  6. doritogrande says:


    Boychuck has already been returned to Lethbridge while Colton Gilles was kept up by Minnesota.

    You’ve also got a lot of pure skill on that roster with not much size. Canada has always been a team that likes to lean on muscle so I’d imagine there’s only enough room for 3 maybe 4 skill-only guys. This leaves Eberle in contest with the names of Esposito (who, all other things aside now has age/wistom on his side), Kane, Schenn, Hall, Tavares and Tyler Ennis.

    It might be easier for Nash to make this team. Not only because he’s older, but because his skil-set is one that Canada will need. Particularly the faceoff prowess.

  7. HBomb says:

    If Eberle keeps tearing the WHL a new one and continues his torrid scoring pace, it’s going to be VERY difficult for them to keep him off the WJC team. Lack of size notwithstanding….

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