Potulny Optioned

The Edmonton Oilers optioned out Ryan Potulny today. It’s a bit of a mystery in that there’s absolutely no way he was the bubble boy based on performance level.

A clue comes in the GDT below courtesy Schitzo: If you clear waivers once in a season, you get 10 NHL games or 30 days before you have to clear a second time.

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16 Responses to "Potulny Optioned"

  1. oilerdago says:

    Thanks for explaining LT (and Schitzo and Lord Bob). Long hockey tournament this weekend and am just catching up on the reading.

    Am still dissapointed though because he looked like someone who could help the team, but it’s a duplicated skill on this roster.

    Brule’s case becomes more interesting now – especially if Nilsson is not making any progress.

  2. Black Dog says:

    A little surprising but not so much after he sat last night.

    Obviously they see Brule as having the bigger upside and being able to help the club more right now as well.

  3. Lord Bob says:

    I stand by the AHL All-Star game as the most likely explanation. Please, let that be it. 😛

  4. B.C.B. says:

    So, LT, if the Oilers don’t beat the Blue Jackets tomorrow, I will have to hear a lot about Nash, right? This can’t happen, I don’t want to renme you Pierre McGuire2.0.

    Oh, and Potunly being sent down. This must mean that Brule is staying with the big club for the rest of the season: only 3 more games to my count before the waivers kick in (2 after tomorrow). I personally find this troublesome: Brule is playing better then he did in Columbus, but send him down and tell him to work on not taking ‘moreau-like’ penalties.

  5. RiversQ says:

    Ugh, it sucks to see Potulny go down while 33, 43 and 46 are all on the roster. Well I guess 46 is exempt from the discussion but that’s still three guys that offer little besides pugilism.

  6. Schitzo says:

    The exact clause is as follows:

    the Player has not played in ten (10) or more NHL Games cumulative since Regular Waivers on him were last cleared, and more than thirty (30) days cumulative on an NHL roster have not passed since Regular Waivers on him were last cleared.

    If I had to guess, they didn’t want him to blow through 8 days of his NHL eligibility between now and the end of the Allstar Break.

    They can still call him up for a half-dozen more games, giving them some extra flexibilitiy.

  7. oilerdago says:

    Schitzo, you do cap work too?

  8. Schitzo says:

    you do cap work too?

    Sure, but 90% of the time that means checking nhlscap.com and taking Irish Blues’ word on it.

  9. mjsh says:

    LT. four wins in five games, I guess this means you still have to write about the Oil for a while.
    I went to last nights game and was quite impressed. A couple giveaways that ended up behind Roloson but the Oil controlled the game in my opinion.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Vancouver. Are they going to inplode or is the fact they finally got a point last night the beginning of a resurgence.

    Didn’t the Oilers even kill a couple penalties last night? I still see your sixth in the division as a realistic plan.

  10. godot10 says:

    The Oilers aren’t playing any hockey for the next week. Why would they keep Potulny’s up?

    Brule might well be sent down after the Columbus game rather than sitting around for the All Star break.

  11. bookie says:

    Could be something to do with a trade expectation? Saborin is still sitting it Pittsburgh, correct?

  12. Asiaoil says:

    I’d rather have Sabourin up here to be honest since he actually has a modest record of success in the NHL and a bit of experience. JDD did nothing in his AHL stint (.906 SP in 5 games) that speaks to NHL success around the corner. Guys with real NHL cred tend to rip up the AHL during conditioning stints like this.

    In fact – Dubnyk seems to have benefited most from a a bit of rest while JDD was in the AHL. He’s been pistol hot this month with a .959 SP in his last 5 starts and only 5 GA. Maybe he was just getting worn down in December from all the starts without a break from the Fisher. But of course – elite goaltending is about long-term consistency – not short-term results which a lot of guys can put up for a while.

  13. Dennis says:

    85 had a high profile shotblock late in last night’s game and he also had the big scoring opp but overall that line wasn’t going.

    I’d love the kid if he could kill penalties but considering that he doesn’t, I’d rather keep 21 where he was.

  14. Loxy says:

    clap clap

    (for explaining that Potulny thing)

    I am surprised though to realize Dennis’ comment about 85 not being on the PK… I guess I assumed that defensively responsible MacT guys got PK time.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Loxy: Reddox has in fact killed penalties. 24 of his 216 NHL minutes (which is what, 11%) have been on the PK.

    No time on Sunday, 23 seconds in the previous game against Colorado. 3:14 in the Minnesota game (the 5-1 loss, Wild 1-6 on PP), zero against the Caps and the Blues.

  16. Sean says:

    Reddox is killing penalties but only about 1 minute/game and isnt getting great results. Small sample set though…

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