Peckham Again

The Edmonton Oilers have called up Theo Peckham again and it looks like he’s going to get some minutes. So far in his young NHL career he hasn’t played much (7:25 and 11:19 in his two games this season, he’s -2 in each game) and the Oilers have paid in full for his presence on the ice.

Peckham is the most obvious option from Springfield and truth be told they need him on the farm (Falcons are down 2-0 and being outshot 19-3 after 1 tonight).

If I’m a betting man the Oilers make a move or two within the next 48 hours. I think they’re going to acquire an NHL defenseman and remain convinced Bill Guerin is coming to Edmonton at or before the deadline.

Ownership wants a run as much as the fans and the Oilers are in the chase with a glaring weakness and money to burn. If they don’t make a move, shame on them.

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36 Responses to "Peckham Again"

  1. Lord Bob says:

    Really bad effort in Springfield tonight – Rob Daum is on the hot seat! I hear they’re looking at bringing in Jeff Truitt.

  2. shepso says:

    Sweet, so we bring up a kid who’s a – player on a – team, who’s only NHL experience has lead to a phenomenal -4 in 2 games. I am so not sold on this guy at the NHL level. Some close friends from Toronto (edmonton ex-pats) went down to Detroit to witness the shellacking last weekend, and didn’t exactly have the finest things to say about his game. And they actually have decent hockey knowledge, so I trust their opinions. It is painfully obvious that a move needs to be made to help the team, and quickly. I would almost rather a sturdy, stay at home type veteran instead of another (expensive) puck mover, especially now that the kids seem to be close to returning to form.

    I still stand by my support of Bisaillon as well. I don’t know why, but I have a good feeling about him, and have since his emergency call-up from junior in 06/07. I am not a stats guy, both academically and in terms of hockey awareness, tending instead to follow a more qualitative approach to research and a “saw him good” approach to player development. My gut tells me he’ll be a player if he’s ever given a chance to play.

  3. shepso says:

    and before I get throttled about his horrible +/- in his last couple years of Jr., in a direct comparison to that particular stat with Peckham, (who is playing with a veteran like Strudwick at present) compared to Bissaillon who had nobody at all except I think Brian Young, or maybe Allan Rourke as his partner, Peckham is -4 in his two games, Bissaillon -1, playing in a few more minutes at the NHL level in his 2 games, at the tender age of 18. Maybe its just me, but I am trusting my gut here.

  4. DeBakey says:

    acquire an NHL defenseman and remain convinced Bill Guerin is coming to Edmonton at or before the deadline.

    Something to Long Island for Guerin & Pock?
    Pock can play 3rd pairing ES, and
    on the 2nd PP unit.
    Then pick up something more substantial if it appears Grebs is down for a while.

    Too bad for the Islanders that Weight is injured,
    that's one deadline deal that won't happen.

  5. Ontario Oilfan says:

    “I think they’re going to acquire an NHL defenseman and remain convinced Bill Guerin is coming to Edmonton at or before the deadline”

    Does Guerin play the LW or do you see him sticking to his natural RW position? Would you slot him in somewhere on the top 2 lines or as a roleplayer on the lower lines with some PP time?

  6. Bruce says:

    Guerin can play LW. It’s not his preferred position but he’s more adapatable than either Hemsky or Cole and possibly even Pisani IMO. Seems to me he spent some time on the port side during his stay in Edmonton. Can’t remember who the RW was that forced the switch, but Weight was in the middle. It wasn’t a lot of games, but enough to convince me Guerin could handle the switch.

  7. B.C.B. says:

    I think Gurien would be on the top two lines, playing left wing. It is the position we have the biggest weakness at (if you ignore the lack of 3C, or any vet that can win a draw but Horc . . .). If Gurien out plays Penner he’ll be on the top line, but he is sure to out play Nilsson over a stretch of 10 games (he is playing well now, but how dependable it Nilsson, really?).

    Gurien will cost a 2nd round pick or a good prospect
    5-6 Dman will cost 3rd round pick or a average prospect
    3C will cost a 3rd pick or middling prospect at the deadline

    I see the first two deals going down sooner then later, and the third deal if at the deadline we have started separating ourselves from a few more teams (I hope one is Nashville, ’cause I want Bonk for a run).

  8. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    In other news….the Blue jackets beat the Wings with Mason back in goal and are making a push

  9. Bruce says:

    Shepso: I happened to be scoring that Detroit game for Staples, and here’s what I wrote about young Theo:

    Theo Peckham – 2: Didn’t look like an NHL defenceman. Was badly burned on Cleary’s goal when he got sucked into chasing Zetterberg off the draw and abandoned his post for Cleary to walk into. Why Peckham was on for a defensive zone faceoff against Datsyuk and Zetterberg is anybody’s guess. -2 in just 7:25, now is -4 on the season in under 20 minutes work. If this is our most NHL-ready blueliner on the farm, uh oh.

    Which bears repeating only because it is entirely relevant with Peckham suddenly in the 6 hole. The answer will not come from within the organization.

    I do hold out faint hope that Theo will carpe the diem if he knows he’s in there no matter what. But I share LT’s conviction that the organization will make a move sooner rather than later.

    B.C.B.: I like Bonk too. Brings just the kind of attributes we need: size, faceoffs, experience, plays with some edge.

  10. godot10 says:

    Gurein played left wing all the time he was with Boston, with Thornton and Knuble, and then with Thornton and Murray.

  11. Ontario Oilfan says:

    Bruce and B.C.B. and godot10:

    Thanks for the info. I looked at Guerin when I was writing my blog post on FA’s we should target but was scared away by his listing as an RW. After seeing Cole go belly up trying to make the switch, I didn’t want to go out on a limb. Guerin makes a lot of sense as a rental if he can pull off LW.

    I’d think a warm body would have to go back the other way since we’re close to the 50 contract limit and can’t add Guerin and a Dman with picks alone.

  12. mjsh says:

    While would love to see Guenin back as an Oiler, I think Nillson has turned the corner. The article in the paper today about him getting his off ice life in order rings true to me. That makes the Dman and the centre the more pressing issues. No need to over spend because the Oilers are in a real fight for the playoffs. Sixth is still not out of the picture but neither is 11th. Hard to believe but games with LA & phoenix are now must wins and with this lineup, not at all sure wins.

  13. oilerdago says:

    LT – please don’t get my hopes up about a move now.

    If the Oilers are serious about making a run, you are right that they will have to make a trade.

    But every time I get my hopes up that they will do something I’ve been let down big time (probably because it’s not happening in the time frame I’d like to see).

    Also, don’t forget Peckham did play 1 game last season against Columbus. Not sure what his numbers were but I do remember that he stood his ground pretty well.

    I don’t think he’s ready to be out against skilled players (like what happened against Det and Pitt). I hope he holds his own this weekend too as I’d like him to succeed.

    We’ll know soon enough.

  14. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I know that 94 played LW with the old Weight-Guerin combo in the ’98 playoffs and then found his way back there early in the ’01 season before we shipped Billy G out for Carter. I also remember Rem Murray playing some with them late in the ’99 season – I seem to recall listening to a home game vs the Blues on a Friday night where Rem clicked for two goals; not sure if he was on the port side though.

    The way it worked back then was 94-Weight-Guerin and Fraser-Marchant-McAmmond as the two scoring lines down the ’98 stretch and into the playoffs; that second line showed some jam down the stretch but dried up come playoff time. Once 18 showed up in March of ’99, you had Marchant centring two of Murray, Grier and Moreau – depending on which guy was hurt – and the weight-Guerin combo and we were always looking for a second scoring line. Sometimes you’d hope it would come from beranek or selivanov or perhaps pat falloon.

    Now, speaking of Beranek, when Weight went down early in the ’99 season after a hit at Northlands from the Caps Mark Tinordi – those were the days of holdouts and it seemed like guys that did that either always got hurt or failed to put up numbers comparable to their previous season.***

    So, with Weight out, Beranek centred Guerin and Kovalenko and both wingers were natural RW so if I was to place a bet, i’d say Guerin was the one who went to his off-wing. Is that what you might be thinking about, Bruce?

    Note: Arnott actually bucked this trend in ’01 by holding out and going over a PPG and Bure later did the same.

    BTW, it’s a shame the net didn’t grow faster and we didn’t have this community back for those teams from say 97-01. You had that great run in 97 and then the Oilers had a great run in ’98 after the moves that brought in first Hamrilk and then Guerin. Those teams had a tonne of young talent and we’re really exciting to watch. And the ’01 team is really underrated, IMO; +21 in GD, which was really impressive under the old uncapped system. Three of five seasons where you either had good young teams that gave you real hope and/or good teams that weren’t that far off.

    FWIW, Steve Kouleus – and I am getting sicker and sicker of that guy – mentioned this evening that he feels Guerin will wind up back in Edm.

    LT: I’m the first guy to bellyache about missing the playoffs but is this the year to deal anything close to valuable in order to make a playoff run? First things first; if 37’s ankle looks bad then I’d shut it all down and only pick up pieces that cost fuck all. It’s one thing to know 71’s done for the season and now you’ve got to either live with 24-5-43 as the 4-5-6 D but it’s yet another if 37’s gone for an extended period as well. In this WCS, you really need to find TWO dmen and at least one of them has to be a puckmover who can also keep his head above water playing Top 4 min.

    So, we’ve got that going for us;) plus 26 is banged up and we’re going through a team wide sophmore slump when it comes to the kids.

    I talked about Brett Clark below and if he’s only costing us a mid level prospect or a 3rd rounder, then, yes, have at it. But behind that I’d just hold tight and dance with the ones that brought us.

    Dal’s back on track and the Canucks are who some of us thought they would be once Sundin skated off the rust and both Luongo and Salo returned. So, basically, we’re chasing the Wild and perhaps the Ducks but the BJ’s are behind us and they have a consistent low GA game in their backpockets and don’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

    I hate to say it but standing pat seems to be where it’s at.

  15. Dennis says:

    Nilsson: he’s getting close to last year’s pace but I’m not buoyed by the fact that he’s still trying to sort out how to juggle screwing everything in sight and being a responsible NHLer.

    Because that’s what it comes down to.

    Peckham: his games this year have been not only against the pens and wings but on the road where he’s at the mercy of a smart bench boss. I said that what I liked about him last year was when he came up he brought the same game from the A to the bigs. Now, it was much easier to do that against the BJ’s it has been this year against the previously mentioned teams.

    The main thing going against Peckham is he doesn’t have a suitable tutor and and he isn’t good enough that he doesn’t need one. 5’s still learning to crawl and hasn’t yet begun to walk and 24’s reverting back to crawling mode; 43 doesn’t warrant a thought in this discussion.

    BTW, watching the Dys game and during the intermission the crawl said that 37 has a sprained or torn ligament and is gone for 4-6 weeks. So, that’s new news on the front and officially fucks us. Now it goes back to my WCS where we need not one but two dmen.

  16. Dennis says:

    Oilers have that piece of news on the official site so we’re in turn officially fucked.

    Once again, there’s always next year!!!!!!

  17. DeBakey says:

    Against Montreal tonight,
    Colordo has Tjarnqvist & Leopold playing together
    Thats $2.25 Million combined of solid veteran
    Both UFA July 1

    Leopold has a goal

  18. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I understand and maybe agree. However, Katz wants a lot from the community and good PR is cocaine for him imo. You’ve got a guy who wants help from all levels of government for the new Forum, the underground rink where his players can park their cars in heated comfort for practices and now he’s bought the town ballclub and wants breaks there (the Edmonton ballpark is a little gem btw and he wants to use it more nights during the summer).

    If he can get a good D rental for Rob Schremp, my bet is Tambellini will do it.

    And now, sooner is way more important than later.

  19. Bob Arctor says:

    If Guerin comes in, he should be replacing Cole. We will gain slightly better offense 5on5, but lose all those penalties drawn.

    Someone who is better with behindthenet should be able to confirm this.

  20. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Lowetide said…
    Dennis: I understand and maybe agree. However, Katz wants a lot from the community and good PR is cocaine for him imo. You’ve got a guy who wants help from all levels of government for the new Forum, the underground rink where his players can park their cars in heated comfort for practices and now he’s bought the town ballclub and wants breaks there (the Edmonton ballpark is a little gem btw and he wants to use it more nights during the summer).

    If he can get a good D rental for Rob Schremp, my bet is Tambellini will do it.

    And now, sooner is way more important than later.”

    It’s within the next week or not at all LT.

    LA is hot, Phoenix is very good at home, the Sharks have only lost 2 in regulation at home, the Stars are great at home and surging and Calgary is due to hand the Oilers a thrashing.

    5 games in 7 days.

    End of the Innocence.

  21. Dennis says:

    LT: I’d have no problem moving that guy for a fellow who could really help and the same goes for a guy like Jacques or perhaps even Trukno or Poultny.

    Those are the only guys I’ll throw out there because I don’t think the oilers would move 78 or 85 or 67 and as you illustrated in your post above, there’s really nothing else worth talking about or worrying about when it comes to the Falcons.

    Now, I am leaving out the junior guys but i admittedly know fuckall about those fellows.

    I’ll break it down like this:

    Before losing 71 – look to move 12 for a vet scoring winger on rental OR a shutdown D. Also, bring back Reasoner and move out 18 and 24; Reasoner gives us back a third liner and we pare bad contracts and lean down for the 2010 summer.

    After we lost 71: look to move the same guy for perhaps a puckmover more than a shutdown D. But now you have to keep 24 because the D’s so thin.

    After losing both 71 AND 37: 77 is now your #1 dman and 24-5 are 2nd and 3rd. It gets better because 43 is your 5th and young Peckham is your 6th and Frank Musil and Bert Sven Butenshon are 7th and 8th.

    Now you have to move 12 for a puckmoving D AND you have to move a prospect for yet another defenseman.

    Too many arrows pointing in the wrong direction.

    I understand that katz wants to storehouse some goodwill in order to pilfer your tax dollars and everything we need to know about his desire to win and what he’ll do or what he thinks needs to be done can be gleaned from the workout sessions with Laraque. And I guess as long as he gives the go-ahead for the moves and Lowe doesn’t rape the farm in the process, you can at least say they gave it a shot.

    But, they don’t look primed to win more than one playoff game so I wouldn’t blow my brains out just to make it to G5 of the first round.

  22. dawgbone says:

    I just don’t see who is out there to grab right now.

    Good veteran D (even guys who can play 15-16 responsible minutes) are going to be at a premium come deadline time, so you’d have to think any potential sellers at this point are going to demand a sizable return.

  23. Lord Bob says:

    If the Oilers grab a veteran defenseman, it’ll probably have to be a trade much like the ones that brought Spacek and Tarnstrom here: an organisation nowhere close to contention valuing an Oilers prospect much better than the Oilers do.

    Unfortunately, with Rob Schremp’s apparent secret murder in Springfield and replacement with his less talented twin brother Bobby, it’s hard to come up with a long list of candidates. Guys like Chorney and Dubnyk might do if augmented with a pick (then again, for some unknowable reason the Oilers love Dubnyk).

    And let’s not forget the hole that is our backup goaltending, either. With the exception of a right winger, this team needs everything.

  24. Phil says:

    I’m just echoing FCM’s point here – but looking at how this playoff push is shaping up, I don’t know if the Oilers should be buyers at this point.

    There’s 9 teams playing for the bottom 4 spots. Vancouver is looking strong, despite Luongo not playing great, and Dallas has been hot for a while now.

    So, let’s say those two are in. That leaves 7 teams vying for 2 spots (assuming Colorado and St. Louis don’t catch fire). This team has still shown nothing but mediocrity all year. I would not put money on them being able to beat out all but one of ANA, MINN, CBJ, LA, NASH, and PHX.

    So, does it make sense for them to give up assests – good or otherwise – to get an overpriced rental? Wouldn’t those assets be better used this summer to land players that are already signed to deals, ala Lubo? …cause we know they aren’t landing them via free agency.

    I just don’t see the wisdom in selling off any part of the future for patching together a bad team. I can guarantee whoever they get will be too expensive, and everyone will be thumbing their noses at the stupid management.

  25. Lowetide says:

    I’m not saying trade Cogliano, or Gagner or even Smid although you could make a very good case for dealing him right this instant imo.

    But I’d trade every one of the players on my Dec top 20 save for Nash, Eberle and Peckham plus I’d deal any of Deslauriers, Reddox or Nilsson for an upgrade on the 3-4D as it now stands.

    And I’d certainly trade Moreau or Staios, although they are veterans and the Oilers really need as many as they can find right now.

  26. Dennis says:

    That Spacek trade was absolute money. It’s funny because I remember Speeds pimping this guy early on in the year and huge Ups to Lowe for getting him for something that didn’t hurt us AND more importantly he picked him up early enough that he could make a bit of a difference in the playoffs as well.

    19 points in 31 reg season games isn’t anything to sneeze and then 14 more in 23GP in the playoffs.

    If the Oil finish the job you’d see that trade alluded to a helluva lot more than you do now.

    Tarnstrom never really clicked with the Oil but he was playing hurt. I remember Matheson talking about the Oil interest’s in him as early as that season’s November but he got hurt and missed a few games and then when he was healthy they finally sealed the deal.

  27. St George says:

    I’m with Dennis. Now isn’t the time to trade to make a run for anything. This team isn’t built to win, so there’s no point trading young assets for rentals or over-the-hill sorts. Trade off some vets at the deadline for some picks or prospects, tank, and try and draft some quality folks. Quit messing around trying to come in 8th every year. Lose properly and come back in a few years well equipped to compete.

  28. Matt N says:

    Sell off and dive for Tavares or Hedeman. Seriously. Cole, Moreau, Rollie, Staios for picks and prospects. IMO.

  29. raventalon40 says:

    I can’t see Pock coming since he’s on the IR and we need a D-man NOW.

    If anything, I can see the Oilers mortgaging the future for a guy like pending UFA Jordan Leopold, who may resign with the Oilers before July 1st if the conditions are right (or if we resign Grebs we won’t need him anyhow…)

    I can see a Schremp + 2nd round pick or something for Leopold.

    Guerin + Hunter sounds more reasonable

    Guerin for the short run, Hunter for the long run

    What would we have to give up for a rental like Guerin? Nilsson’s been in MacT’s doghouse but I would hate to see him go (but right now he seems the most expendable player who has trade value).

  30. raventalon40 says:

    And yes, Colorado is in the NW division but remember that Roloson trade from 2006? Colorado will most likely miss the playoffs – and the Oilers still have a chance.

  31. raventalon40 says:

    Here’s a thought:

    From Atlanta:
    Mathieu Schneider + Marty Reasoner + trade filler


    From Edmonton:
    Robert Nilsson + Robby Schremp + trade filler

  32. Doogie2K says:

    those were the days of holdouts and it seemed like guys that did that either always got hurt or failed to put up numbers comparable to their previous season.

    That’s hardly a surprise, really. You’re never in as good of shape if you blow off training camp/X number of games of the regular season. Hell, just look at Sundin as a recent example: it took him a good ten games to play himself into shape. There’s always exceptions, but it’s a perfectly reasonable trend.

  33. PDO says:

    What would Tjarnqvist cost?

  34. Moose says:

    Unless the Av’s are dumping salary there’s no way Brett Clark costs only a 3rd rounder…he’s a good player.

  35. oilerdago says:

    //From Atlanta:
    Mathieu Schneider + Marty Reasoner + trade filler


    From Edmonton:
    Robert Nilsson + Robby Schremp + trade filler//

    raventalon40: That’s the trade I’d make all day long. Not sure if Waddell would and I’d think we might need to send a little more salary out, but it’d solve a lot of problems now.

  36. Dennis says:

    Matt N: The problem is at this point I doubt we can tank enough to get into the best picks.

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