Jacques Back

Jean-Francois Jacques has returned from his minor league conditioning stint and will presumably make his 08-09 regular season debut in the next few games.

The Crazy Train has been a big wreck during his 53 NHL games. No goals, no assists, no points. Zero. Zippo. Nada.

Everytime he comes to the plate it’s strike two. A groundball out is considered traction. He is a forward with stats a goalie would be nervous about, he is a big man who can’t seem to find his way into good offensive places.

He is a man whose minor league numbers imply he’s a player but there’s been nothing but bad luck in the show.

I’m tempted to say “this is your last chance” but the truth is that if (like me) you’ve stuck with him this long there’s nothing left he can do to disappoint.

What can he do? Go 53 MORE games without getting a point?

If he does, I’ll cheer him in every game. When he does score, I’m going to have a beer and then I’m going to have another one.

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30 Responses to "Jacques Back"

  1. namflashback says:


    I guess the asterix that can be put on his counting numbers (heh) is that 37 of those 53 GP came in 06-07 alongside of Thoreson, or Toby, or ???. That 06-07 team was engineered for obsolescence (low pick and lottery opp but for that pesky Thoreson’s testicular fortitude).

    7 GP in 05-06 — and 9 GP in 07-08.

    Been a minus player in a bunch of those scenarios — so I hope he can keep the boat from taking on more water, even if he can’t row the damn thing.

  2. Black Dog says:

    Who does he play with is the question? I would guess that Reddox gets the bump although coach made the point that with that line, um, rolling, that MacT might keep them together.

    To me KISS is the way to go. Play the Glencross role. Get some pucks to go in off his ass.

  3. Lowetide says:

    My guess is Pouliot. He’s well into the doghouse now.

  4. B.C.B. says:

    This is not JFJ last chance in the show. It might be his last chance with the Oilers though. I tend to agree with you, LT, that it is Pouloit coming out. I am guessing these lines for the Dallas game:

  5. oilerdago says:


    My guess at the lines tomorrow:

    78 to the PB…

    If 22 does something, 78 could be headed out sooner rather than later.

  6. B.C.B. says:

    OD: that is how I would make the lines, but I do not have a man-crush on Reddox. MacT does, so I guess 85 gets the promotion, and JFJ has to earn his way up the chart.

  7. quain says:

    Yeah, if only MacT didn’t have his mancrush on Reddox… then Jean Francois-Stortini-has-lapped-me-offensively Jacques could take his rightful place on the third line.

  8. Hawerchuk says:

    I can’t put a sentence together tonight:

    In his 37 games in 2006-07, JFJ wasn’t even on the ice for an even-strength goal for…He played half the time with Pouliot…

  9. kris says:

    Two things:

    1. Jacques numbers in Crapsfield over the last few games seem pretty promising: even and almost point a game. (Of course, that’s nothing new.)

    2. Why did Springfield reassign Corrazzini to Springfield in exchange for the Blues reassigning Linglet to Springfield? I know Corrazzini isn’t getting things done, but if the goal was to light a fire under him, a move to the ECHL seems like a better motivator. And Linglet hardly seems like the solution to Springfield’s offensive woes.

    I wonder if this means more AHL help is coming…

  10. kris says:

    I mean Corrazzini to Peoria, of course.

  11. Councilman Les Winan says:

    I winced when I read about Thoresen’s “testicular” fortitude. I still remember him taking that shot from Mike Green in his no-no place, when he was with the Flyers.

  12. Ozzieoiler says:

    I can’t believe they couldpush Reddox up. Pouliot has amuch broader range of skills that would seem to suit the 13/18 combo. Plus it seems not long ago they were starting to produce as a line.

  13. Coach pb9617 says:

    BD, BCB, OD:

    It’s not that the line is rolling, it’s not that Reddox is teacher’s pet, it’s exactly how the coach has used the fourth line the last two games.

    Before, it seemed like the fourth line was getting hung out there every once in awhile. Now, the coach is actively feeding them shifts. I don’t know if it’s matchups or not, but they’re responding to the degree that they can. He’s talked about being “comfortable” before and I think it’s pretty obvious he’s comfortable with that line right now. If he breaks it up, I’ll be pretty surprised.

    18-13-22 will be the combo, not because it’s the best combo – it’s because Redtiniak is working and the coach likes it.

  14. hunter1909 says:

    Lowe used to shill Jacques as a deterrent against the big bad Dallas Stars lol

  15. hunter1909 says:

    Could MacT offer to give Pouliot a lift to practise?

  16. PDO says:

    I didn’t think AAAA players existed.

    Then I saw JFJ play.

  17. Dennis says:

    We’re only two games away from 85 going 0/7 in terms of chances so it’s not like the kid should absolutely deserve to play over say 78.

    The first two guys you’d believe who’d get shelved would be 46 and 85 but the former’s been playing well for a few games now and 85 has two in a row where he’s been noticable on some shifts. I pegged 78 for two SC’s last night but other that that you really didn’t know he was on the ice.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who sits for 22 tomorrow night and just how 22 fares.

  18. Lord Bob says:

    Prediction: Jacques with an eleven-point night in his first game back, Darryl Sittler dies of a heart attack, Oilers lose 13-11.

  19. Ribs says:

    …And LT wins the Safeway million Sore & Win and takes us all out to the impending Stanley Cup finals! yEa!

  20. HBomb says:

    If I won the Score and Win million, I’d be doing a line of blow all the way from 99th to 109th street, right down the center of fuckin’ Whyte Avenue.

    Why? Because I could.

    “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”

    “Two chicks at once. If I was a millionaire, I think I could hook that up!”

  21. Lord Bob says:

    And you’re absolutely certain you’re not Shayne Corson?

  22. shepso says:

    @Hbomb…you crazy gears.Shit I am totally in the wrong discipline. At least as a grad student, the university pays for my drinking, and because it isn’t much, it keeps me from letting it become a problem.

    Either way, this is the day I have been cursing and dreading for well over a month now. I don’t care what anybody says, JFJ is a waste of a roster spot. The fact that Smac has more goals then he does speaks volumes. Sure he’s got the size, speed and grit, but so did Isbister and Winchester. At the moment, we need more scoring, not more physical play. Wreckham (who I admittedly hated on and have been proved wrong thus far), Struds, Ladi, Cole and Huggybear have been doing just fine lately, not to mention Captain shitpenalty and even Sam-wise and Fatso getting in the mix. The team has been playing with a lot more character lately, and the chemistry is finally starting to form. I am not going to jump on the Pro-78 bandwagon, quite frankly I have been wanting to flush the Poo all season, but at least every now and again he’ll take a shot from just above the faceoff circle on the left wing and bury it. I just don’t get why JFJ has been kept around. The last thing this team needs is another plumber. We have far too many lunchbucket type players for a team that pretends to be finesse and puck possession based. I just don’t get it…

  23. Scott says:

    And you’re absolutely certain you’re not Shayne Corson?


    As far as tomorrow’s lineup, I too am thinking that Pouliot is probably the one to sit with Cogliano being the other guy that might. He took a benching in the third of the last game, so it would seem there’s at least a chance we see something like:


    Still, I think it’s more likely to be Pouliot out and Jacques in.

  24. Traktor says:

    I’ll put my stack down on JFJ. He’s going to be a player that fans from all teams talk about bringing in. A bigger Tootoo.

  25. Ribs says:

    I’ll put my stack down on JFJ.


  26. rickibear says:

    “The” Jacques came back. I thought he was a gonner!
    He must be on life #5.

    At some point in the audition you would expect a 22-51-78.

    He’s going to be a player that fans from all teams talk about bringing in. A bigger Tootoo.

    We could hope for that kind of destruction.

  27. Bruce says:

    Turco: 52 GP, 4 points
    Theodore: 37, 3
    Biron: 34, 3
    Kiprusoff: 52, 2
    Bryzgalov: 48, 2
    Osgood: 31, 2
    Khabibulin: 29, 2
    DiPietro: 5, 2
    18 tied with 1

    J-F Jacques: 53 GP, 0 points

  28. James says:

    well, sure, but look at the minutes Turco gets…

  29. kanadienkyle says:


    Verbeek’s kid briefly played in the league I work for, and I saw the Little Ball of Hate at one of our games. I thought about introducing myself, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Also rode in an elevator with Steve Smith, but also declined to tell him he ruined Grade 5 for me.

    I did, however, tell Gary Roberts and Joe Nieuwendyk that I hated them when I was a kid.

  30. Dennis says:

    Awhile ago I thought that 22 and 34 would return at the same time and then you’d have 34 playing with 18-13 and 22 taking turns with 46 on a 51-78 line. But now we’ve seen MacT smack down 78 a little and 46 and 85 have had a couple of good games so now I’m not sure sure how MacT will run.

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