Huddy to Haunt Us?

One thing that I’ve always believed is that good people aren’t out of work long. Firings happen, dismissals occur, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Although we’re not privy to the inner workings of coaching staffs and how they dispense the jobs, we do know that Charlie Huddy was an admired and respected man behind the Oilers bench over the last few seasons.

Among the cities I wish he’d avoid is Dallas. Oh well.

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15 Responses to "Huddy to Haunt Us?"

  1. mc79hockey says:

    Always interesting to hear what writers outside the team think:

    Huddy worked with young skilled defensemen in Edmonton and will probably get a similar chance here if he is named the assistant coach. What's more, he ran a fairly open system up in Edmonton, and can bring that kind of thinking to the Stars if that's what Crawford has in mind (and I think he does).

    I know MacTavish and Crawford don't want to get categorized as offense-only coaches. Both preach two-way hockey and a need for defensive responsibility (and I agree with that), but there also is a real emphasis on moving the puck and getting up ice. Huddy seems to fit that mold.

    MacTavish doesn't want to get categorized as offense-only? This is news?

  2. Duke Phillips says:

    Is anyone else hoping that MacT slides into Crawford's spot on HNIC? He'd make an awesome colour guy.

  3. hunter1909 says:

    Once upon a time children, the Edmonton Oilers were a winning organisation. Their players occasionally left the team, and were replaced with no names who, donning the famous oildrop jersey, suddenly became household names.

    But the winning team continued.

    Then one day their captain was traded for a player named Bernie. While Bernie himself wasn't a bad player, he wasn't a winner, and somehow the Oilers instantly became losers, instead of winners.

    And ever since then, the song has remained the same.

  4. Lowetide says:

    hunter: Worst day as an Oiler fan.

    Duke: Since it's the worst case scenario my guess is he's hired by Colorado and they beat us until we're dead for a decade.

  5. geowal says:

    Why he wasn't the one to stay on and not Bucky…

    I think it would be worth the organization's while to publicize what role Bucky does on the team, because it's a mystery to me.

    Maybe it'd change my mind on the matter.

  6. Promethian says:

    My initial reaction to Huddy being let go and Bucky not was one of total confusion, disbelief, then a realisation of the fact that there is something dysfunctional about the Edmonton Oiler decision-making process. But then I got over it.

    Huddy had always produced excellent defensemen. The examples are numerous, if you give him all the credit.

    What I'm saying is that he did make some defensemen better, but he also made some questionable decisions on defense. One can't put all the blame on MacT (i.e. not playing Hejda) then put all the praise on Huddy (i.e. developing Grebs). You have to wonder if it was he or MacT that played Strudwick over Smid, or, when Smid did play, WHY THE HELL HE DIDN'T PK AND STAIOS DID!!!

    I guess it would be interesting to know where MacT ended and Huddy began.

    I believed in Huddy but I don't believe he was the sole reason some good D have come out of the system.

  7. Lowetide says:

    I think we'd know more if we had an idea about how close Daryl Katz is to Kelly Buchberger. But we have no way of knowing.

  8. Coach pb9617 says:


    He has a ton of young and talented guys to work with there. I can't take the pain of losing to Dallas regularly again.

  9. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    @ LT

    The worst day happened at Molson House but the second worst day happened when Smyth left town.


  10. doritogrande says:

    He's going to be in a pretty early hole if he gets the job.

    Sergei Zubov retired today. Probably in the top-3 offensive defensemen of his time.

  11. Gerta Rauss says:

    Is anyone else hoping that MacT slides into Crawford's spot on HNIC? He'd make an awesome colour guy.

    The CBC could slide Maggie the monkey into Crawford's spot and it would be an upgrade to their broadcast.

  12. Coach pb9617 says:

    DG – Zubov hasn't played much in the last two years. They've been playing those kids a ton of minutes.

    Daley is 24 – 339 GP
    Niskanen is 21 – 158 GP
    Grossman is 23 – 151 GP
    Fistric is 22 – 73 GP

    Vishnevskiy is in the system and that Larsen kid is only 18 and has 4 pro seasons under his belt already.

    There is a ton of young talent there.

  13. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Young D in Big D = lots of Ls regardless of the coach running the D.

    As long as Turco continues his average play the Stars will be a non factor in the Western Conference.

    Now that Huddy has apparently resurfaced, I think the bigger story is why hasn't there been even a peep in the media about Mac T catching on somewhere else.

    If Mac T is unemployed to start the season I think we can assume that the rest of the NHL was as baffled as the rest of the educated Oiler fans with his decisions in 08/09.

  14. hunter1909 says:

    "If Mac T is unemployed to start the season I think we can assume that the rest of the NHL was as baffled as the rest of the educated Oiler fans with his decisions in 08/09."

    Since we're all subject to the bush league hype coming out of the Oilers PR department, one must conclude that MacT's "brilliance" was more a result from that than the reality of the coach who made more chicken shit out of his players than chicken salad.

    FakeCraigMacTavish: Well, actually I'd be putting a whole heap of other Oilers leaving town ahead of good old Ryan…starting with that skinny center ice guy who ended up coaching in Phoenix, then his right winger, then Coffey, Anderson, and possibly a whole lot more.

  15. godot10 says:

    It was good for Huddy for the Oilers to release him. If he stayed, he would be going from teh #2 guy on the staff, and basically an associate coach to being the #3 guy on the staff. It was time for Huddy to leave the Oiler nest.

    Buchberger has much less experience, but knows and has worked with pretty much every player in the organization.

    The decision to keep Buchberger and set Huddy free to grow as a coach is not difficult to understand.

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