Chorney Callup?

Two sources (Flaming & Tencer) suggest that the Oilers will place Sheldon Souray on the IR today and recall young Taylor Chorney. The choice of Chorney (say that fast 5 times) isn’t a shock but is worth mulling over. The obvious choice would be Theo Peckham (better overall fit for the Quinn Oilers) but his injury pre-TC set him back and he’s just seeing Triple A game action.

Also down on the farm are minor league veterans Dean Arsene and Jake Taylor, along with a plethora of youngsters that include Alex Plante and Johan Motin. Chorney is among the league leaders in scoring (4gp, 2-3-5, tied for 2nd among D, also with 2 PP goals) but is also bleeding at EVs. Here’s the Falcon blue with their GP and plus minus numbers:

  1. Johan Motin 3gp, E
  2. Jake Taylor 4gp, +1
  3. Theo Peckham, 2gp, +1
  4. Dean Arsene 4gp, -2
  5. Chris Armstrong 4gp, -3
  6. Alex Plante 3gp, -3
  7. Taylor Chorney 4gp, -4

Chorney’s -29 a year ago was a damning stat and it looks like this team is still something of a disaster at EVs. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that a healthy Peckham would have forced his way onto the big team before Chorney, and it’s also worth discussing options like Jake Taylor and Dean Arsene. I have no idea how to measure Motin’s number, he has only played 3 of the games which suggests the Falcons are bringing him along slowly.

Chorney’s numbers are impressive offensively and on the powerplay, but as with most kids getting the call he won’t see those kinds of minutes in the show. Chorney has looked good in both training camps he’s been to and clearly is one of the top rated prospects for the Edmonton Oilers organization.

The question becomes “is Taylor Chorney the best possible option at this time?”

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54 Responses to "Chorney Callup?"

  1. DBO says:

    Yeah Peckham would bea great fit for Quinn. He brings everythign Quinnn likes, and I expect that he will up with the big club by christmas adn may force his way intot he lineup on a semi regular basis. Chorney is a good call up if and when we move an offensive dman, although i do think Peckham brings enough offense and grit that had he been healthy he may have had a real chance to surpass Smid on the depth chart this TC.

  2. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Saw Arsene at the Saskatoon Ex game. He would seem like a more logical choice. Good reach, long stick, low risk, fairly physical, skated quite well for a decent size D-man.

    However, maybe they're looking at Staios getting 1:54 on the PP last night as not ideal.

    Saw Chorney as well in Saskatoon. Chorney really looks at home on the PP. He skates backward accross the blue with the puck very well. Much like Grebs and Gilbert in that regard.

  3. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Oh, and Smid had 0:49 on the PP as well. So that would be 2:43 on the PP where Chorney could have been used last night.

  4. speeds says:

    I'm not saying saying Chorney isn't the best option, but I'd be surprised if he was given his plus/minus numbers.

    Team worst -29 in 68 games last season.

    VERY small sample size, but he's a (tied for) team worst -4 in 4 games.

    Another very small sample size, but out of curiosity, how was his plus minus last season in his 2 game call up? -4 in 2 GP.

  5. speeds says:

    SK's suggestion might make some sense though, give Chorney on reduced minutes on the 3rd pair at ES and play him a bit on the PP.

    Not sure that's a better idea than recalling someone else on D and using one of your many forwards as a 4th PP point option.

    Obviously they see something they really like in Chorney.

  6. bookie says:

    I think Quinn has had a chance to see Chorney, but has not had the chance to see Peckham. As a result, his request to Tambellini was Chorney.

    I suppose that if Tambellini had strong feelings to go with Peckham, he would do so, but probably sees Chorney as a close second option.

    The -29 looks bad as does the -4 this season. We are having some trouble on defence so I am not sure that we need someone else who gets goals banked in off of their shinpads.

  7. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Speeds, was thinking about the 4th forward as well on the PP.

    I guess they don't have Stoll's shot anymore, but anything would be better than Staios or Smid on the PP. They have the worst point shots on the team.

    Didn't Gags or Hemsky spend some time on the PP point last year?

    Or just leave Visnovski out for most of the 2:00 PP. I don't think he gets tired. He's been all over the ice the past 2 games.

  8. DBO says:

    some stuff i just looked at for the Falcons.
    – most penalized team in the AHl
    – Most scored against team in the ahl
    – 2nd highest scoring team in the ahl
    – worst starting goalie save percentage (Dubnyk is either playing terrible, or we just don't play defense)
    – almost the whole team is negative +/- except for Peckham in his 2 games (+1) and I think 1 more player.

    If you hide Chorney on the 3rd pairing, and you play him on the PP with lubo (Greb and gilbert on the other) he can be effective. One issue becomes who comes out? I assume Strudwick, however he has been more effective then Staios, and taking one of those two out makes our defense a lot softer without Souray, and means our PK will suffer even more. As much as i would like a top LW, i now believe we need a tough solid top 4 dman in the hamhuis mold.

  9. DBO says:

    And I begin to wonder who you take out of the lineup for pisani? can you take anyone out? or do you just send Nilsson down to the farm to clear cap space and rotate pisani in? Pisani is our top PK guy, and we need help there but Stone and Jacques (two players who you would consider removing) are bringing the grit Quinn wants. Stone, while not being a good skater, still makes 1 or 2 big hits a game and causes some havoc on the forecheck (O'Sullivan's goal a direct result from his hard checking). And not sure if people have noticed, but for the first time in years defenders going back to get the puck are now rushing their passes because they are worried about the forecheck. Funny how a few big hits at the start of the game makes a dman think.

  10. SK Oiler Fan says:

    I believe Stortini would come out for Pisani unless one of Stone's or JFJ's play drops off.

    Isn't Pou back before Pisani though?

  11. DBO says:

    Pou should be back first, but I doubt they put him in the lineup with how brule is playing. I think if they activate Pou they send him down to the farm for conditioning (i think they can do that for like 2 or 3 games) and delay the decision and cap hit.

  12. Dennis says:

    DBO: I have certainly noticed and I'm getting a kick out of watching a team with a little bit of size. I'd like to keep 22-32 in the top 12 and add one more big guy who can play and I think it would obviously benefit us.

    Regarding the Chorney call-up, I'd rather bring up a vet as the 7th guy and just keep 43 in the lineup. I know Strudwick can struggle but he is killing penalties and right now he's a better option than TC. So, in you believe that, why would you bring up a kid to sit in the pressbox? Why not keep him down there to play 15-20 min a night like they're doing with Plante and Motin?

    This move doesn't really make sense to me considering he's not a great defensive dman and he's not playing well enough to force the issue in his favour.

  13. Dennis says:

    There's no relief on a 78 cap hit because he wasn't put on the long term; like was 34 who now can't play until the Oilers play their 11th reg season game.

  14. DBO says:

    so no cap relief for pou. Well sinc ehe's counted i guess a conditioning stint won't hurt them, just delay a decision. As it satnds there is no one in the lineup i take out for Pou.

  15. PunjabiOil says:

    Can Souray be placed on the IR retroactively from the past Thursday, allowing him to play this upcoming Friday against Minnesota?

  16. Schitzo says:

    How many more games of Pat Quinn hockey do you think it will take before Tambellini gives in and waives SMac?

  17. Jonathan Willis says:

    No offence, but I think you've got the question wrong, LT.

    The real question is this:

    Does any NHL team serious about winning have Taylor Chorney in their lineup ten games or less into the season?

    I know my answer.

  18. bookie says:

    Can Souray be placed on the IR retroactively from the past Thursday, allowing him to play this upcoming Friday against Minnesota?

    I am pretty sure that this can be done.

    How many more games of Pat Quinn hockey do you think it will take before Tambellini gives in and waives SMac?

    Not long I think, as soon as there is the need for the space.

  19. devin says:

    … I doubt they put him in the lineup with how brule is playing.

    How's that? Skating cluelessly through the middle and giving the puck away to all takers, getting scored on, getting knocked around, being out of position constantly, etc? Brule skates hard and hits guys – great. He's positionally awful, and getting lit up by the scrubs — why is everyone in love with him all of a sudden?

  20. Schitzo says:

    why is everyone in love with him all of a sudden?

    BIG HITS!!!11!

  21. Coach pb9617 says:

    Pou should be back first, but I doubt they put him in the lineup with how brule is playing.

    Why would Brule playing terribly prevent Pouliot from being in the lineup?

  22. Scott Reynolds says:

    Chorney just isn't the best choice at this point. I'm in favour of making the call to bring up Taylor or Arsene and running with Strudwick. So far the coaching staff has shown no propensity for rolling with anything less than 6D at EV and I don't want to see Chorney out there for 12 minutes at EV. Like Jonathan said, you don't put Chorney in the lineup if you get one injury and expect to make the playoffs.

  23. spOILer says:

    Devin> perhaps because Quinn has complimented Brule's game a couple of time already this short season.

    As far as PP D goes…

    We already have had PaddyO play the point on D. With Vis, Grebs, Gibby and PaddyO as PP point options, I can't see any need to bring up Chorney, unless they're trying to protect the roster down in Springfield by leaving the stalwarts, Arsene and Taylor there.

    This move is probably just for a press box cup of coffee and bag of popcorn anyway, and Motin and Plante and Peckham (due to injury) need their playing time a lot more than the Falcon's 3rd pairing PP specialist.

    If that's the story, then I'm okay with it.

    Since there's no way to forecast concussion recoveries, if Souray is projected to be out longer than a game or two, that must have been a pretty severe concussion with bad swelling, or he also broke his nose or cracked a sinus bone or something.

  24. spOILer says:

    Not to mention, with the reduced minutes Lubo is getting thus far, he could easily be on the 1st and 2nd PP and not bat an eye.

  25. spOILer says:

    DBO, can we really get a tell on Dubnyk's save percentage while so many PPs are being given up?

    The AHL doesn't record PP shots, that I can find, and my feeling is that our evaluation of Dubnyk's ( & JDD's) AHL career is limited by the fact we don't know the EV save percentage.

    I have the Falcons already giving up 35 PPs in only 4 games.

  26. Schitzo says:

    9 PPs a game? Good lord, the captain's influence has gone further than we thought.

  27. GSC says:

    With Peckham hurt, yeah I think it's the best move.

    Arsene and Taylor are not NHL defencemen, and Motin is being brought along slowly (as he should be).

    Otherwise, Peckham would be the obvious choice.

  28. SK Oiler Fan says:

    In other good news: D. Sedin out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. Let's see how his Bro does now.

    Dumb and Dumber have been unbelievably durable though:
    Daniel: 14 games missed in 9 seasons
    Henrik: 10 games missed in 9 seasons

    I'm hoping Henrik will purposely break his opposite foot just so they ensure their stats don't get too far apart.

  29. pboy says:

    9 PPs a game? Good lord, the captain's influence has gone further than we thought.

    That's a good line.

    I can just picture theCaptainethanmoreau down in Springfield showing the young forwards how to hook and slash defenceman behind the oppositions net. Now make sure you do it as far away from your own net as possible and for if the ref is right beside you, that's even better…..

  30. jon k says:

    The guy is a disaster defensively which is apparent by eye and looking at his +/- relative to his peers this season and last.

    If he sees time in the NHL this season I suspect a very large proportion of his faceoff starts will be in the offensive zone. I think he also bumps Staios off the second PP unit, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The extra time Staios has seen as of late could be mitigated by cutting his PP time.

  31. Black Dog says:

    GSC – Arsene and Taylor aren't NHL defencemen but neither is Chorney.

    If he's the 7th man maybe its just to reward him for a nice camp.

    If he's playing its to juice the PP, I can see no other reason.

    Better to play Vis the full two minutes of a PP, start with Gilbert, then Grebs, have Gilbert and Smid come on for the first shift after the PP.
    And yes I can't believe I'm saying that. Ladi Smid!

    Most likely its just a reward for the kid though and they'll run with the six vets on the back end. In that case, who cares?

  32. jon k says:

    PJO: I believe they can assign players to IR retroactively.

  33. raventalon40 says:

    If by "is Chorney the best option" you mean is he the right guy to play Souray's position, then no. But he is a good callup to play with Smid or Strudwick.

    I'd say the best callup that wouldn't replace Souray's offensive contribution but somewhat cover his grittiness would probably be Taylor, who deserves to come up play a shut down role for a few weeks. I realize he may be needed in Springfield, but Edmonton's got loads of D on the farm whichever way you spin it so he can be replaced.

    I'd also be down with one of Plante or Wild, but only because I think they'd be slightly safer defensively than Chorney, but there's no doubt Chorney is just a step ahead offensively right now.

  34. Traktor says:

    Arsene would have to clear re-entry waivers. Peckham is injured.

    Talk about a no-brainer.

  35. gogliano says:

    I'm thinking along the lines of BDHS; it is a reward for the kid and they'll play Strudwick. I guess we'll see but I don't see why they'd play the guy over Strudwick if they cut him from camp to keep Strudwick.

    And as far as that goes I think showing kids they are in your long range plans is not a bad thing.

  36. St George says:

    Off Topic, and more anecdotal than analytic, but for those in the crowd that expect a 26-year-old Hemsky to put up a lot more points going forward than he has until now, here is a short article from the Hockey News about scoring and age.

  37. John says:

    Worse part of this is that Souray may, now, be out for awhile. Thought Smid played real solid last night. We definitely have a depth problem when we bring up a one dimensional offensive D man in Chorney

  38. Traktor says:

    Horcoff has 1 assist and is -3 in 4 games and we're fretting over 7th defenders. Good times.

  39. kris says:

    It's no big deal, IMO. Odds are management wants to give Chorney at least 2-3 games this year for development. They probably said to themselves, "Let's give Chorney a couple of games now while Peckham's still getting his legs under him. If we still need a D-man in a few games, we'll pull up Peckham after he's played a few more games in the AHL."

    Good move, IMO.

  40. Bar Qu says:

    Two ways to consider this:
    1)The call-up is an insurance thing and the team is going to run with 6 D and Strudwick with the call-up practising and not playing.

    2) the call-up is here to play.

    In scenario one you choose a guy who won't be missed and has the potential to improve by being around the NHL'ers. And won't get picked up on waivers.

    In scenario two you choose a guy who can actually play 7 D minutes effectively.

    I am hoping it is scenario one and Chorney is the guy. If it is scenario two then it needs to be Arsene or Taylor. No argument.

  41. Rick says:

    Motin looked really good in TC, that would be my choice, but whoever the call-up is he'll be pairing with Staios and/or Strudwick so he better be solid in his own end.

    Chorney seems to be the worst choice in that regard…

  42. GSC says:

    Black Dog,

    Oh I agree, it's definitely a reward of sorts for the young Chorney.

    I'm anxious to see what Smid can do when given more minutes and responsibilities, he's been solid thus far. He played 23+ mins vs. the Habs and was excellent, IMO.

    Really glad he wasn't sent to Ottawa, that's the kind of player that you don't trade…develop him, mold him into the defenceman he should be.

  43. Bookie says:

    Really glad he wasn't sent to Ottawa, that's the kind of player that you don't trade…develop him, mold him into the defenceman he should be.

    Heatley has 5 goals and 5 assists in 6 games and is +3. If that keeps up, I think we can forgive the Oilers management for their begging act.

  44. spOILer says:

    A word on the puck-moving Dman market, from Matheson's Hockey World:

    The Stars are definitely looking for a high-end puck-moving defenceman who can play the point on the power play, but they apparently won't trade winger James Neal or Loui Eriksson to get one. Fabian Brunnstrom could be had, however.

    LW 6'1", 202 lbs, 55gp 17-12-29, -8

    If the Oil were interested, I'm not sure that's the guy they'd be asking for.

  45. Woodguy says:

    but they apparently won't trade winger James Neal or Loui Eriksson to get one.

    Then they won't get a very good one.

    I would still do Vis for Neal, and I'm a huge Vis fan.

    Neal might as well be called Neely. This kid is special.

  46. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Just a little thing i did a while ago.

    Hope he comes back in the lineup someday D=

  47. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Neil and Erickson are on beauty contracts as well.

    Brunstrum stock has been in a steady decline since day 1.

    and at 2.225M that makes his value even less.

    That Jamie Benn looks to be a player though. Big left winger who skates well and hits. Good hands from the limited time I saw him.

    Ott, Niskanen, and Morrow are the only other desireables.

  48. Dennis says:

    Heatley might not be a bad guy but at the very least he's a tremendous tool.

    I was all for the trade but the biggest reason why I'm pissed with him is that guys like him are why the public will always side with ownership when players and MGMT go to battle.

    He wanted a no-movement clause and then he picks where he'll go once he decides he wants to waive it.

    So, basically, he asks for security and gets it and then he wants freedom. Of course, he gets that as well and he gets to pick his locale.

    I don't think anyone can agree with what he did and I'm surprised the guy isn't universally loathed.

  49. Schitzo says:

    So, basically, he asks for security and gets it and then he wants freedom. Of course, he gets that as well and he gets to pick his locale.

    To play devil's advocate, isn't picking your own locale the very definition of security?

  50. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Dennis: Semin didn't wanted to play in Washington unless the contract was in his conditions. Washington sulked him for a bit, then they offered what he wanted.

    Talent always win.

  51. spOILer says:

    Grand Ole Opry up tomorrow night. Will be a good test for the Oil–they'll play it tight; should be a trapping counter-attack. Oil have to continue to hit, create havoc in the slot, drive the net, not play Chorney, and hope the PP hits at least one.

  52. Guy Flaming says:

    PS: Millard got and wrote that tidbit at Coming Down the Pipe, not me.

    Just giving credit where its due.

  53. knighttown says:

    I've been calling for an Oilers/Stars swap for awhile. Both teams have what the other wants in spades. Big, talented wingers? Ott, Morrow, Neal, Benn. Smooth puck movers to replace Zubov? Visnovsky, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Chorney.

    Obviously there are levels there but it seems like there are some 1-for-1's that make both team better.

  54. Hockey Noob says:

    Score one point for LT for making this prediction:

    Lowetide said, "Peckham is ahead of him in this way but after that Chorney's next up and his skill set is unique enough that he could get the call earlier than we think based on who gets hurt."

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