Arsene and Heard!

This is Dean Arsene. The 29-year old AHL veteran becomes an NHL rookie today in true Jose “Coco” Laboy fashion.

We talked about Arsene as a possible option here during the summer. He might be the next Bobby Allen but he could be the next Scott Ferguson. Arsene has over 400 games of pro experience (over 500 if you include playoffs) and tomorrow is his “Don Cherry” moment.

I’m not certain who he’ll be replacing along the blue (Chorney is ailing, Souray may or may not play and Grebeshkov is gone for awhile) and there’s always a chance he’ll be recalled without making it into the lineup.

Which would be a shame.

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55 Responses to "Arsene and Heard!"

  1. bookie says:

    I hope he gets to play – these guys who play for a decade in the AHL deserve the chance to say to their kids and grandkids that they got to play a game in the NHL.

    Sometimes I think about how some guys who are boarderline NHLers get to play 300 games in the big leagues as 'role players' while others, who are just on the edge and maybe equally as good, spend 10-15 years in the minors without the chance.

    Perhaps Strudwick and Arsene are examples (I am sure that there are better examples)

  2. Kevin Lowe's Combover says:

    If Arsene can play solid in a bottom pairing role, that bodes very well to help stop the bleeding this team is experiencing.

  3. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Why the hell not, the ''Jay Leach Experience'' in Montreal is going fine.

    The guy's just dandy.

  4. The other John says:

    If he can replicate what Scott Ferguson did for us that will be a HUGE bonus

  5. Matt N says:

    Just curious. Why him instead of Peckham? Theo didn't look great on his previous stint. Is this bad news for him?

  6. Lowetide says:

    Matt: Probably in the short term. Oilers likely feel he needs more seasoning and that the injury had an impact on his effectiveness when he was in EDM.

    Also, Quinn didn't see him in camp so that might impact him this year.

    Long term? Injuries are always a concern, but failing that he has a lot of nice things PLUS the Oilers don't have many Theo Peckham's.

  7. Vic Ferrari says:

    Good stuff, Lain. Scott's post today also nails my feeling on the subject, as does bookie's comment.

    I saw some AHL games during the lockout year, and the thing that surprised me the most was how all the best defenders were mid/late 20s guys. All the famous 20-21ish high draft picks that had NHL experience under their belt … you expected them to be the best defencemen in the league, they were rarely even one of the best two or three on thei teams.

    Mrozik and Smith were hands down the RoadRunners Dmen. Not the Smith that was a prospect (he was bloody awful), the other one.

    When Smid was playing top four D inutes for the Oilers in his rookie year, I was sure that there were about 40 Dmen in the AHL that were better players at that moment. Probably as many again in Europe. And it's hard to believe that these guys don't know it too.

    Nice to see a guy like Arsene get a shot.

    BTW: If I was in the shoes of one of these good veteran AHL defencemen … I'd drop out of site, grow a beard, get a deep tan, practice an Uzbekistani accent, falsify some documents and reappear on the AHL scene as a 19 year old walk-on at training camp.

    Before NHL teams realized they had bee Dunnigan'd, I'd have a lot of cheques in the bank.

  8. Ribs says:

    Is it me, or does this guys mug on the Oilers page look an awful lot like a young MacTavish, sans fro-do?

    These are always good stories and I hope he plays as well.

    It appears that Kovalchuk will be out tomorrow. I was kind of hoping to see another Comrie battle when this game came around. Oh well. It wouldn't be the same without MacT anyway.

    A Pay Per View game at noon on a Sunday? For real?

    Which Eskimos team are we going to see today? I hope the good one shows up….Or Calgary's quarterbacks all injure themselves in the shower or something.

  9. kinger says:

    I thought he looked good during TC. Hopefully he plays the same simple game during his call up.

  10. bookie says:

    I think that there should be a rule negotiated into the next CBA. AHL players MUST get 1 NHL game (minimum of 4 minutes ice time) for every 240 AHL games played.

  11. Ribs says:

    ..Just realising the Eskies game is tommorow an Oilers/Esks afternoon it is then.

  12. PunjabiOil says:

    Not sure if it was updated, but MPS had an assist today.

  13. Lowetide says:

    PJ: Thanks for that. I checked the gamescore earlier and he had no points, they must have changed it.

  14. PunjabiOil says:

    A good breakdown of Eberle's production

  15. Lowetide says:

    Interesting. I'd say there just so much there that we're looking at a better player than Schremp. That's a ton of offense, and unless I'm terribly wrong Eberle's teammates aren't at the level of that London club.

  16. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Might be hard to believe but: The only guy worst than

    thecaptainethanmoreau in relative Corsi is…

    Fernando Pisani


  17. Lowetide says:

    Well remember there were whispers when the team got near cut down day that Fernando might not make the big club.

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    LT: There's Jordan Weal, flirting with 28 points in 22 games as a 17 year old kid. Not much after that though, I agree.

    19 of his 35 points have come on the powerplay – about 55%, close to where Gagner was in his draft year. He's averaging close to 1 ES point per game, so there's definitely things to like. It just would have been more convincing had he had taken a larger step forward as an 18 year old (though you could argue his 9 points in 9 AHL games were indicative of such).

    Finding a comparable is a bit difficult. He's a goal scorer, but you wonder if that will dry up at the NHL level given his skating is average. Comparable thoughts?

  19. PunjabiOil says:

    The comparable I initially thought of was Joffrey Zoolander.

    Both big scorers in junior (Lupul had 56G in 72, and 41G in 50 in Lethbridge), average skaters, both with a reputation of being floaters. Joffrey has size, but has never used it to his advantage.

    Interestingly enough, Joffrey has yet to score 30 goals at the NHL level.

  20. Bruce says:

    Mrozik and Smith were hands down the RoadRunners Dmen. Not the Smith that was a prospect (he was bloody awful), the other one.

    Vic: That would have been Dan Smith. And you are spot on, those were the two best Roadrunners d-men by 1.61 kilometres.

    If Arsene delivers a similar performance as Allan Rourke did two seasons ago, that would be just fine. Rourke wasn't quite a "first NHL game" type of AHL vet, but he was definitely typecast as a minor-league vet by that point. All he did in 13 games was pretty much nothing (0-0-0, -1). 11 minutes per game of low-event hockey.

  21. Lowetide says:

    The big seasons for these kids imo is 17-year old (before draft)and then 18-year old (year after).

    At 19, even if they dominate it's no big thing–they're supposed to do it. I like Eberle, but have always felt a guy like Nash has a chance to be a more complete talent.

    Eberle's problem is that the Oilers have so many small forwards he'll have to wait until they cull the herd, and since the Oilers management group doesn't like to make trades it'll be tough.

  22. Vic Ferrari says:


    Dan Smith, that's right. The other Smith came from Harvard I think.

    The game I remember most from that season was vs Cincy. Crazy game (Dan Smith didn't play iirc, Ward cycled Woywitka and their other hot D prsopect (guy with a bad wrist, Levin maybe?) with Mrozik. And always when the situation was bad.

    Mostly I was looking for Chistov (most of HFboards had already agreed to trade Horcoff, Pisani + picks for the guy) … he was beyond awful. And Lupul, who was invisible, but somehow managed to get a couple of terrific chances. The only times I noted his number.

    Penner was a beast though, they just couldn't stop him off the wall. Unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it. It's like that one giant bastard in Juvenile hockey that is bigger than everyone's dad and has a five o'clock shadow by noon. Meanwhile everyone else in juvy looks just about like me … it's like trying to stop a bus.

    I looked at his numbers when I got home, on, and they were crap … I'm a results guy, I wrote him off.

    And Torre was flat out too good for that league when he tried. He spent ost of his time floating around like regular-season-Messier in the 80s, complete with sporadic violence. But when he decided to play … damn!

    Mostly I remember that game because I've never seen a passive 2-1-2 like that. The an in the middle just read the Dman's eyes coming out. I don't think that would work at the NHL level, even a guy like Staios passes somewhere other than he's looking 80% of the time, and the remaining 20% is just held in their to keep them honest.

    Still, at junior levels that would kick ass. Not fun to watch, but it would work I think.

  23. Lowetide says:

    The Harvard kid was Kenny Smith, and the really good prospect was Doug Lynch. He's still hanging around somewhere but that wrist injury (incorrectly diagnosed) cost him an NHL career. He was in the AHL all-star game at 20.

  24. Vic Ferrari says:

    Lynch, of course, how could I forget. Dennis has seen him good when the dogs visited NF. We all had high hopes. Injuries can really derail a career though. A shame for him. Ward was using all of Stoll, Mrozik and Petersen ahead of him for PP work though, so he was done by the lockout year.

    Just checked on (what a blessing that site is) and the Cincy coach that year was Brad Shaw. Looks like Andy Murray hired him for his first NHL work right after the lockout.

    Jevus, that Andy Murray coaches a boring game. No wonder he hired that guy. WTH, so long as they don't put Andy in charge of Christmas or the Oilers I couldn't care less.

  25. Tyler says:

    The Harvard kid was Kenny Smith, and the really good prospect was Doug Lynch. He's still hanging around somewhere but that wrist injury (incorrectly diagnosed) cost him an NHL career. He was in the AHL all-star game at 20.

    Lynch is playing in Vienna now. I was going to get an update on his progress while I was over there but they were off until the 15th, unfortunately.

  26. Hockey Noob says:

    LT said:

    Eberle's problem is that the Oilers have so many small forwards he'll have to wait until they cull the herd, and since the Oilers management group doesn't like to make trades it'll be tough.

    LT, you've got a way with words… I almost pissed myself after reading that…

  27. PunjabiOil says:

    Doug Lynch has been playing for the past few years in Austria.

    He did some nice things, but that wrist injury completely dried up his offense. Of course it's all speculation as to whether the injury was the sole reason he didn't have an NHL career, but I'd agree it was certainly a factor.

    There was another guy the HF Crowd was high on – Roman Tesliuk selected in the 2nd round in 2004. The Oilers didn't offer him a contract, and who knows what mischief he's up to these days.

    A forward everyone was high on was Dragan Umicevik. Quotes from Prendergast like ones found in this article likely contributed.

    But yeah, back to Eberle – I agree with LT. The more important seasons are the 17 and 18 year old seasons. Eberle didn't impress me much at the World Juniors either despite the point production, but perhaps his AHL production (limited sample size – but a PPG) as a just nearly turned 19 year old may be indicative of potential.

    As for Nash, he's got 6 points (all assists) in 4 games. I still think he made the wrong decision to not turn pro this year. In any event, what I fear is that he'll be another Pouliot. Does good things every now and the, and once in a while shows a good offensive output, but over the long run the point production dries up. Just 12 and 13 goals in the past 2 years, and I suspect he won't amount to much in the NHL other than a 4th line C.

    Pacioretty, Blum, and Perron were all available at 21. Makes you wonder whether it was the right choice in giving up that much (30 and 36) to select an off-board pick.

  28. hunter1909 says:

    Speaking of busts, what's Pouliot doing?

    Serving coffee and cakes to Mister Lowe at his Rocky Mountain House secret getaway?

  29. PunjabiOil says:

    Speaking of busts, what's Pouliot doing?

    He's now a low-life chaiwalla in Mumbai.

  30. Lowetide says:

    Ahem. His mother and I still have a light on.

  31. Gerta Rauss says:

    Quinn off day

    "we're still trying to become a hockey team,we're not there yet"

    Souray/Arsene is up to the medical staff

  32. hunter1909 says:

    Quinn reminds me of a hard nosed but fair army officer recently sent to help stabilise the Christmas defence of Stalingrad.

  33. Gerta Rauss says:

    Sweet Enola Gay son,what is your major malfunction


  34. Lowetide says:


  35. Gerta Rauss says:

    so who plays him in the movie Hunter…Lee Marvin or George Kennedy?

  36. hunter1909 says:

    Gerta: Great question.

    Let's go with Lee Marvin.

  37. Lowetide says:

    What about Charles Bronson?

  38. hunter1909 says:

    Bronson's already signed up to play:


  39. hunter1909 says:

    You can only blame yourselves for getting me started:

    Robert Nilsson – played by Bruno.

  40. Lowetide says:

    James Garner? Sam Gagner.

  41. Gerta Rauss says:

    Buchburger's played by Telly Savalas.

  42. Lowetide says:

    Trini Lopez is Tom Gilbert, no question.

  43. Gerta Rauss says:

    Canucks up 3 nil early in the first.

    A little air coming out of the Colorado balloon perhaps…

  44. PunjabiOil says:

    How did Robert Nilsson go from 21 points (42 games) as a 17 year old in the SEL to 6 pts (in 34 games) and 6 points (in 23 games) subsequently?

  45. Lowetide says:

    PJ: One of the first posts I did on this blog (after the crash) concerned that season. I think these kids mature at different points and that season Nilsson was pretty much what he is now and all the kids his age have caught up and passed him.

    Life is a bitch.

  46. The other John says:

    Have absolutely no doubt that I am gonna get roasted for this …..and may, with the passage of time live to regret (hugely)reducing this comment to writing.

    But I seriously question if Eberle is ever going to make it as a productive NHL scorer. Too small, too slow, undersized and lacks grit. I suspect he may make it is a Mike Comrie type scorer….ok against bad teams and more than adequate against another teams 3rd and 4th lines…. but a borderline NHL top 6 scorer

    Course in fairness I also said after Mike Bossy scored 53 as a rookie, I told all my friends "he was never gonna do that again" …he did 8 more consecutive times

    For a wee bit of a whoops!!!

  47. PunjabiOil says:

    On the flip side, Eberle showed some nice things in pre-season this past year.

    At even-strength

    Eberle could be the classic boom/bust player. He appears to be committed towards improving his game, and was not hesitant in acknowledging his mistakes ("I didn't bulk up as much as I would have liked in the summer").

    He's no Robbie Schremp, and I suspect he'll adapt and attempt to improve the weaknesses in his game.

  48. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Height 6.01 — Weight 214 — Shoots L

    Rostislav Olesz

    Second highest Corsi among the Panthers.

    Terrible teamates.

    Might interest somebody =)?

  49. Bruce says:

    Olesz is a one-man injury bug.

  50. Rube Foster says:

    Hey, sorry that I'm late to the game but how about Warren Oates as Shawn Horcoff?

  51. FlamingPavelBure says:

    ''Hey, sorry that I'm late to the game but how about Warren Oates as Shawn Horcoff?''

    I'd go with Bill Cosby instead, same noses.

  52. Bar Qu says:

    'Nucks up 6-2 at the end of the game. Whoops, make that 7-2 and I think the end of the Av's magical run has come.

  53. bookie says:

    Hey, I haven't been through all of the postings, but what about Gene Wilder for Katz?

  54. Lowetide says:

    I was thinking Cloris Leachman for Laforge.

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