Pouliot Sighting

Despite giving us many reasons to give up on him, Marc Pouliot remains a popular figure for many Oilers fans. Despite injury piled upon injury we refuse to believe he’ll fall this short of success.

Despite the fact some of us have read about the long term impact of mononucleoisis (including fatigue) and even more of us have been bothering Mr. Google about a “pubis whatever” to the point where that search gives you 504,000 results he remains a person of importance in this little corner of Al Gore’s world.

MP is getting closer to playing his first (!!!) game of the season. He said “I’ve been practicing with the team, I might get a couple of games down (in Springfield). I’m feeling really good right now.”

“I’m going to start playing when I’m really ready to play, not going to push. There’s no need for this. Because we tried this in the past (note: and went the wrong way). I’m going to probably have a chat with the coach and GM about what’s going on with me in the future. It’s been 4 months and zero games so far. When I re-start playing I want to play until the end of the season, I don’t want to go back to the injuries, so I’m not going to push any step but so far it’s going really well.”

Based on his storied medical past, I’d say that this is an intelligent route for the young (he’s 24) forward.

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