Olympics 2010: G1-Canada vs. Norway

This is Team Canada, 1952. Oslo, Norway. The story of that Olympics is here, courtesy Joe Pelletier. After you’ve read about the Mercurys maybe zip through some of the other pages on his site. Amazing stuff.

According to hockey-reference.com Norway has produced 5 major league hockey players: Espen Knutsen, Ole-Kristian Tollefson, Patrick Thoresen, Anders Myrvold and Bjorn Skaare. All but Myrvold were from Oslo, and all played in the NHL in the oughts save for Skaare.

Canada has produced over 4,500 NHL players over the years (5 from the NW Territories alone) and this wouldn’t have been a fair fight in any era. Either way, you’ve got to win the games they ask you to play and Canada should win this one easily.

As for the overall competition, I’m clearly pulling for Canada to win the Gold medal and would like to see Finland win something. The Americans will need a hot goalie, the Swedes have balance and elite level talent, the Russians are frightening and the Czechs are an unknown which seems to be the way they like to play it dating back decades.

It begins today. Go Canada!

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