Giroux Signing and the Minor Leagues

This is Cornelius Madigan. They called him Connie. Or Mad Dog. Or probably any number of names that you really shouldn’t repeat in mixed company.

Connie Madigan is (officially) the oldest rookie ever to play in the NHL. The league changed the rules 30 years ago to make sure those damn Europeans didn’t win the Calder trophy (I blame Hitler, or at least Chamberlain), so Connie is safe from evildoers like Helmut Balderis (that rat bastard. He cleverly got himself born in a communist country that wouldn’t release him to play in the NHL until age 37. Fricking Russians, they’re so clever.). Even then, Cornelius would hold the record, being that he was 38 years old at the start of the 1972-73 season when St. Louis sent him out onto NHL ice for the first time.

Every time I see Slap Shot! (once a year or you’re not Canadian–Madigan was Ross “Mad Dog” Madison in the movie) I think of two things: Connie Madigan’s bus rides during most of 20 years in the minors; and that Nancy Dowd should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

I don’t honestly know what to make of the Alexandre Giroux signing. We’ve talked about this player before but always in the context of the minor leagues. If we’re going to remain true to math (our Overlord) then we have to acknowledge Giroux’s last two minor league seasons (when run through Desjardins) imply a 20+ goal scorer at the NHL level.

So when we’re discussing the LW depth chart, Giroux has to be in the mix. The question is where?

  1. Dustin Penner
  2. Taylor Hall
  3. Ryan Jones
  4. Alexandre Giroux
  5. Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson
  6. Linus Omark
  7. Steve MacIntyre
  8. JF Jacques
  9. Liam Reddox

Is that about right? We know MacIntrye is 14F, so he makes the club along with the top 4LW. So Giroux becomes MPS’s competition in camp. Should the kid lose the battle, he would be sent to either the AHL or back to the SEL in Sweden. The Oilers could push back Paarjavi’s entry level contract by one year; considering the fact that Hall’s clock will start clicking in the fall that makes some sense.

What say you? Is that a reasonable outcome (should Giroux earn the job)? At the very least, this was a very interesting signing.

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