Tell Me He’s Not the Only One

Rumor has it that the Oilers will soon hire Pelle Eklund as a European scout. My hope is that he’s one of several hires, as the Oilers under Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor have been going to the Euro well more often than in past seasons (especially in the earlier rounds).

Xtreme Hockey had a look at Eklund’s track record (such as it is) and came to the conclusion that there’s not much there. It really is difficult to lay credit or blame at the hands of one scout on a team of them.

Eklund looks like the new Nilsson in terms of the scouting staff. I’m hoping they add a new Musil and perhaps some anonymous fisherman from the back lakes of Sweden who sends us telegrams about the new Lidstroms and Zetterberg’s.

Yeah. Find that guy.

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