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Steve MacIntyre has a friend in Tom Renney. While behind the Rangers bench, Renney employed end-of-the-roster fighters/coke machines/goons who routinely averaged less than 6 minutes a game. In 06-07, Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg were regulars and fought 16 and 15 times respectively.

In 2006-07 alone, Tom Renney devoted 642 minutes to Hollweg (8:42 a night) and 282 to Colton Orr (5 minutes a night). I can see Stortini, Jacques and MacIntyre filling these roles on the Oilers in 2010-11.

It is important to remember that these men dressed for a lot of games. Hollweg was an everyday player (78 games) and Orr played a lot too (53 games).

MacIntyre isn’t out there to crack jokes and be a gentle giant, he’s out there for intimidation purposes. It isn’t the type of hockey I enjoy, but then again having to watch Ales Hemsky get ripped apart and injured often isn’t much fun either. Steve MacIntyre is here to fill a role, and he can fill it.

•Boxcars: 22gp, 0-1-1
•Shots: 3
•Plus Minus: -3
•Corsi (Rel): -16.7 (18/20 FLA F’s)
•GF/GA ON: 1-4
•5×5/60: 0.95 (14/20 FLA F’s)
•5×4/60: nil
•Quality of Competition: worst possible
•Quality of Teammates: worst possible
•Cap Hit: $500,000

  1. What do these numbers tell us? Steve MacIntyre is employed as a deterrent and as a fighter. He is a big mountain (6.05, 250) and fact is he has been effective in the role. MacIntyre is 30 years old and has 2 NHL seasons experience, but that isn’t unusual for this player type. Fighters/enforcers often take the long way to the NHL.
  2. How can these numbers be better? They can’t. I mean, the more he plays in the NHL the better the chance he’ll score another goal (he has 2, both in Edmonton) but it isn’t fair to dissect these numbers as we would with a skilled forward.
  3. Can he be Colton Orr? I don’t think so. Orr skates a regular shift and in 82 games last season his relCorsi was -23.1. Awful? Yes. Team worst? Yes. But I think MacIntyre’s number over an entire season of regular shifts (563 minutes for Orr) would be far worse.
  4. Will he play with the skilled kids? He’ll be on the ice from time to time when the need arises, but I don’t think there’s a logical way to place him on a productive line (either by producing offense or stifling it).
  5. So you don’t think he’ll play much. He’ll dress in a lot of games, but no I don’t think MacIntyre gets 6 minutes a night.
  6. So Renney won’t roll 4 lines over and over? He didn’t do that in New York and I don’t think he’ll do it here. I think he’ll run a 4th line with Stortini and MacIntyre many nights, and the center should also be able to penalty kill (Fraser, O’Marra). Meaning he’ll likely have to run a designated checking line (Horcoff-someone-Fraser) or play the Horcoff-Penner-Hemsky line straight up against the toughs and then hope Gagner can handle the second best troops. All of this is miles from MacIntyre.
  7. Are you pleased he’s on the roster? Hmmm. No. My hope is that the Oilers can find a tough option who can play the game in regular shifts. When I was a kid, John Ferguson played the MacIntyre role (John Ferguson was filthy, and he could fight) and if the Oilers could find a man like that I’d be very happy. Failing that, and without a Dave Brown on the roster, I think MacIntyre will have his uses and the coach clearly believes he is necessary.
Prediction for 2010-11: 36gp, 0-2-2
Oilers have their fighter

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