Oilers send down Belle, O’Marra

This is Teemu Hartikainen. Just three short months into his entry level contract we can begin to reasonably discuss him as a possible callup.

The kid has game.

There’s a window opportunity here (imo) for an OKC Barons forward to get a recall from the big club. Last night, the Oilers sent down Shawn Belle and Ryan O’Marra. Why? The defender was sent down because Jim Vandermeer is ready so he’ll play this week for Edmonton.

Up front, things are in a state of flux. With Jordan Eberle likely headed to IR, and O’Marra sent to the AHL something is likely to give this week. Let’s count up the forwards:

  1. Gagner
  2. Hall
  3. Jones
  4. Cogliano
  5. Penner
  6. Hemsky
  7. Brule
  8. Pääjärvi
  9. Fraser
  10. Jacques
  11. Stortini
  12. MacIntyre
  13. Eberle (likely to IR)
  14. O’Marra (sent to OKC)

Is this correct? I think it is. So, unless the Oilers plan to run with 12 forwards this week (and that means playing Steve MacIntyre against Detroit) they will need to make a move.

I mentioned in my ON post today that Colin McDonald and Teemu Hartikainen were having some nice runs here over the last three weeks. Since we’re probably looking at a callup (unless they’re going to make a trade), it might be an idea to list the scoring leaders (among forwards) in the AHL since December 1. The top of the list features some of the hottest scorers in the minors:

  1. Alex Giroux 13gp, 7-8-15 E
  2. Brad Moran 13gp, 3-8-11 +1
  3. Colin McDonald 13gp, 7-3-10 +1
  4. Liam Reddox 13gp, 4-6-10 +3
  5. Teemu Hartikainen 13gp, 3-5-8 +2
  6. Linus Omark 4gp, 2-2-4 +1

Omark is unlikely to be recalled so soon after being sent away, but he’s the best offensive player on the team so I’ve listed him. I expect AHL veterans Giroux and Moran will be in the discussion and that the team could recall one of them. I also think that it is reasonable to suggest the Edmonton Oilers will contemplate recalling one of Colin McDonald, Liam Reddox and Teemu Hartikainen. The Oilers sent away a center, but Renney’s PC today suggested the club might try Brule there (meaning the C’s would be Gagner, Cogliano, Brule and Fraser). So, we’re looking at the following wing sets:

  • Hall-Jones
  • Penner-Hemsky
  • Jacques-Pääjärvi
  • MacIntyre-Stortini

I believe they’ll add a winger. And it is reasonable to suggest Ginger, the Finn and Ultimate Longshot are in the conversation.

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