Trade Deadline

Lots of attractive items for everybody on the rumor wire today. Laddy to Chicago, LAK apparently offering Schenn in a deal (but probably not to EDM) and the hits just keep on coming.

A perfect trade deadline (for me) would look like this:


Ales Hemsky: Braydon Schenn is a helluva prospect, but the Oilers have the #1 overall pick this summer to address the future. A line with Hemsky on it in 2011-12 gives the Oilers a better chance to compete for a playoff spot, and a signed Hemsky sends a strong message to the kids: we keep those who perform.

Dustin Penner: I’ve been somewhat surprised by the gap between the value we as Oilers fans place on DP and the type of return being discussed for him. A team shopping for one or the other (Hemsky or Penner) is more likely to get a bargain by asking for #27. 


  • Ladislav Smid: Available partly because there are so few teams (and therefore defensemen) out of the playoff race, if the return is strong enough ST should pull the trigger. It would be nice to get an NHL ready defenseman in return.
  • Andrew Cogliano: A cynical person might suggest Cogliano’s handling this year (best linemates available) is a pump and dump. Toronto has long been rumored to have an interest.
  • Ryan Jones: For some reason he’s the guy many believe should be retained. Probably because the Oilers don’t have many wingers with decent size and skill and any idea about checking. However, if the club is serious about contending next season then Jones role will be played by a Pisani-type and this player will be fighting with kids for time on skill lines. If they can get value–like a third round pick–then I think they should make the deal.
  • Kurtis Foster: Talk about having a week that gets noticed. He was ripping the puck all over hell’s half acre again, but this time he scored a couple and maimed the captain. Defensemen are at a premium and Foster is a player Edmonton could afford to move along based on his performance this year.
  • Jim Vandermeer: He’ll get some interest, these guys always do. Vandermeer is a veteran defender who could play EV and PK minutes for a team with injury troubles. I’ll tell you this: Buffalo would have been thrilled to dress Vandermeer in the deciding game against Carolina in spring 2006.
  • Martin Gerber: Inexpensive and he performed well this season in North America. Seriously.

One final thing: I think Hemsky and Penner are gone. I know that they may not go at the deadline, but this has become so public that it’s hard to marry the management’s body language to signing either guy long term. Damn shame. And a mistake, unless they get mondo return. MONDO.

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