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From the group of kids still here from the mid ’00s, Andrew Cogliano is the red-headed stepchild. Overpaying on contracts is all the rage, but they bring out the guards from Shawshank when it comes to #13. He fixed them today. Filed for arbitration.
This always works out well for Oiler players. Always. Every time. Well, they usually come to a deal before the hearing (this isn’t the Sather era, after all) but it looks for all the world like Cogliano is on the outside looking in. Will he be here in October?
A guess at the depth chart (sans RNH and Lander) would have it Horcoff, Gagner, Belanger, Cogliano. They could go that route all season, or try RNH for 9 games with Lander, VandeVelde or someone like House in the mix.
The young man is not in a good situation at this time.

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