Signing Hannan

I sometimes have a hard time letting things go. When I was in the Edmonton Roto League my obsession with pitching ruined many a picnic or sunny day. I’d be sitting there, watching my children play and the beautiful surroundings, thinking how great life has been for me.

And then Darren (“honey, he got lit up like a Christmas tree!”) Holmes latest outing or Darren Driefort’s latest injury or Chris Hammond in Denver would enter my mind and I’d be in a foul mood for hours. I left the ERL for that reason. Well, that and I don’t play well with others (I apparently liked to change the rules).

Lately, I’ve been thinking too much about the Oilers blue. I can’t make Barker, Sutton> Foster, Vandermerr, Strudwick–and that’s saying something! I think the Oilers cashed three veteran underachievers for a question mark and a third pairing enforcer. Either they’re banking on a healthy Whitney and big steps forward for Peckham, Smid and Petry, or there’s another bullet in the chamber.

Via free agency, Scott Hannan is still available. He’s a veteran, would probably require an overpay and perhaps a longer term. It doesn’t make sense for the Oilers to tie up huge dollars on a stay-at-home type, certainly not long term.

However, is anyone else tempted? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to have one more defenseman?

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