Lennart Petrell popped three goals in his SM-Liiga debut for 12-13. After watching him score 4 goals in 60 NHL games, that might seem unusual, but he’s done some damage in Finland before.

Petrell scored as many as 19 goals in an SM-Liiga season and is off to a fine start this year. The league leaders have 4, and that group includes Aleksander Barkov, a name we’ll be hearing a lot this winter.

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12 Responses to "PETRELL MAGIC!"

  1. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:

    I imagine playing nearly a full NHL season could do wonders for any player’s offensive capabilities. The SM-Liiga could well feel very easy now in comparison even to someone like Petrell. Not saying he’d be a scoring star there, but far more capable now he’s experienced real high end ability.

    LT: just watched that Bandy video – that looks AMAZING! That set play (assuming you were talking about the one at the 2 minute mark) was more field hockey than soccer, and the sport (at least by watching that video) definitely reminds me of field hockey-on-ice.

    As a related-aside, is men’s field hockey played at all in Canada? I have no shame in saying I’m a field hockey player – as mentioned many times before I’m in and from the UK and it’s really big here and all over Europe, but I get the feeling if I ever came to Canada I could well be laughed at for that!

  2. striatic says:

    didn’t he score those 4 NHL goals in a clump after Lander was sent down to OKC, the implication at the time being that maybe he did have *some* offensive potential but was being held back a little by deployment?

  3. godot10 says:

    I don’t think Renney is coaching in Finland. Hence, Petrell, a role player returns to form, rather than underperforms.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Chris: Field hockey exists in Canada, but the problem is that there’s a very short season for it.

  5. Chris Hext---formerly EasyOil--- says:


    I’d never ever actually thought about it that way before. I mean I knew that Canada had field hockey, but that it would never be very big because of ice hockey. But I hadn’t actually considered that your Winters are too cold and snowy to play, and your Summers are too short. Here it’s primarily a winter sport but there are summer leagues aswell, thanks to our (frankly dull) temperate climate in the UK.

    I’m looking at coming over to Canada, hopefully to Alberta, within the next couple of years on a working holiday, so that’s why I was wondering if there are actually many local men’s field hockey clubs.

  6. AussieJoe says:

    Hi LT, first time caller long time listener here.

    I’m an expat Etowner living in Sydney, Aus. I discovered bandy (or floorball as us canucks like to call it) about 10 years ago and have been playing it every tuesday night since. Bunch of mates, show up when you can, chuck your sticks in the middle and away we go for 2 hrs of hard up and back. The Euros play the outside finesse passing game, the Canadians go hard to the net with elbows up…so not much different from the real version of hockey 🙂

    Anyway, it’s great fun, good for the ticker and we go for “grog and snags” afterwards (that’s beer and bbq sausages). Our group includes fans from just about every Canadian team so it makes for great conversation. The last few years have been tough for me but I am quietly confident of course – and any chance to berate the Leaf faithful is seized upon. I had to share your great expansion series with them just to rub a bit more salt.

    Re: your bucket list, I agree with you on reliving the 87 SCF. I was in the house for G7 and nearly took the poor woman’s head off sitting next to me when I broker my clapper with 2:24 to go. Good times!

  7. Woodguy says:

    Its Mental.

  8. Chunklets says:

    Chris Hext—formerly EasyOil—,

    There is an Edmonton Field Hockey Association – their website is here:

    From a very quick look at their page, it would seem that there are only a couple of clubs. However, the sport is played on the wide-open prairie! 🙂

  9. delooper says:

    When I lived in Edmonton, the only people I saw playing field hockey were girls.

  10. DSF says:

    When I lived in Edmonton, the only people I saw playing field hockey were girls.

    Pervert 🙂

  11. delooper says:

    I thought that was hetero-normal?? So confusing knowing what’s appropriate and what’s not.

  12. Giant Squid Overlord says:

    An Aussie I knew was traveling through Europe one summer back in the 90s and met a guy in a bar. When asked what he does, the guy replied that he plays hockey. The Aussie laughed at him thinking the guy was BSing him and replied that only girls play hockey ( as hockey in Oz is field hockey and predominantly played by females). The guy replied that he plays ice hockey and makes a decent living at it. They got along royally and agreed to meet up back at the bar the next night. When they met the guy gave him 2 sweaters: a national Czeck Rep and a NHL (I can’t remember which team), both with the name Hasek on the back.

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