Once training camps start there’ll be little time for fringe players and hangers-on to show their stuff. Logic tells us Nail the Great makes the team, and Justin the Terrible is the same slam dunk.

What about other junior age and AHL players? Any of those players get a look?

I imagine there are all kinds of situations that will arise once this thing gets rolling. Goalies might be so rusty that teams will have to carry an AHL G for the first two weeks until Nikolai’s joints get loose. And we have no idea how close to ready DD will be, although with the size of that contract he signed it shouldn’t be an issue.

What about blue? Ryan Whitney is always the first question, but you’ve got Nick Schultz, Andy Sutton, Corey Potter, Theo Peckham and Jeff Petry unemployed and miles from being game ready.

WILL there be provisions for NHL teams to carry extra men? One extra goalie, two extra blue called up from OKC? And if they don’t want the Barons blue further diluted, then perhaps David Musil takes a spin in the NHL as insurance?

Could the Oilers start the season with 26 roster players? The usual suspects plus a couple of extra blue? I think its possible.

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6 Responses to "MUSIL?"

  1. Scott Reynolds says:

    Not that it’s a particularly strong league, but Corey Potter seems to have found himself a gig in Austria (he’s playing for Vienna). Might be enough to give him a small advantage on Sutton and Peckham in camp, which is something he’ll definitely need if rosters aren’t expanded.

  2. Dipstick says:

    I don’t know,but the “the terrible” moniker seems to be better suited to the Russian to be ethnically correct. I imagine him raping and pillaging his way through the league, figuratively speaking, of course. Schultz seems more refined and cerebral and therefor better attached to Alexander.

    See what this lockout has done to me!

  3. Gerta Rauss says:

    Did the NHL make any allowances after the 94 strike ie: extra roster space..?

    Musil might be a callup(I seem to remember they made him eligible recently) but they’ve got 8 guys under contract so we’ll see.

    Yakupov is going to play the Super Series

    he’ll be in Vancouver on the 14th and Victoria on the 15th

  4. Dalton says:

    Lowetide: Once training camps start there’ll be little time for fringe players and hangers-on to show their stuff.

    LT, after reading your post, I thought I must have missed some news about the lockout ending or something. I had to google it. What’s with the optimism?

  5. spoiler says:

    Lol. That first line threw me too this morning. I had to actually go check TSN.

  6. minnesotaoil says:

    The Giants US scout is in Minnesota looking for D because they expect to lose 2 D to the NHL once it starts up.mone of those D is Musil, fwiw.

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