News making the rounds today that Ryan Johansen was ineffective during the AHL playoffs for Springfield. No big deal, except the GM (Jarmo Kekelainen) has gone on record so now it’s a full blown story and suggests there may be an opportunity.

First, the point has to be made that the Oilers were very interested in Johansen during his draft year. Second, although he’s been no screaming hell in the NHL, he is playing a tougher minutes role at a young age and surviving.


johansen vollman

You can click to enlarge, basically he’s playing some reasonably tough competition and it isn’t killing him (based on the Vollman).

He won 51.4% of his faceoffs, he’s 6.03, 203 and has played just over 100 NHL games (he’ll turn 21 at the end of July).

  • Boxcars: 40, 5-7-12 -7 84 SOG
  • 3rd toughest qual comp, 3rd best qual team
  • Corsi Rel -5.4, that was 11 of 15 CBJ forwards
  • Raw Corsi On -11.36, 12 of 15
  • 1.26 5×5/60, right at the end of the offense

Interesting player.

And now the news.

The Springfield center was (along with his team) having a terrible playoff series against Syracuse and the performance was so bad he was benched in game 4. The story is here, and the money quotes come from Jarmo Kekalainen.

  • “If you don’t earn it, you’re going to sit. The coaching staff didn’t think he earned his spot on the team, so he sat. This should be a good wake-up call for him. I think this is probably going to be a disappointment to say the least, maybe even a bit embarrassing. Hopefully he takes it the right way, gets to work this summer and shows us in the fall that he’s taken it to heart and he’s ready to earn a spot on the (Blue Jackets).”

Maybe this is a problem player, but maybe this is a reflection of the previous admin and they’ll flush him for less than 100 cents on the dollar. Worth watching.

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  1. Gerta Rauss says:

    Howson would have drafted this kid, yes..? He’ll have any inside info we would need to make a decision on acquiring him.

    And we’re short on Ryans now that Whitney is gone.

  2. PDO says:

    If all that’s left of the top 7 is the big Russian kid when the Oiler’s are up at the draft, what would Columbus part with to move from 14? I’m not sure that’s enough to get Johanson, but I’m not sure it’s not either.

  3. Doug McLachlan says:

    Interesting. Usually when a player is available one punps his tires. Package deal including Tyutin?

  4. LadiesloveSmid says:


    If I were EDM I’d try to trade the 7th overall+ to CBJ for their 1st and one of LA or NYR’s 1st.

    That way EDM could take their beloved Curtis Lazar and pick up someone along the lines of Samuel Morin, Frederik Gauthier, or Bo Horvat.

  5. OilLeak says:

    Interesting player, may never provide a lot of offense, but could become a tough minutes third line center for years to come. I’d like to check his wowy, but seems to be down right now.

  6. Lowetide says:

    38 minute mark, they talk about Johansen. LOVED him.

  7. LostBoy says:

    Slightly amazing to see him called out like that by the GM. He played well in Springfield during the lockout (33 pts in 40 games) but had one assist and was -8 in 5 playoff games.

    There have been repeated name drops by Matheson and such to indicate the Oilers have coveted Johansen, and he was supposed to be a target along with the fruitless pursuit of Seguin with whatever package they were offering at the draft.

    On paper, what’s not to like? A 6’3″ right handed C who is already a plus faceoff guy in the NHL and who has put up points in the AHL. I didn’t watch much Columbus this year, but I think he played with Umberger and Foligno.

    Obviously Howson will know what’s up. It’s very hard to believe Columbus would be contemplating moving this player. Unless there are some *serious* issues on the “character” front I’d move anything shy of The Untouchables to acquire him.

  8. supernova says:

    Would love it if they were to able to make a trade for him and keep the 7th overall.

    I think some combination of Hemsky and/ or Lander and/or prospects would be a good fit for both.

    Hemsky might be a good fit In Columbus as they need skill, and lander keeps them with a young Center.

  9. prairieschooner says:

    Hard to believe that Johansen would be available.
    We all know about the extra mileage centres and first round picks get.
    This is probably a tough love moment by a team that has the wiggle room depth wise to sit the guy
    But we can dream!

  10. jonrmcleod says:


    So who is the Oilers’ Hitler?

  11. Lowetide says:


    So who is the Oilers’ Hitler?

    Don’t know. I’m old, the idea of calling ANYONE Hitler isn’t something I can do.

  12. Vince says:

    Nice to see link to Portzline. Small market with a top beat guy.

  13. jonrmcleod says:


    Yeah, that’s a no-no. Funny video.

  14. Gerta Rauss says:

    I wept too when we traded Cogliano**

    **not really

  15. Vince says:

    Lowetide: Don’t know. I’m old, the idea of calling ANYONE Hitler isn’t something I can do.

    Agreed. I’m a big follower of American politics and Republican legislators toss out Hitler comparisons over just about anything.

  16. Smarmy says:

    Kind of meh about Johansen. There’s no sizzle.

  17. jake70 says:

    Ugly tornado going through OKC, just south of city……Barons are likely there I imagine….ugly stuff….

  18. Radman says:

    If he has fallen from grace, maybe CBJ would consider swapping our 7th, Hemsky, and some sweetener like Peckham or Tuebert for RJo and their 14th (Lazar).

  19. Bank Shot says:

    What are the Oilers going to do with him?

    The guy was getting 2 minutes of PP time a game and didn’t produce. Didn’t play the PK.

    I guess if the Oilers trade Gagner you could potentially use him as the second line soft minute center if you think he has offence. I wouldn’t want to go into the season with that kind of question mark at 2C however.

    I would like the Oilers to spend their meager assets chasing guys with strong two-way play and work ethic this off season. Preferably established, but with out doubt guys that can check and PK.

    The Oilers lover affair with first round pick reclamation projects has been working out terribly the last 3-4 seasons. Perhaps they should try a different path.

  20. RickDeckard says:


    Any sane Oiler fan.

    Is Johanssen is Kyle Turris or Gilbert Brule? Is there any difference between Monahan in two years and Johanssen right now? How much would Tyutin+Johanssen cost in addition to the 7th? I’m not big on trading the 7th but if it gets the Oilers want they need, do I care?

  21. rickithebear says:

    Ryan Johansen 6’3″ 205LB 1.95M
    19& 20 year seasons:
    107 games 14G 19A 33P -9 .13GPG .31 PPG

    MP 6’3″ 210LB 1.525M RFA
    19 & 20 yr seasons
    121 GM 17G 25A 42P-20 .14GPG .35PPG

  22. art vandelay says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to chase the depth-charted prospects from top orgs such as CHI or BOS or DET rather than the warmed-over dregs of loser orgs such as CBJ?
    But it would be funny to see the Oilers acquiring the most recent draft bust of a failed GM who was once the failed assistant GM of the Oilers and is now the future failed assistant GM of the Oilers.
    The circle of life.
    When that beady-eyed weasel was busy lobbying for my money to build his employees a factory, did it ever occur to him to put a professional in charge of his company? Hasn’t Scotty Bowman switched teams since the curly-haired ferret bought the Oilers? Couldn’t he lure David Poile away from NSH to draft some D for the Edmonton Welfares?

  23. Lowetide says:

    Art: That was awesome.

  24. Gerta Rauss says:

    I’m actually encouraged by Art’s last few posts. Actual sentences that address the topic at hand. We know he can do it, he posts over at MC79s place on occasion.

    His comments are still dripping with sarcasm and derision, but it’s a start.

  25. rickithebear says:

    art vandelay:

    When that beady-eyed (proptosis) weasel ….. the curly (UV Resistent afro) -haired ferret bought the Oilers?

    Racial and physical disability mocking! really!

  26. Kris11 says:

    Gilbert Brule 1

    Gilbert Brule 2

  27. Romulus Apotheosis says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Gary Galley is basically running Hrudey’s show in this Det-Chi series?

    Galley is the guy at ice level and Hrudey is up in the booth… but Hrudey is basically quiet most of the broadcast and Galley sets up most of the replays…

  28. BlacqueJacque says:

    I remember people proposing crazy deals on HFB and here to try to move up to get Johansen, but he went off the board quick.

  29. Captain Happy says:

    It appears someone in Saskatoon CAN sing after all.

  30. Lowetide says:

    I remember people proposing crazy deals on HFB and here to try to move up to get Johansen, but he went off the board quick.

    What say you? Worth getting? I’m interested because he’s survived. I mean he’s not pushing anything, but he’s still 6.03 and you know this is where he might take a step forward.

  31. Ribs says:

    Sounds like he’s the exact opposite of what MacTavish says he’s looking for. From the tone of that article, anyway.

  32. VanOil says:

    Unlike Art I have a lot of time for failed prospects from failed organizations. Yes you may get a Gilbert Brule. But good teams do crazy ass shit like draft Cam Barker. The Oilers have given up early on enough guys to see that there can be some value in these sorts of players.

    I know nothing about Ryan Johansen other than what I have read here and seen in the links. I like the strategy and the age range more than aged guys who might be facing the decline like Belanger or Clowe. I would prefer the Oilers target Niedereiter or Brock Nelson from the Islanders because i know more about them. There are risks with these sort of unproven NHL talents but the upside is great if they work and the acquisition costs and salaries are normally less.

  33. Captain Happy says:

    More than 50 dead in OKC tornado…many children among them.

  34. gcw_rocks says:

    Nice to see the barons on the way to the conference finals. Good news for a city that has had a very bad day (tornado kills 51 people).

    I would float an offer of the Oilers second round pick and Hartikainen and see what Columbus says…

  35. LostBoy says:

    Sounds like he’s the exact opposite of what MacTavish says he’s looking for. From the tone of that article, anyway.

    Well, yes. Not being deeply immersed in Blue Jackets fanbase opinion, that’s what’s so surprising about Kekalainen publicly criticizing him. Johansen took the requisite step in his post-draft year (69 pts in 71 games in his draft year, 92 pts in 63 games the following year to lead Portland, albeit on a fairly stacked team) and to all appearances has been tracking reasonably well. He’s a 4th overall pick who was talked up as a potential franchise C. The jury’s out on what he’ll actually become, but a soon-to-be 21 year old 6’3″ right handed C who is already plus in the faceoff circle (Columbus is an excellent faceoff team, but Johansen led them in draws taken this year), like, sign me up. But Kekalainen basically called him lazy. I don’t think there’s any way he’s truly available – if he was, it’s a strange way for the GM to announce it.

  36. Captain Happy says:

    Nice to see the barons on the way to the conference finals.Good news for a city that has had a very bad day (tornado kills 51 people).

    I would float an offer of the Oilers second round pick and Hartikainen and see what Columbus says…

    Columbus would laugh.

    Teams like the TML also need centres and would be able to offer far more than that.

  37. Captain Happy says:


    Once the shock of today’s events has abated, you should do a radio segment on the situation in OKC,

    The Barons average attendance in the playoffs is 1,993. (next worse is 3,182)

    I expect you would get more paying customers for an AJHL playoff game.

    It’s pretty obvious that hockey isn’t working in OKC and something needs to be done.

  38. Lowetide says:

    So sad in Oklahoma. Just a really tragic day.

  39. smellyglove says:

    Mr. Lowetide,

    Just wondering if there is any method to the madness of using the word “Center” to describe the position of “Centre” in Canadian ice hockey? 😉

  40. FastOil says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, but one night painting away, family on a trip, I looked for an online hockey show that interested me for listening and ended up with a CBJ game.

    One game only for sure, but I think Johansen might be a lot like Pitlick. Looks like a hockey player, but just doesn’t get it done.

    What I noticed was RJ constantly losing possession battles, screwing up dump ins by not getting them deep, failing to hold the puck in the O zone, etc.

    He’s good at face offs, has a strong shot the Oilers have felt a few times, but IMO he is going to be Cleary. A deadly 3rd liner, but you have to wait a bit longer for the price to fall or UFA unless he’s really underwhelmed Cpt. Kerk. Agreed with Smarmy, no spark.

  41. Oilanderp says:

    On paper the kid looks great… but Howson would know if he’s a lazy-arsed waste of gifts. We definitely don’t need any more of those. Still, a lack of due diligence in the matter would be unforgivable.

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