The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed winger Ryan Jones.

jones signs

Jones had a tough year this past season, owing mostly to a freak eye injury  suffered while waiting out the lockout during a scrimmage with other NHLers. He played in a soft minutes role this past sesason (4th line competition, solid linemates) but couldn’t deliver enough offensively (although his shot differential against the soft parade compared to his teammates was solid).

Ryan Jones 12-13

  • 5×5 points per 60: 1.38 (7th among regular forwards)
  • 5×4 points per 60: nil
  • Qual Comp: 14th toughest faced among regular forwards
  • Qual Team: 5th best available teammates among regular forwards
  • Corsi Rel: -1.0 (5th best among regular forwards) (-13.85 CorsiON)
  • Zone Start: 45.4% (10th toughest, 6th easiest among regular forwards)
  • Zone Finish: 46.8% (12th best among regular forwards)
  • Shots on goal/percentage: 38/5.26% (8th among F’s >35shots)
  • Boxcars: 25, 2-5-7
  • Plus Minus: E on a team that was -15

Jones has an excellent opportunity with the Oilers in transition this season, and if he can return to offensive form of previous years (and the Oilers are unable to fill bottom 6F holes outside the organization) he might play top 9F minutes.

It is a one year deal. Jones likely slots into the 14F as follows:

  • Hall-Eberle
  • Yakupov-Hemsky
  • Paajarvi-Joensu
  • Smyth-Jones
  • Brown

Hemsky is likely to be traded over the summer and there’s a chance the club will add that physical 2line W as well. The roster is filling up.

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  1. shane leavitt says:


    “I am begining to believe that it is very very hard for the Oilers to attract players. Tambellini dealt with it by not doing anything, MacT, by giving out a NMC to Ference (sigh)”

    That may be the case, however, players traded for don’t get to piss and moan about where they go, so personally i’m not accepting this kinda theory as an justifiable excuse Ryan Jones is back or why other dumpy players have to always litter the roster. This is one of the 3 main reasons the Blue Jays GM has stated for four years now why he doesn’t like to build his roster via free agency.

  2. TheOtherJohn says:

    If Jones scores 6 goals and his real value is scoring that would be a horrible contract. Like Eberle scoring 24 goals

  3. Captain Happy says:

    theres oil in virginia: Really?You don’t think it’s possible that Santo scores 2G this year and Jones scores 6G?It’s not a reach.

    Depends on how they’re used.

    I would imagine Jones will get more ice time “Because Oilers” but, at the end of the day they’re both marginal talents.

    The Oilers have, for years, been in “Death by Papercut” mode and it seems like nothing has changed.

  4. Captain Happy says:

    If Jones scores 6 goals and his real value is scoring that would be a horrible contract. Like Eberle scoring 24 goals

    Does he have any other value?

  5. spoiler says:

    This thread is quickly descending into insanity. We have 20 yr olds on set ELCs being compared to 29 yo UFAs, and then we have a line of reasoning that requires Jones to outpoint Santorelli by 300%, which pretty much makes it impossible to pay Hall or hell, even Crosby what they’re getting.

    I’d ignore it, kick back, and sip on my drink, but I can’t ’cause someone has already grasped all the straws.

  6. bookje says:


    Bookie remains of the view it’s the market. Believe that was also his view on Sutton contract (the Edm overpay) too, That is, it’s hard to get players to come here. It’s less so in Calgary but they are 180 miles away. Maybe but I don’t think so.

    The difficulty in getting players to come here may have a lot more to do with a history of suckatude, questionable management (see coaching changes), having to attend all of Katz’ kids parties, etc.., than it does the city or geography. I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

  7. theres oil in virginia says:

    TheOtherJohn: Your suggestion is $1.5m is not a bad 4W contract. It is.Your further suggestion is its only a $500K overpay. Thats a HUGE overpay. 50 %.?

    Worse the Oilers have $3.75m tied up on the wings of their 4th line. That is stupid money. Ventres are usually highest paid. Somehow posters here believe when its necessay management will, magically, start to be prudent with money. The next major task of our management will be cap management. It’s why Chicago immediately jettisoned Bolland & Frolik. When we do stupid things with $$, it is a management tell

    if you do not understand what a 50% overpay represents I cannot help you

    Andrew Shaw makes $565K, 3 times Jones’ salary. That is a lot.Smyth makes $750k more than Jones, that’s a 125% overpay. No big deal

    Bookie remains of the view it’s the market. Believe that was also his view on Sutton contract (the Edm overpay) too, That is, it’s hard to get players to come here. It’s less so in Calgary but they are 180 miles away. Maybe but I don’t think so

    I believe its actually a sign oflazy management

    I don’t think it’s a good contract, just that it’s small potatoes and not worth being annoyed about. I do think it’s about, or less than 0.5M overpay. The guy has scored >15G two of the last 3 years, and last year may have been an anomaly. I don’t think $1.5M is out of the range for a primarily 4 line guy who can slide to the 3rd also.

    I agree that cap management is important. However, when EDM has to really deal with the cap, Jones’s current contract won’t be an issue. Ference’s probably will, but he still may cover the bet despite it. But forget about Ference or !Smyth! for now, those contracts are not at issue.

    I think that there probably is some reverse-home-town discount going on with Edmonton. Look at what Clarkson did. He wanted to go to Toronto, so he spurned more money from Edmonton. It’s there.

    Chicago just won their second cup, and are dealing with the cap issues you raised above. How is it then that you don’t see that it’s not representative of bad management? That’s the way the league runs. Detroit has done a masterful job of handling the cap issue, but then again, they haven’t won a cup lately and their window is closing.

    To be clear, I’m not asking for your help. Furthermore, a 50% overpay on a $1 contract is $0.50, or 50c overpay. Which is no big deal. A 50% overpay on a $5M contract is another issue. I’m guessing you can grasp the concept.

  8. Lowetide says:

    New post is up.

  9. theres oil in virginia says:

    If Jones scores 6 goals and his real value is scoring that would be a horrible contract. Like Eberle scoring 24 goals

    Alright! Way to take the comment completely out of context. Besides, I was under the impression you thought this was a horrible contract even if Jones was just his regular self ~15G.

  10. theres oil in virginia says:

    I’d ignore it, kick back, and sip on my drink, but I can’t ’cause someone has already grasped all the straws.

    I had to read that a couple of times, but very nice work!

  11. bookje says:

    New post is up.

    Great, I think one is broken.

  12. Professor Q says:

    Ice Sage,

    Ekblad then? Although I do think Edmonton improves out of the bottom 10 this year (even if it is the bottom 14…).

  13. dangilitis says:

    With all due respect LT, I definitely agree that the bottom 6 have not been improved since MacT’s bold statements. Especially if it ends up looking like this:

    Smyth, Gordon, Hemsky
    Joensuu, Lander, Jones

    But… i can’t find who posted in this long thread, but I want to give credit to him/her because they point out that hopefully this is not the final plan.

    I would think that last years bottom 6 was largely:
    Hartikainen/Jones, Horcoff, Hemsky/Yakupov (inexperienced)
    Petrell, Smyth/Lander/Smithson/Belanger, Brown

    If it is, that sucks big time but a few points:

    1. Hemsky actually takes on the toughs well, at least he has a track record of doing so to my knowledge. Last year things fell off the rails big time, but I do wonder if he stays how he would do with Gordon and I do blame RK a bit for the bottom 9 F’s defensive struggles as a whole. I really do take issue with people ragging on Hemmer for “poor backchecking” – he will never be a Datsyuk, but he is nowhere near a Jones and has also had to deal with umpteen coaches with different systems in the last few years. The issue in my mind has never been whether Hemsky can handle 3rd line minutes, it’s whether he should be playing 3rd line mins at 2nd line salary. (For Woodguy’s arguments – much bigger deal to pay Jones 1.5 and expect 4th line winger than Hemsky 5mil to play a 3rd line winger, not that I would excuse the former…) So for that reason, he needs to be traded. If he can’t be, having a player of his skill level on the 3rd line with a guy like Gordon to bail him out now and again is not a bad problem to have for 1 more year – AS LONG AS… this doesn’t hamper the team’s ability to land a better top 2 winger or top pair Dman.

    2. Gordon is a cheaper more durable version of Horcoff. Lots of teams who are successful tend to spend more down the middle. Which makes me hope that the Oilers sign Grabovski or land Perron as well (even if that offends those who would feel that Gordon is overpaid as a 4th line Center) – But the cold hard truth is to bring in legitimate depth at Center, then Hemsky’s contract would have to go.

    3. Enough about Smyth. I think an older guy like him was at a huge disadvantage with the lockout because he was taking his kids to school rather than training. The motivation needs to come from within, so if he comes to camp out of shape, please cut him loose. If he comes back in good shape, then he could reasonably be expected at his age to still take on easier competition in a 4th line +/- occasional 3rd line role. And he could still do a better job on the PP than Horcoff ever did at blocking out the sun. His PK improved a lot in the last couple years. He was totally thrown to the wolves last year, and those griping about his play should walk a mile in his shoes – e.g. Just before retirement, have your boss ask you to change your job description and expectations completely (went from PP to PK, quality young guys to no quality linemates or disgruntled vets, and winger to center). And to the people who were commenting about his footspeed… really? Was he ever skating circles around Marchant?

    4. Joensuu was a far worse contract than Jones or Ference. I thought it was going to be 2 way deal. Really? Committing to this guy for 2 years? Fuck! The only way this would make me happy would be if MacT had a contract stipulating that he first had to give Brown, Petrell, etc. their walking papers before agreeing to play 4th line mins. But there were better 4th liners on the table who would have accepted 1 year deals at similar dollars.

    BUT I sincerely hope MacT is still trying to land a 2nd line LW (or strong 3rd line LW) and 3rd line RW
    so that the scenario listed is not the case.

    Smyth, Gordon, Hemsky
    Joensuu, Lander, Jones


    Paajarvi, Gordon (or better yet, Grabo/Perron), Hemsky replacement (3rd line RW, not Zack Smith)
    Smyth, Lander (or better yet, Gordon), Jones
    Extras: Joesnsuu (Smyth insurance), someone not named Brown or Petrell or Belanger

    which is definitely an upgrade on
    Hartikainen/Jones, Horcoff, Hemsky/Yakupov (inexperienced)
    Petrell, Smyth/Lander/Smithson/Belanger, Brown

  14. rickithebear says:

    Our Roster:
    Compared to the league average GF/60 GA/60

    Special teams:
    Gagner #5 center 1.60 TOI 3.13 GA (+2.87) +6 GD
    Gordon center 2.55 toi 5.88 (+.12) +1 GD
    Smyth #8 wing 2.50 TOI 3.58GA (+2.42) +8 GD
    Jones 11-12 #15 wing 2.43 TOI 4.69 (+1.31) +4 GD

    N. schultz #18 D 2.42 TOI 4.12GA (+1.88) +6 GD
    A. ference 319 D 2.06 TOI 4.19 GA (+1.81) +5 GD
    J. Petry #20 D 3.26 TOI 4.22GA (+1.78) +8 GD
    L. Smid #2 D 3.14 TOI 4.78GA (+1.22) +5 GD

    J. Schultz 2.96 TOI 6.75 (+.75) +3 GD
    J. Petry 11-12 1.26 TOI 6.51GF (+.51) +1 GD

    RNH 2.83 TOI 9.12 (+3.12) +12 GD
    Hall 3.00 toi 8.16 GF (+2.16) +9 GD
    Jones .83 TOI 8.13 (+2.13) +3 GD
    Gagner 2.52 TOI 6.98 (+.98) +3 GD
    Eberle 2.90 toi 6.92 (+.92) +4 GD
    Hemsky 2.49 toi 6.42 (.42) +1 GD
    Smyth 2.40 5.66 (-34) -1GD

    Maybe jones gets Horc’s front net role.
    Ryan smyth taught horcoff and Jones the role.
    teaching Jeansuu for the second unit role might be an option.

  15. russ99 says:

    While I appreciate what Jones brings to the Oilers, especially if he can score he way he did in years previous for us before the funky eye injury, this seems an admission by MacT that the “bold” tack is a failure.

    We could have and should have signed someone better.

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