The most recent draft saw Edmonton select 10 players from 7 different leagues. The NHL equivalencies didn’t run through the MWEHL or Yakimov’s league last year, but we do have the rest of them surrounded. We now have two different equivalencies, the Desjardins NHLE (which has been a trusted and impressive predictor for a number of years) and the upstart Vollman (which has been around for a very little time, but does use the latest available information for it’s estimate). Here’s the latest draft run through each of them.


  1. Marco Roy 10-15-25
  2. Jackson Houck 8-12-20
  3. Greg Chase 6-11-17
  4. Anton Slepyshev 12-3-15
  5. Evan Campbell 5-10-15
  6. Darnell Nurse 4-11-15
  7. Kyle Platzer 2-6-8
  8. Ben Betker 0-2-2
  9. Bogdan Yakimov not rated
  10. Aidan Muir not rated

Some interesting numbers here, it should be noted that Nurse didn’t get a lot of PP time this past season. If there’s an offensive jump in 2012-13 that’ll be the reason (more PP time). It should also be noted that Jackson Houck went 69, 15-24-39 at evens and Greg Chase went 69, 13-23-36 in the same discipline, so those two are much closer together as prospects if you take away the PP numbers.

VOLLMAN NHLE (per 82gp)

  1. Anton Slepyshev 17-5-22
  2. Marco Roy 10-12-22
  3. Jackson Houck 7-11-18
  4. Greg Chase 5-10-15
  5. Darnell Nurse 4-11-15
  6. Kyle Platzer 2-6-8
  7. Ben Betker 0-2-2
  8. Bogdan Yakimov not rated
  9. Aidan Muir not rated
  10. Evan Campbell not rated

The Vollman NHLE suggest Slepyshev and Roy are about equal as offensive players and should be considered the most promising forwards based purely on offensive potential. Houck and Chase trail but not by a bunch, and this coming season should be a huge tell for both (I think these two may end up being draft gems). Nurse’s offense we talked about above, and the rest are either also-rans or didn’t get rated.

After years of having prospects run from 38-to-46 NHLE in the days after the draft, these numbers may seem a little low. They’re actually solid totals, and we can use the last few post-draft NHLE’s (these are all Desjardins, per 82gp) to compare:


  1. Hall 17-29-46
  2. Yakupov 18-22-40
  3. Nugent-Hopkins 11-27-38
  4. Marco Roy 15-10-25
  5. Martindale 8-16-24
  6. Jackson Houck 8-12-20
  7. Zharkov 11-7-18
  8. McCarron 6-12-18
  9. Pitlick 10-7-17
  10. Khaira 6-11-17
  11. Greg Chase 6-11-17
  12. Anton Slepyshev 12-3-15
  13. Hamilton 7-8-15
  14. Evan Campbell 5-10-15
  15. Moroz 6-3-9
  16. Ewanyk 5-4-9
  17. Kyle Platzer 2-6-8


  1. Laleggia 9-21-30
  2. Darnell Nurse 4-11-5
  3. Gustafsson 5-6-11
  4. Simpson 2-9-11
  5. Klefbom 2-2-4

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  1. wheatnoil says:

    Although I’ve never seen Slepyshev play, the Vollman numbers seem to be more in line with the verbal about him and how highly he was ranked by Pronman and others than the Desjardins numbers.

  2. supernova says:


    do you have a post somewhere describing the difference between desjardins and vollman equivalencies?

  3. Lowetide says:


    do you have a post somewhere describing the difference between desjardins and vollman equivalencies?

    No. The Desjardins NHLE’s are kind of all over now, I usually go here

    to get a glance of what’s up. The Vollman numbers ar e in his new book and honestly make a fascinating read. His look at specific NCAA divisions was a real eye opener for me.

  4. rickithebear says:

    Slepyshev played with 2 teams.
    a clear indication of limited and increased role.

    Novokuznetsk Metallurg 15 Gm 3G 0A
    NHLE 13G-0A 13PT
    Ufa Salavat Yulayev 11Gm 4G 2A
    NHLE 23G – 12A
    Common sense says the more regular role bears better witness.

    I ilke Desjardins CHL curves that show a clear projection for perfornance by age that gives a highly likely cieling.
    At this age and in the KHL his production @ 22 should be 60% higher than current NHLE.

    Novokuznetsk Metallurg @ 22
    21G 0A
    Ufa Salavat Yulayev
    38G 18A

  5. DeadmanWaking says:

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    Sheesh, they didn’t call him TamBELLini for nothing. Sometimes normal is not good enough. Pretty much any day of the calendar year over at Telus. A few Ks ago, they kept me on hold for 30 minutes. I’ve been working towards a baby GTD system (Getting Things Done). There’s this notion of keeping tickler files tagged by context. @Away_from_desk. Never happens. @Not_thinking_about sex. Actually, those neurons have never exactly queued up at the unemployment office. Even when I was five years old they were busy planning a long career. Out of sight, on occasion, but never entirely out of mind.

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  6. G Money says:

    DeadmanWaking: Then he said, “It was nice speaking with you. Have a nice day.” And that was it.

    This is a watershed moment for me as a reader/poster on this blog. I *understood* *an* *entire* *Deadman* *post* … from start to finish! I even empathized, though my IP address issues were much simpler (and with Shaw).

    That said, I think it’s safe to say that I probably won’t be needing an @Understood_DeadmanWaking_Post tickler in my baby GTD!

  7. ASkoreyko says:


    I have always enjoyed your posts good sir. As a small token of my appreciation, I can offer a solution to force your Actiontec (misnomer?) into bridge mode. I have accomplished this feat myself when I stuck on Telus, I have since gone back to Shaw and the installer switched the modem into bridge mode as soon as I asked.

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    Good Luck!

  8. spoiler says:

    Eakins committed, no asylum for anyone.

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