The love rollercoaster of playoff hockey hit “who the hell picked this team to win?” around midnight on Wednesday. Since then, Edmonton has been walking around a half bubble off plumb. Oh sure, things are fine, and no matter what happens this has been a great season. Still, the heart wants what it wants, and since old man winter is still wearing Stanfield’s and we all have shovels in our hands, can’t we make this hockey season last a little while? Tonight’s the night!


  • Names on the CupKeith Acton, Glenn Anderson, Jeff Beukeboom, Geoff Courtnall, Grant Fuhr, Randy Gregg, Wayne Gretzky CAPTAIN, Dave Hannan, Charlie Huddy, Mike Krushelnyski, Jari Kurri, Normand Lacombe, Kevin Lowe, Craig MacTavish, Kevin McClelland, Marty McSorley, Mark Messier, Craig Muni, Bill Ranford, Craig Simpson, Steve Smith, Esa Tikkanen Peter Pocklington Owner, Glen Sather General Manager and Coach.
  • Craig Simpson and Dave Hannan came over from Pittsburgh in the giant Paul Coffey trade in November; Keith Acton came over from Minnesota in January for Moe Mantha; Geoff Courtnall came over from Boston (with Billy Ranford) in March in the Andy Moog deal; Norm Lacombe came over the previous March in that Fogolin/Napier deal, but didn’t catch on until the following year. If you ever get a chance to ask him about the ‘crossing over’ move that Messier and Anderson perfected, you won’t regret it. Funny damned story.
  • First round: Beat the Jets (of course) in five games.
  • Second round: Swept the Flames in a clear case of sweet justice.
  • Third round: Beat the Red Wings in five games.
  • Stanley Cup Final: Oilers sweep Bruins in four games (although it took five).
  • Source
  • Quoting Steve Lansky from the canceled game summary: Game stopped at 16:37 (2131 h et) of second pd due to total power failure at Boston Garden. All statistics from this game are counted in players’ Stanley Cup totals.
  • Wayne Gretzky recorded his final point as an Edmonton Oiler in the second period of the final game of the 1988 season. It was May 25,  Wayne Gretzky 12 (Esa Tikkanen, Steve Smith) 9:44 PPG GWG. 99 would win the Conn Smythe, same evening.


These playoffs, and all of the playoffs that have gone before, do a brilliant job of exposing weakness. Even Stanley Cup winners need fixing over the summer, as you can see the glory Oilers tweaked every year. Many of the 1980s moves (Coffey, Moog in the season above) involved money and I think we’re going to see a money deal (or two) this summer.

  • Graduating from the Farm: Jesse Puljujarvi, Anton Slepyshev, Jujhar Khaira and Griffin Reinhart. Laurent Brossoit can also be included in this category.
  • Needs: My list (goalie out) is backup goalie, second-pairing RHD, 3C, Scoring RW, cap relief.
  • Internal solutions: G (Brossoit): RHD (None); 3C (None); Scoring RW (Puljujarvi).
  • Cap Relief: One of the Steve Austins, Benoit Pouliot, Mark Fayne.

I think there are two reasonable internal solutions (Laurent Brossoit, Jesse Puljujarvi) and several interesting free-agents (Martin Hanzal, Cody Franson). Why Franson? The Woodmoney has him at 50.5% DFF against elites (DFF Rel: 4.8%) and his CorsiRel (Stats.HockeyAnalysis.com) ranks No. 5 among all NHL defensemen (750 or more minutes). Could the Oilers acquire Franson and remain under the cap?

Now, there’s still $1M from the Lauri Korpikoski buyout and Mark Fayne’s $2.675M deal is part of the scenario. There’s also the overage from the McDavid/Leon/others bonuses, so the number I have placed here is probably too much (Oilers will need more room).

I keep reading about Pouliot deals and Fayne going in the expansion draft, and maybe LV does Peter Chiarelli a favor. I think it more likely we see a Steve Austin dealt for a less expensive version.


A year ago, Peter Chiarelli dealt his most valuable trade piece in order to acquire Adam Larsson. Among the attributes valued in Larsson as a return? The contract. For that reason, I think Nuge makes more sense as the likely trade piece leaving this summer. Ideally a RHD or RHC, probably need to shave $2M in salary.

Yesterday, I mentioned this as an option (vaguely) and received some pushback about dealing RNH. Make no mistake, he’s my favorite Oilers player (non-McDavid division) and I absolutely hope he stays. I hoped the same for Hall, did no good. Nuge has the most value, he’ll be the ask.

Dylan Wells entered his draft year as a highly touted prospect, but struggled to find consistency for the wildly inconsistent Peterborough Petes. This season has been a revelation, and the young man followed up a fine regular year (.916SP) with a stellar playoffs so far (.944SP). Last night, he even scored a goal, and not one of those cheap ‘last guy to touch the puck’ ones either. If they did a re-draft, Wells would not be the tenth goalie chosen in 2016. This is a bona fide NHL prospect.


  • Oilers Corsi for 5×5 with Connor McDavid: 14-14, 50.0%
  • Oilers Corsi for 5×5 without Connor McDavid: 17-40 29.8%

The Oilers were 14-9 Corsi for 5×5 and up 2-0 after one period, and from there went 17-45 over two periods. Give San Jose credit, they pressured the defensemen and created more turnovers than Pillsbury. I expect we will see a far better effort from all involved, and the Sharks have some issues of their own (Martin Jones, health). That said, tonight is a massive game and the Sharks are a quality NHL team. Godspeed, Edmonton Oilers, rip their lungs out!



At 10 this morning, TSN1260’s ALL DAY PREGAME continues with the Lowdown. Scheduled to appear:

  • Steve Lansky, BigMouthSports. Oilers in the playoffs, Steve will give his review of Game 1 (are you ready for this?) and preview Game 2.
  • Jake Sundstrom, Fear the Fin. Well known Sharks blogger predicted an Oilers series win and now he’s jinxed them!
  • Alex Thomas, The Oilers Rig. What do the Oilers need to do tonight to even the series?
  • Paul Almeida, SSE. We’ll talk defense and lineup changes.

10-1260 text, @Lowetide on twitter. See you on the radio!

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  1. pocession charge says:

    Serious dive by Burns on that play.

  2. Lucinius says:

    Again.. that is a penalty. Clear holding. Can’t keep doing this.

  3. Lloyd B. says:

    KABOOM !! Who is this guy?

  4. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    BAMM!!! Holy shit Kassian!!!

  5. LMHF#1 says:

    Burns with a vet play and the ref falls for it.

  6. BeerMe says:


  7. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Burns is smart. Sure looked like a penalty but he erapped himself around nurse arm. And nurse is a rookie so yah penalty

  8. spoiler says:

    Muttonchopped him to the ice!!

  9. Jon K says:

    Come on Sekera.

  10. LMHF#1 says:

    Again.. that is a penalty. Clear holding. Can’t keep doing this.

    Negative. Burns initiated the hold and then went down only when he couldn’t make the play.

  11. Spengler says:


    Awesome. Always glad that someone helps out with the dirty work to ensure games can be played.

    I like what you’ve said, but I assume there’s a similar system in place in the NHL. I may be wrong though.

    I’m all for improving officiating. And I understand the complaints, particularly in playoffs and tournaments when one game, one moment, means so much. But have you ever not done your best when riffing? Sure you’ll have bad days, we’re human. But to say they’re alctively out to be wrong, especially at the professional level when you’ve had to climb the levels year allctivelyfter year, seems wrong.

    The best officials I’ve seen in sport are rugby refs. But I don’t think it’s because they’re better, but rather because they explain what they saw, speak to those involved in clear sentences and take a beat when needed.

    Then again, maybe I’m wrong!

  12. spoiler says:

    Sounds like the Roman Colosseum in there.

  13. flyfish1168 says:

    Kassian 14 shifts and 4 highlight wheel plays. Awesome ratio

  14. MrEd says:

    Professor Q,

    Might be true.
    But hanging off of the refs is dumb.

  15. Zelepukin says:

    Sekera has made about 5 horrible puck decisions this game. Soft outs or just rookie decisions. He is better than that.

  16. Lucinius says:


    And Nurse could have pulled his arm back. Didn’t.

    I’d have been angry had they called a trip (because Burns fell and wasn’t tripped). I can understand the penalties I’ve seen called on the Oilers.

    What does bother me is the Sharks getting away with similar shit.

  17. LMHF#1 says:

    Kassian 14 shifts and 4 highlight wheel plays. Awesome ratio




  18. Oilanderp says:

    I think Kassian was horizontal before contact was initiated watching the replay… holy jumpins

  19. ashley says:

    You can’t jump when you hit. The coaches shouldn’t have to teach these guys that in the NHL playoffs. They learned that in peewee.

  20. Zelepukin says:

    Sounds like the Roman Colosseum in there.

    The 5th man on the PK. Literally destroying the Shark’s motivation on the PP.

  21. fishman says:

    The Hermit,

    Wolverine. Like!

  22. SK Oiler Fan says:

    If everyone in the NHL played like kas every game there would be no other sports. Just hockey. Except each team would need 75 players to get through a season

  23. admiralmark says:

    Kassian is our Ferland. Imagine if those 2 worlds collide?

  24. Réal Goudenyéu says:

    Is the nuge line just slightly off tonight?

  25. pocession charge says:

    Damn I hate when they pass it when they’re in the slot.

  26. The Original JDI says:

    Pouzar: The graphics changed as well.

    After the blackouts, I’m not trusting my eyes.

  27. Zelepukin says:

    Réal Goudenyéu:
    Is the nuge line just slightly off tonight?

    No they’ve been good. Flow has just been disrupted with these penalties.

  28. T0ML says:

    I was planning on getting a Drai Orange jersey next time I make it up north … This game is making me think of going for a KASSIAN!!!!! LETS GO BOYS !!

  29. Younger Oil says:

    Agreed that all of the penalties against the Oilers were justified.

    However, that combined with the fact the refs only think the Sharks have deserved one penalty is kind of bullshit.

  30. OmJo says:

    I love how Nurse gets in the face of everybody and anybody.

  31. Oilanderp says:

    …on a vacation faar away….

  32. square_wheels says:

    This ice is terrible. Again.

  33. The Original JDI says:

    Sharts are really good at batting down passes and shots. Good sticks, as they say.

  34. Lucinius says:

    Wow, RNH looks older now! He looks like he’s 17 instead of 14. Our boy is growing up!

  35. Android says:


    Everyone has bad days, it’s why I’ve tried to keep my contributions to this conversation as constructive as possible. I actually started officiating on the suggestion of my mother, so I could see what the other side of the officiating coin was like. (I used to complain far too much for anyone’s good.)

    If I had to guess, I would bet that the NHL has a similar system. I think the key difference between the two is the range of levels for officiating. NHL refs seem to be mostly involved at the professional level. (I could be completely wrong about this) We officiate games ranging from 8 year olds to CIS football, with a few members officiating in the CFL as well.

    And I would have to agree with you; based on my experience rugby refs are excellent.

  36. spoiler says:

    Sharks are looking over the shoulders in our end a bit. Hearing footsteps…

  37. Lowetide says:

    Man Nurse can wheel. Holy.

  38. Lucinius says:

    Kassian looks like he’s on speed.

    I’m not entirely joking. So much energy!

  39. spoiler says:

    Benning with an ill-advised pinch.

  40. fishman says:

    Wow, RNH looks older now! He looks like he’s 17 instead of 14. Our boy is growing up!

    Must be those 12 chin hairs!

  41. Gerta Rauss says:

    Entertaining period of hockey

    A 2 goal lead would make me (more) happy

  42. ashley says:

    Lots of looks for Maroon tonight. That was a good shot and a nice save.

  43. OmJo says:

    Remember that guy who would go on TSN and Sportsnet and always post “Oilers dominating to follow” sarcastically? I wonder if he’s watching this game lol

  44. Jon K says:

    So far comparing Sekera in the playoffs to Sekera in the regular season makes me sad. Kassian on the other hand makes me immensely happy. Overall, good game so far. Whew.

  45. jp says:

    Another nice period. Keep it up.

    The penalties are frustrating, but stuff like the missed slash to break a stick are particularly galling. Automating penalty 99% of the time.

  46. Professor Q says:

    How could they miss the D holding McDavid in the corner? Bear hugs are back in style?

  47. Zelepukin says:

    The best part of this game is that we’re all over them and yet if you told me that McD wasn’t playing, I’d believe you. He hasn’t really been a factor in his usually obvious way. This is a good thing.

  48. admiralmark says:

    Tal-Bot . He’s critical in a game like this SJ is not going away. Need to pot another goal to win this one methinks.

  49. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Well that period was fun! Time for another rum and cran

  50. leadfarmer says:

    Kassian looks like he’s on speed.

    I’m not entirely joking. So much energy!

    He’s got the crazy eye twitch tonight

    I hope we re-sign him. That combination of size and speed is pretty hard to find. Plus crazy eyes/60 is off the charts

  51. Professor Q says:

    Remember that guy who would go on TSN and Sportsnet and always post “Oilers dominating to follow” sarcastically? I wonder if he’s watching this game lol

    Didn’t he post on ON too?

  52. Sanderson says:

    Nobody look now, but warts and all, the Oilers have played 40 minutes of full-on playoff hockey.


  53. hags9k says:

    Kassian just takes what it wants.

  54. Pouzar says:

    Griffin Reinhart and Oliver Kylington the goal scorers tonight in Stockton.
    The former has one more goal in 5 fewer games.

  55. Nuclear leak says:

    Lucic screaming at the refs so loud the mic’s pick it up

  56. The Original JDI says:

    Man Nurse can wheel. Holy.

    I’m hoping that he can take some things away from watching Boo-urns this series.

  57. OmJo says:

    Professor Q,

    He might’ve, I wouldn’t be surprised. Back when TSN had a comments section I didn’t visit ON too often.

  58. Lowetide says:

    That was a fantastic period of hockey.

    FIRST PERIOD: 0-0 score. Oilers had the edge in shots 9-7, 13-8 Corsifor 5×5.
    SECOND PERIOD: 1-0 EDM, Oilers had the edge in shots 12-5, 25-9 Oilers Corsi for 5×5.
    Total after 2: 1-0 EDM, Oilers have the edge in shots 21-12, 38-17 Oilers Corsifor 5×5.

    Man, I really enjoyed that.

  59. Pouzar says:

    Ryan Holt‏ @CondorsHolty 6m6 minutes ago
    Alright – 20 minutes. Condors have to win in regulation.

  60. Oilanderp says:

    I don’t wanna lose your love… toniiiiight.

  61. OmJo says:

    Did they just censor a swear lol? Random beep. Sportsnet get your shit together.

  62. Spengler says:


    That’s an interesting model. Reffing at different levels. It might help you to see the game differently. To see different things. Really interesting.

    I can’t believe we’ve managed to carry on this rather civil conversation in the middle of a game I can barely take my eyes off of and while my heart is beating a thousand beats a minute.

    My hat’s off to you sir!

  63. Melvis says:

    A few years ago, an entrepid journo asked a two-three tour Princess Pat why the Germans never left their bunkers. Frankly, up to that point, I didn’t know they were in ‘ghanistan.

    “They might like too much.”

    Just flashed through my head. Drai is due and puts it away.

  64. BeerMe says:

    Did they just censor a swear lol? Random beep. Sportsnet get your shit together.

    I lol’d so hard. Thought Kyp spouted something inappropriate

  65. Oilanderp says:

    leadfarmer: He’s got the crazy eye twitch tonight

    I hope we re-sign him.That combination of size and speed is pretty hard to find.Plus crazy eyes/60 is off the charts

    It’s eyeglow/60. Crazy eye/60 is only slightly above random when it comes to prediction.

  66. T0ML says:


  67. Oilanderp says:

    I just wanna use your love tooniiiiiiiiighhhht

  68. OmJo says:

    BeerMe: I lol’d so hard. Thought Kyp spouted something inappropriate

    Lol and just after he said Kassian should stop chirping at Jones. Tsk tsk.

  69. Ice Sage says:

    Glad to see the Oilers playing some playoff-level hockey. This will come in handy in the not-so-distant-future!

  70. spoiler says:

    Still need 20 minutes of the same to put this away.

    “LET’S GO, OILERS!!!”

  71. OmJo says:

    Why would they make Couture talk?

  72. Zelepukin says:

    After tonight, I don’t know how you play Gryba instead of Benning. The difference in skill set is immense. Benning still plays a heavy game but can actually skate and pass the puck. Provides much more calmness to Nurse’s kamikaze nature, than Gryba ever could.

  73. khildahl says:

    Couture looks like someone kicked his dog.

    I love it.

  74. The Original JDI says:

    Why would they make Couture talk?

    For my pleasure?

  75. Zelepukin says:

    Why would they make Couture talk?

    Haha, just adding that Canada team trolling.

  76. Ice Sage says:

    Why would they make Couture talk?

    I didn’t think he could get uglier…

  77. striatic says:

    Dang .. Couture sounds .. depressed? Only down by one and that’s his outlook?

  78. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Couture isn’t liking hockey right now

  79. Oilanderp says:

    Couture sounds like 3lbs of shit stuffed into a 2lb bag.

  80. Zelepukin says:

    I feel like Scott Oake has that sadistic nature in him sometimes. Like, I’m gonna ask his guy some questions that are just slightly going to aggravate him, knowing he is about to take the ice in 10mins.

  81. Melvis says:

    I was off for a splash, but did I just hear a Shark concerned about giving up a shortie?

  82. OmJo says:

    Poor Chicklets….

  83. OmJo says:

    Dang .. Couture sounds .. depressed? Only down by one and that’s his outlook?

    Well Kassian did run over him at full speed in that period lol

  84. SK Oiler Fan says:

    After tonight, I don’t know how you play Gryba instead of Benning. The difference in skill set is immense. Benning still plays a heavy game but can actually skate and pass the puck. Provides much more calmness to Nurse’s kamikaze nature, than Gryba ever could.

    Yep. Rookie or not this game is too fast for slow boots. And I like gryba

  85. Rocknrolla says:

    Couture sounds beaten down and the chicklets look rank. Keep hitting them!

  86. Pouzar says:

    Benning/Nurse are 90/86.36 CF% respectively.

  87. OmJo says:

    Give McDavid Kassian. Just one shift, please TMac please.

  88. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    McDavid being shut down pretty well by the sharks… think maybe switch a winger…

  89. jp says:

    Nice play by Nuge there.

    Time for a PP!

  90. Pajamah says:

    I usually like to keep my hockey player related chirps directed at on ice talent, but fucked if Couture doesn’t look like the love child of Mike Ricci and Sloth from The Goonies.

    He’s Shawn Horcoff ugly.

  91. Lucinius says:

    They called a penalty on the Sharks.

    Am I that drunk?

    I don’t think I’ve had that much vodka…

  92. SK Oiler Fan says:

    That’s not a penalty. Man they’re having a bad series. Like these calls really matter and they’re egging it up!

  93. Oilanderp says:

    Eberle falls down equals penalty gj clutch

  94. Professor Q says:

    They called a penalty on the Sharks.

    Am I that drunk?

    I don’t think I’ve had that much vodka…

    Don’t be Russian to conclusions, now…

  95. The Original JDI says:

    Jonesing for a PP goal right now.

  96. BeerMe says:

    Letestu looks like Frodo Baggins

  97. Lloyd B. says:

    Gerta Rauss:
    Entertaining period of hockey

    A 2 goal lead would make me (more) happy

    I’d rather they play 1-0 until a late empty net goal.

    Lesson to be learned.

  98. Lucinius says:

    Needed a goal there for some breathing room. Unfortunate.

  99. OmJo says:

    Major embellishment. A penalty, but still he acted like he got shot in the face.

  100. The Original JDI says:

    This PK is really testing the boundaries.

  101. OmJo says:

    Professor Q: Don’t be Russian to conclusions, now…

    Putin stopped hacking the refs?

  102. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    Damn… close up of that high stick by larrson… ouch…

  103. Lucinius says:

    Yep, that’s a penalty. Ugh.

    Penalties are going to kill this team’s chances of winning anything.

  104. Android says:


    And my hat is off to you as well!

    The difference in pace between peewee level (11-12 year olds) and High School is impressive. The jump from High School to Junior/CIS is stunning. Another way we help younger officials learn is by running them as sideline crews (downsbox, yard markers, ballboys) on higher level games and important playoff games.

  105. Oilanderp says:

    It was a penalty (on #6 vs ward I mean)

  106. digger50 says:

    Good shift by Desharnais. I was critical of him earlier today. Hope he pulls some magic and pots one.

  107. Younger Oil says:

    Don’t they usually not call a high stick if it’s part of a follow through?

  108. spoiler says:

    The Divey McDiversons

  109. admiralmark says:

    Now I’m nervous 😩.

  110. Pouzar says:

    Letestu looks like Frodo Baggins

    And he Yaks it!

  111. OmJo says:

    The Original JDI:
    This PK is really testing the boundaries.

    Sharks w/ Thorton weren’t great on the PP. Sharks w/o Thornton are AHL calibre for the most part.

    At least Kass will get another breakaway.

  112. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Major embellishment. A penalty, but still he acted like he got shot in the face.

    Well it was a piece of composite at 40mph to the face. Another careless penalty

  113. Lowetide says:

    That’s a penalty, no doubt. Oilers have to iron that out of their game. As good as they’ve been, this is really tempting fate.

  114. Pouzar says:

    I wanna drink more beer. Please win. I stop drinking when we lose.

  115. striatic says:

    Younger Oil:
    Don’t they usually not call a high stick if it’s part of a follow through?

    It wasn’t a follow through on a shot. Totally accidental, but Larsson is responsible for his stick.

  116. delooper says:

    Major embellishment. A penalty, but still he acted like he got shot in the face.

    The only people who act like that when shot in the face are the people who were shot through the fleshy part of the ear, or the cartilage part of the nose, only.

    That’s how someone reacts when watching a video of themselves being shot in the face.

  117. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Jones has been good. Calm no rebounds

  118. T0ML says:

    Its amazing what this HIGH ENERGY will do …. Im down probably ~200 ml+ of Woodford reserve (I’ve saved the Handle of crown for an elimination game … and not the good one), And I don’t feel it at all




  119. Lucinius says:

    OmJo: Sharks w/ Thorton weren’t great on the PP. Sharks w/o Thornton are AHL calibre for the most part.

    At least Kass will get another breakaway.

    Even an AHL powerplay can score if you give them enough tries at it. Oilers are being very sloppy with their sticks and post-whistle stupidity. Important lesson if they can learn to play a hard, tough game without giving away powerplays.

  120. The Original JDI says:

    Any player who doesn’t sell a stick to the face at this time of the year, is not going to be a player for long.

  121. Lucinius says:

    SK Oiler Fan,

    Jones has been the player of the game, imo, and he’s facing some stiff competition from certain Oilers. Jones is why this is still a game and not done and dusted.

  122. Ryan says:

    Anyone else catch the slew foot against Russell uncalled?

  123. delooper says:

    McD can penalty kill.

  124. delooper says:

    ice ninja.

  125. Lucinius says:


    I didn’t see it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, however.

    Sharks get away without a lot.

  126. Oilanderp says:

    Talbot looked like Andre Dawson there

  127. OmJo says:

    Did the stick get that high?

  128. The Original JDI says:

    Sharts were 1 for 6 on the PP last game?

  129. OmJo says:

    Looked like it hit his shoulder/arm?

  130. delooper says:

    Did not see that penalty.

  131. jp says:

    These penalties are beyond silly now. Some on the refs, but a lot on the Oilers.

  132. Gerta Rauss says:

    They’ve been great through 50 minutes

    I just hope it’s enough

  133. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    Yeah… I call embellishment there….

  134. Oilanderp says:

    Sorenson looked like Sam Gagner there

  135. Younger Oil says:

    Not calling the high stick on Klef last game or Caggiula this game is inexcusable at this point.

  136. BONE207 says:

    That Looch penalty reminds me of a less violent Kass hit on Gagner

  137. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Well fk. I guess this is how its going to be. Play hard but stupid

  138. Lucinius says:

    Technically a penalty.

    Sold it, sure, but that is what you do.

    Oilers can’t get away with a damn thing. Sharks get away with everything, damn near.

  139. delooper says:

    Even in slow-motion replay, I’m not certain if I saw a penalty.

  140. Lowetide says:

    Yeah, I can’t defend this kind of stupidity. The Oilers have played a very good game, but this is really dumb in terms of penalties. Dumb dumb dumb.

  141. The Original JDI says:

    Klef looks bad.

    Uh oh.

  142. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    Oh boy… hope klefbom is ok…

  143. Younger Oil says:


  144. Jon K says:

    Nuge having a great game.

  145. OmJo says:

    CONNOR FUCKING MCDAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Lucinius says:

    Fuck, if Klef is hurt…

  147. Spengler says:

    That’s one way to negate penalties against!!!

  148. Nuclear leak says:

    He is a god!

  149. Lowetide says:

    McDavid scored.

  150. jp says:

    Holy fuck!!!! THAT is HUGE!!!!!


  151. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    HELL YEAH!!!

  152. Lloyd B. says:

    If you keep poking a shark with a sharp pointy thing sooner or later its going to bite you!

    Edit… McDavid scores. WOOOOOOOT !!!

  153. Lucinius says:


    Shorties are all we need!

  154. The Hermit says:

    Yahhhhhhhhhh! McDavid Superstar!

  155. Ice Sage says:

    Shorthanded domination was the strategy all along…

  156. spoiler says:

    My Gord.

  157. Melvis says:

    They were scared shitless of a shortie. There it is. Fuck those bastards and the zebras they rode in on.

  158. admiralmark says:

    Fuck Klefs hurt!

  159. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    Now let’s all hope klefbom gets back on the ice soon…

  160. delooper says:

    Lucic high-sticked the guy in the penalty box. I think I saw that!

  161. Younger Oil says:

    Series could be bad if Klef is out.

  162. BeerMe says:

    Looks like a broken bone

  163. Yak Efron says:

    So happy, but concerned for Oscar.

  164. Oilanderp says:

    I like hockeys

  165. hags9k says:

    Klef looks bad.

  166. Ryan says:

    The officiating is poor.

    McDavid is excellent.

  167. delooper says:

    Anyone see what happened to OK?

  168. Lucinius says:


    Not sure, but it does look bad. He is in a lot of pain, judging by his body language.

  169. T0ML says:

    Kassian with all the Energy.


    Also, Lets hope Klef returns!!! !He didn’t look good on all the side views we got !!!!

  170. Lloyd B. says:

    Wouldn’t that be something if the refs called a penalty against the Oilers and San Jose declines the power play.

  171. The Trade Guy says:

    Looks like a broken bone

    You literally have no idea.

  172. Todd Macallan says:

    3 of 4 goals against Jones are 5 hole. The word is out!

  173. leadfarmer says:

    That will teach these guys to take stupid penalties. Oh wait

  174. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    Well guys… looks like reinhart will be getting a call…

  175. hags9k says:

    He looks demoralized, like a guy who knows it’s bad. Just my far from expert opinion.

    Although I was pretty good at sussing out Hemsky’s body language…

  176. delooper says:

    I couldn’t see anything. Could be as minor as a blade change. But I have no idea what happened.

  177. Lucinius says:

    Now we just have to hold this two goal lead…

  178. russ99 says:

    That reminded me of the Yak game.

    Don’t remember such a just goal and release of pent up frustration after being so jobbed by the refs since.

    Keep it up boys, us against the world.

  179. Zelepukin says:

    Fuck. Does not look good for Klef.

  180. Pajamah says:

    Looks like a broken bone

    You shut your goddamn mouth!

  181. BONE207 says:

    Has any team won any game by shorties only?

  182. hags9k says:

    Maybe Sekera moves up and Fayne gets the call!

    Chowder and marching tomorrow. But not too early.

  183. Lucinius says:

    Ouch. That does not look good for Klef. Big hole on our D now.

    We can only hope it isn’t too bad, but my gut says he’s done for at least the series.

  184. SK Oiler Fan says:

    20% of this series played shorthanded. Should be 2 0 by the end of tbis game but it might not be

  185. unca miltie says:

    One more please

  186. delooper says:

    Oilers can play the remainder of the series 4 on 5, just keep McD on the ice. . .

  187. spoiler says:

    “LET’S GO OILERS!!!”
    “LET’S GO OILERS!!!”
    “LET’S GO OILERS!!!”

  188. The Hermit says:

    Playoffs, they’re freaking awesome.

  189. Spengler says:

    I’m just praying it’s like a lot of injuries I’ve had; the ones that hurt the worst at first, heal fastest.

  190. Lucinius says:

    unca miltie:
    One more please

    Yeah; definitely need another goal for insurance. Especially without Klef.

  191. spoiler says:

    Todd Macallan:
    3 of 4 goals against Jones are 5 hole. The word is out!

    Yes it is.

  192. Lloyd B. says:

    Woodmoney! Woodmoney! Woodmoney!

    How does Nurse Larsson work as a pairing?

  193. BeerMe says:

    Was that a record for the longest ozone time on a powerplay?

  194. Lucinius says:

    Did damn near everything but score there, geez.

  195. spoiler says:

    Unbelievable powerplay

  196. Crazy Pedestrian says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a power-play last an entire two minutes in the offensive zone without a whistle… DAMN!!

  197. BONE207 says:

    Hell of a heavy PP.

  198. Jon K says:

    The beauty of that McDavid goal: his slight fake to the inside just before juking to the outside, so he would get just enough separation from the defender to get the shot off undeflected.

  199. leadfarmer says:

    Love it. You’re up 2-0. Hit the puck as hard as you can at the PK.

  200. russ99 says:

    That was our best power play all year. Shame not to score.

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