5 for the Oilers

There’s an Edmonton Sun article this morning picking up a lot of steam relating to the Oilers and how close they’ll be to the cap. The article states Lowe and co will spend 45M, which is over 5M below the cap.

I’m not certain if the 45M number is quoted within the context of the previous cap number (48M), but there are all kinds of indications from various Oilers management people that the team would spend to within 5% of the cap (which would be about 48M). We’ll see.

Here’s 5 guys I’d like for the Oilers:

  1. Bill Guerin: 06-07SAL: $2.00M. Stats: 2.39EV points-per-hour, 3.29PP points-per-hour. He’s one of those players who we’ll have to tell the kids about, because he’s better than his career numbers imply. A dip a couple of years ago and his salad days in the deadball era have nicked his power numbers, but he’s been a beauty player for a long time now. At 36 he might be a guy they could sign for a year until some of the kids can help a little more. Most often played with Doug Weight and Martin Rucinsky this season.
  2. Petr Sykora: 06-07SAL: $2.9M. Stats: 1.71EV points-per-hour, 3.96PP points-per-hour. Sykora’s minus 20 doesn’t look good, and his point total for 82gp playing 16:39 a night on the top line should be better. He disappeared down the stretch (20gp, 2-2-4 to close out the year while going minus 15 in that time) but I’d be happy if they brought him back at 2.5M or so. Sykora’s a smart hockey player with tremendous skill and can move the puck and his feet on the PP. According to Desjardins, Sykora’s three most used linemates in 06-07 were Hemsky, Lupul and Petersen (!!!???!!!).
  3. Ladislav Nagy: 06-07SAL: $3.00M. Stats: 1.78EV points-per-hour, 4.74PP points-per-hour. I’ve always liked Nagy, although he’s not a “first shot scorer” so despite shooting left he’s not an ideal solution to the lets-find-Hemsky some help problem. Most often used linemates were Doan and Yanic Perreault in Phoenix. Ridiculous PP number, extremely skilled. Love to have him here.
  4. Paul Kariya: 06-07SAL: $4.50M. Stats: 2.48EV points-per-hour, 3.67PP points-per-hour. 32-year old speedster is a very nice match for Hemsky’s skills. 224 shots this year, 245 the year before, he’s played 82 games in three of the last 4 seasons. Unlike Hemsky in that he shoots from anywhere, and being a lefty the PP would/should get a mighty lift. Expensive fellow, he most often played with Erat and Legwand this season.
  5. Ryan Smyth. Enough said.

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20 Responses to "5 for the Oilers"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Kariya and Sykora and I’d be pretty happy. Kariya and Guerin and I’d be happier but I’d think they’d have to move Lupul to clear room on that right side.

  2. oilerdiehard says:

    Kariya is and has been since the trade deadline my first choice to get to play with Hemmer. Perfect fit and he played the opposite PP half-boards in Nashville to where Hemmer usually parks. I would be extremely happy.

    I would be more than okay with Nagy if we strike out going for the the home run with Kariya. Though a line of Nagy-Horcoff-Hemsky does not exactly scream goal scoring with all 3 hovering around the 12 to 16 goal mark last year.

    Guerin for the 2nd line (he is RW, correct?) would be a great addition. Torres-Stoll-Guerin would not be fun for opposition to play against.

  3. jerk clown says:

    Garon as our backup ‘tender please.

  4. Doogie says:

    Kariya and Guerin and I’d be happier but I’d think they’d have to move Lupul to clear room on that right side.

    You almost say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Truthfully, I forgot about Kariya. He’d definitely be an interesting option, but at what price? Looking at where the cap went, is he going to look for something in the range of $5-6M?

  5. SweatyO says:

    My hope:

    One of Kariya or Smyth plus one of Scott Hannan or Joni Pitkanen.

    I’ll also take a re-signed Hejda, a trade of Lupul to somewhere, and grit for the 3rd/4th line in some form (Kyle Calder? Ruslan Fedotenko?)

    It’s like waiting for Christmas and fearing that you’re likely going to get socks, based on past history…

  6. SKAHA TRUTH says:


    Read this before considering a job relo to Seattle. I am a Canadian that moved to Seattle two years ago. At the recommendation of my AAA Bantam coach, I joined SKAHA. Currently under investigation by USA Hockey, SKAHA is one of the most corrupt organizations in America. They also train in a grocery store with rats….truly a miserable experience that I want anyone to think about before moving to Seattle. Beautiful city, yes, but worst hockey imaginable!

  7. Lowetide says:

    skaha: PLUS there’s Democrats. :-)

  8. Lowetide says:

    A great quote btw in the EJ today from Kevin Lowe: “But if I throw all the money in the world at a particular player and he goes elsewhere, then I don’t know what else we can do.”

    ANSWER: Wait to get fired, Kevin. Wait to get fired.

  9. Black Dog says:

    doogie – who’d take him is the problem?

  10. Black Dog says:

    oh and how about Alex Auld for a backup?

  11. jon says:

    Kariya would definitely be a great fit for the top line and 1st PP, but he’s a smart guy and it’s possible he may wait to see if Selanne retires and then sign with his old team Anaheim for one more shot at the cup.

  12. mc79hockey says:

    Geez LT, that might not even have been the best Lowe quote in the interview: “This time, the economic situation is probably better for us,” Lowe continued in a conversation this week. “And maybe we have a better understanding of the marketplace.

    “It shocks all of us all the time when we see the dollars, but I do think we have a sense of what the market will be like.”

    Finally, seven years into the Lowe regime, the Oilers have a sense of what the dollars will be like.

    Incidentally, it looks to me like Gomez is their guy. Colour me not so impressed.

  13. NBOilerFan says:

    I have been frequent visitor since you started your blog LT, posted a few times before the change to requiring a google account and since have just been very happy reading article after article and the great comments/debates that follow.

    But after seeing this list I had to sign up and reply… because your list is identical to my list, no shit.

    My list also includes Pitkanen (though not looking very good) and and/or Redden (also not looking good). But would be happy with Tarnstrom and one of Hannan/Hamrlik (dream choice being Rafalski instead either), and resigning Hejda.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Incredible quotes this summer from Lowe. Most of us contradict ourselves but once you’re an adult someone usually calls you on it.

  15. Mr DeBakey says:

    In Goal – Curtis Sanford

    On D – Tarnstrom is OK. If they also sign Hejda & trade Grebs for Kubina,
    The D will almost look like it should’ve looked last year.

    LW – Kariya won’t come.
    Smyth? They WON’T pay him more July 1, than they offered Feb 27.
    Nagy, Uh-huh, could he make Simpson a good PP coach?.
    The guy who’s been growing on me is A. Fungus, No, I mean V. Kozlov. The guy’s a shooter.

    RW – Guerin, yes, or a very similar guy is Nolan. He had a decent season in the desert.
    How about Oulette? I don’t know enough about him, but he looks interesting

  16. Aaron Paquette says:

    I hope Lowe just sits tight a bit. Why not get some simple (and relatively inexpensive) dependability to help the youth along this year and go ahead and make some big deals for the huge list of RFAs and UFAs next year?

    Anyway, I like the list LT.

  17. Aaron Paquette says:

    …that is, if those teams don’t lock down their players before they become available (ie.Iginla).

  18. godot10 says:

    Why would we have to trade anything for Kubina?

    I’d tell Toronto, we’ll take Kubina’s contract, and we’ll take Alex Steen for taking Kubina’s contract off of your hands.

  19. Dennis says:

    Ouch, it hurts that you even listed Smyth, seriously. You know he’s not coming back, unless the Oilers are doing a wonderful job of keeping their talks secret, and all I’m left to hope for is he winds up in the EC but not with Mtl or TO.

    I’d like to have Kariya for sure. The guy shoots first and then asks questions later so he’d mesh well with Ales. Guerin might be a decent bargain too, though he had a big fade once he went to SJ last year. Nice pic of Billy, BTW. Settling the puck down before scoring that big goal in G7 in ’98

  20. Doogie says:

    BD: You just know someone’s gonna fall in love with his counting numbers from two years ago, take Kevin’s assurance that this was an off year and that he’d perform much better out of the spotlight (Florida, anyone?), and that we’d be happy to take a mid-range pick for him to clear up some salary room. Hey, it could happen.

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