Is The Oilers Drafting Record Really THAT Bad? (2002)

This is Jarret Stoll. If I’m honest about things his injury was probably the most depressing part of 06-07. For an organization to risk a fine young player by having him play too soon (even if it was his decision) is beyond comprehension.

Fortunately, it appears he will be fine (latest word has Stoll and Joffrey Lupul working on their conditioning in the town Juha Widinig made famous) and Stoll can continue a pretty solid career.

As a follow up to the 2001 look at the entry draft (I’ll do one more, 2003, but it’s pretty early for even 2002 to be honest), it looks like the Oilers have done fairly well so far in terms of talent development.

Here’s the NW Games Played:

Minnesota: PM Bouchard (273), Josh Harding (10), Barry Brust (11), Matt Foy (28), Christoph Brander (35)

Edmonton: Jarret Stoll (205), Matt Greene (105), Mikko Luoma (3)

Calgary: Eric Nystrom (2), Matt Lombardi (215)

Colorado: Jonas Johansson (1), Tom Gilbert (12)

Vancouver: Robert McVicar (1)

GP Totals

  1. Minnesota 357
  2. Edmonton 313
  3. Calgary 217
  4. Colorado 13
  5. Vancouver 1
  • Minnesota drafted 8th overall, and had 10 picks.
  • Calgary drafted 10th overall, and had 12 picks.
  • Edmonton drafted 15th overall, and had 15 picks.
  • Colorado drafted 28th overall, and had 10 picks.
  • Vancouver drafted 49th overall, and had 11 picks.
  1. Minnesota had the best draft (as they did in 2001), but we have to remember it’s an expansion team and some of these guys are playing early due to decreased organizational depth.
  2. Edmonton once again did well, although Stoll gets to the NHL much quicker due to draft re-entry.
  3. Calgary got Lombardi (also a re-enrty).
  4. Colorado got Gilbert.
  5. Vancouver got nothing.

Who is the best player in the NW from the 2002 draft? Stoll? Bouchard? Lombardi? Will Josh Harding emerge? What about Greene? And Gilbert?

Too much still to be written, but based on the progress so far it would be hard to use 2002 as a hammer on the Oilers procurement department.

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3 Responses to "Is The Oilers Drafting Record Really THAT Bad? (2002)"

  1. Bendelson says:

    No, surprisingly it’s really not all that bad LT. Considering that recent picks (Gagner and Cogliano) appear to be bonafide top prospects – and IMO Dubnyk will develop into an NHL #1 (yes, I’m a Blazer fan) – the Oilers draft record starts to appear almost good! Of course there will be misses, and a few big misses, but overall, a little consistency goes a long way.
    The next few years should really tell the story with opportunity knocking for so many high-end draft picks.

  2. Barry says:

    Compare post 2000 with with pre 2001 drafts:

    A substantial increase in quality.

  3. Doogie says:

    The problem with 2002 wasn’t with the depth. The problem was another blown first-rounder in Jesse Niinimaki.

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