Messier to the Hall

It’s kind of strange to be old enough to have seen a personal favorite climb from unknown to regular to impact player to all-time great to icon, but in the case of Mark Messier we’ve seen it happen before our eyes.

Just as there are stories told about the great DiMaggio, Maurice Richard and Joseph Barrow that seem larger than life, Mark Messier’s legend includes amazing feats of strength and skill.

Unlike the three above, there is video evidence of Mark Messier’s greatness. His Orr-like move in the Islanders series (and then the bullet) was a huge moment for a young team (almost as important as Fuhr’s historic shutout), and his performance in that Chicago game in spring 1990 remains the most Richard-like moment I personally have ever seen.

The HHOF rewarded Mark Messier for his career performance this week, sending him into the Hall of Fame without need for a slide or a throw.

Mark Messier is one of those rare players whose impact goes beyond the statistics and reaches to the very heights of the game’s history.

Hall of Fame. Inner circle. A goal, an assist, a fight and a high stick. Filthy.

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5 Responses to "Messier to the Hall"

  1. Black Dog says:

    For many Messier is the faded player with the Canucks and his second goround with the Rangers, the pitchman and the GM wannabe but in his prime, and it was a long stretch, he was one of the all time greats.

    Skilled, powerful and off his nut.

  2. PDO says:

    One of my favourites, and I never once saw him play on anything other than TV and tapes. He played the game like nobody else, and who knows how many of the power forwards of today modeled their game after Messier. He’s certainly made some interesting (poor…) choices over the years, but he was one helluva hockey player.

    That said..

    A lot of shine would come off if he’s going in as a Ranger. A lot. And for some reason, I can see him doing it.

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    strange to be old enough

    I saw freakin’ Messier while he was playing for the St Albert Saints.
    Just before he went to Indy.

    I wasn’t an AJHL fan, but my buddy’s girlfriend was working concessions at the arena.

    You kids
    Get offa My Lawn!!

  4. Dennis says:

    As much as I loved Larry Walker as a baseball player, Mess was my guy when it comes to hockey. It pisses me off that more people don’t talk about what he did that night in Chi in ’90. At the time I felt like the series was slipping away from the Oilers and Mess just grabbed in by the fucking throat and wouldn’t let it go.

  5. Black Dog says:

    pdo – I may be wrong but I don’t think guys go into the HHOF like they do in baseball, wearing a certain cap as it were

    I think its as an individual with body of work listed

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