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Dick Tarnstrom will return to Edmonton this fall. Details are not yet available (there has been a lot of talk about a large dollar amount being spent on Dick, possibly 3M according to Bob Stauffer) but he’s an NHL player and the Edmonton Oilers need them in bunches.

If we make a depth chart based on Dick+the guys currently on the roster, we get:


It isn’t exactly the Pronger-Oilers, but lord have mercy it’s better than the spring.

Tarnstrom addresses three issues: he helps the powerplay, he’s an NHL player and a veteran blueliner.

He made $1.6M when he left the NHL, and he turned 32 in January.

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11 Responses to "Return of Dick"

  1. Steve says:

    Where did you see that reported? I’d say it’s good news at anything up to $2.5 million or so, but I’m a little skeptical that a guy who wasn’t even good enough to play every night for the Pronger Oilers is worth three million to the current Oilers.

    Relatedly, why does there seem to be no interest in re-signing Tjarnquist? His 2006-2007 year obviously wasn’t what the Oilers hoped it would be, but he’s a reasonably priced NHL veteran defenseman – he strikes me as being more or less a Tarnstrom comp, only probably cheaper. But I’m hardly an expert.

  2. Steve says:

    And let me ask the question that’s doubtlessly at the top of all of our minds: what’s the going rate for Sven Butenschon these days, anyway?

  3. Asiaoil says:

    Bring in Hammer to play with Smith and drop Tarnstrom back to the 2nd unit with Staiso and I’m OK with that. Add Kariya to the top line and a couple of large angry men for the bottom six and I may even crack a small smile…..

  4. jon says:

    Tjarnquist still isn’t healthy and will need another surgery to repair his hip problems. He probably won’t play anywhere this year.

    The deal isn’t 3 million, no one actually knows what the deal is since it can’t go through until July 1st. Stauffer speculated it was 2.5-3.

  5. Whippy says:

    Isn’t Tarnstrom more of a 2nd-3rd pairing guy?

  6. Black Dog says:

    steve – I’m pretty sure (correct me if I’m wrong) that Tarnstrom was hurt for nearly his entire time with the Oilers

    Agreed that he’s best as a second or third pair guy (the further down the depth chart the better)but he can run a PP and if they can add another quality man plus Tarnstrom things are looking up.

  7. MikeP says:

    whippy – yes, which just shows how dire the Oilers need is. You’d play Smid or Grebeshkov ahead of him? Maybe Gilbert? At least Tarnstrom’s a known commodity, and he’s got playoff experience going deep (hell, any experience at all) – more than you can say for most of the rest of the blueline.

  8. Nelson88 says:

    Does this mean Hjeda is gone? If so I don’t like that move.

    Would not be adverse to trading for Kubina if the price was light (and probably would be). He is solid and although he might be overpaid the extra cap room freed for Toronto to outbid Calgary for Smyth’s services would be worth $1M – $2M a season just in decreased aggravation of not having to put up with Oiler fan outrage.

  9. Steve says:

    Well, that answers the Tjarnquist question.

    Another ignorant question: why couldn’t this deal go through before July 1? I thought that was just the date that players with expiring contracts became free agents. Tarnstrom’s a UFA already, no?

  10. Dennis says:

    This is probably the 1000th time I said it;) but yes, Tarnstrom was hurting while he was an Oiler and word was they had deal done for him back in the fall but he got hurt just as it was about to go down. We didn’t see a lot of him as an Oiler but I believe it was G4 of the SCF when him and Pronger played played on the same PP unit and while they didn’t score, I remember they were hitting the ball hard and it looked like just a matter of time.

    So, I think the guy’s defintely gonna help our PP, it will beat the fuck out of having Smid or Staios there, but I really don’t know how much we can count on him at ES. He racked up some big point totals and some big minus totals playing on some bad Pens teams in the mid ’00′s so we don’t really know how much he can do when he’s not on the PP.

    He’s worth a shot though for the PP and nothing else. We don’t have a guy here who can run one, well maybe Gilbert but he’s gotta learn enough to be able to play every night before we give him the keys to the special team units.

  11. Black Dog says:

    steve – not sure of the legalese but for some reason they can’t sign him until July 1. Also apparently contract extensions for guys who would be UFA next summer can’t be announced either until today – I have read in a couple of places that there may be some deals done but they cannot be announced until today. Why? Who knows?

    Dennis, Tarnstrom and Gilbert or Greene as the third pair is ok with me and he might be ok with Staios (might be) but he was the #1 guy in Pittsburgh. Not the role for him.

    Ideally they will sign someone up front and then likely move Smid or Greene plus Torres for someone to play with Smith. Guess we’ll see.

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