Sunday Night Draft Notes

I’ve been zipping through the draft and MAN there were some interesting selections. A few notes:

  1. According to today’s Journal, the Oilers selected one of the Euro’s on day 2 because Kent Nilsson was passionate about him. This is probably the most depressing thing I’ve heard in a year.
  2. The Oilers have given all kinds of explanations for why they chose Plante at #15 except the one that makes sense based on their own past: they’d taken a F, so the plan calls for a D. The Oilers don’t draft best player available, they draft for need.
  3. I wonder what Oilers fans would have done had Lowe drafted (as Washington did) Josh Godfrey at #34. He was ranked 149th on ISS, 141st North American skater by CSB.
  4. Redline report had all three of Edmonton’s first round picks….in the first round.
  5. ISS does a “style compares to” which doesn’t say how good he’ll be so much as who he looks like. For the Oilers the answers are:
  • Sam Gagner=Marc Savard
  • Alex Plante=Kyle McLaren
  • Riley Nash=Patrick Eaves

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8 Responses to "Sunday Night Draft Notes"

  1. oilerdiehard says:

    The most depressing thing you have heard in a year is that Nilsson was passionate about a 4th round pick? There are a lot worse things that have happened and he could have been passionate about some we off the board for in the 1st round. :)

    Have you heard Nilsson’s interview / recap about the kid? If that is passion he is showing in that interview, I feel bad for his wife.

  2. Boondock says:

    I wondered right after the Plante pick if we would have ended up with Cherepanov had Alzner been our pick at #6.

    Omark seems like a guy with no hope of ever playing, Kytnar put up pretty pedestrian stats in a very weak Slovak 1st league and Quist may or may not exist.

    Thank goodness for all these pending deals or I’d think we were in for another shitty year!!!!

  3. Shawn says:

    Good lord I hope Gagne isn’t like Marc Savard…

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    If its any consolation, RedLine’s Mock Draft had Plante going to Colorado 14th overall.

    Of course, Redline also had Esposito picked at 8 and Cherepanov 10th.

  5. Oil_4_Ever says:

    Year after year the Oilers scouting staff continues to blow me away. How can you justify an Ogar such as Plante at 15th when Esposito and Cherepanov were sitting there? Brutal. Prendergast should lose his job. Then there is the whole trading up to get Nash – again, brutal. I don’t know how these guys keep their jobs. I was so pumped to see the Oil come out with a great draft year – and all I feel is disappointment.

  6. Master Lok says:

    Lol, if Cherepanov and Esposito wasn’t available at 15 – would we still be disappointed with Plante and Riley?

  7. Barry says:

    Oil 4 ever,

    I am upset that they traded their second rounder to move to 21 but really, I don’t know what was really going on – nor do you. If they thought Nash was a good player and was going to get grabbed by someone else…

    We did not do the interviews, go to the combine, etc. I have never even seen these guys play. If Lowe looks into the eyes of Esposito and sees the next Bonsinore or hears about Cherapanov floating around like a young Nedved, I would be quite happy they did not take them. A lot of other teams passed on them too. If you are trying to build a team to win in the playoffs, you don’t want head cases which is the knock on both of those guys.

    Plante seems to be a good prospect: Big (6’5″), moves well, good outlet passing, good hockey sense. If you are the Oilers and think he is the best D man in the draft after Alzner, why get cute and get stuck with someone you don’t want?

    I don’t put a lot of stock in ISS or TSN or whoever. Look at their records, most of their top ranked guys never make it either.

  8. RiversQ says:

    Ugh, actually I don’t like any of those comparables.

    Savard’s a complementary player, McLaren’s a 2nd pairing guy and Eaves isn’t really much at this point.

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