Cammalleri Perfect?

The Los Angeles Kings are one of the strangest teams I’ve ever seen. They have a large number of very talented young forwards (Anze Kopitar, Mike Cammalleri, Alex Frolov, Dustin Brown) some talented defensemen who have a lot of experience (Visnovsky, Blake, Stuart, Modry, Preissing) and goaltending that is so bad the NHL should probably fine the Kings for not icing a competitive team (Dan Cloutier’s SP was .860! .860 in over 1200 minutes!).

I’ve read lots of nice things about LA General Manager Dean Lombardi but he isn’t really helping the resume these days. The San Jose Sharks experience doesn’t seem to be duplicating itself in southern California (IS Los Angeles south of San Jose? It must be.).

Bad organizations do dumb stuff. An example is happening to LA right now, as Mike Cammalleri is having a tough time getting a contract done. He said today (and I’m quoting a tsn article): ”The Kings have yet to make me an offer. There hasn’t been all that much communication. For me, I guess I can only take that as an indication of where I stand right now.”

Mike Cammalleri is a very valuable young hockey player. He made $1.7M last season, while Dan Cloutier made $3.1M and will do the same for the next two seasons. I’m not suggesting they pull a Lou in NJ and send Cloutier to the minors in order to swallow the money and save the cap (which is the best plan), but if the LA Kings are looking to save some dollars surely to God there are better ways than pissing off last season’s top scorer.

Hopefully this will get vicious and the Oilers can make a deal with Los Angeles. Cammalleri is an extremely attractive option.

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18 Responses to "Cammalleri Perfect?"

  1. doritogrande says:

    Deslauriers and a second rounder in 08 good enough to pry him away?

  2. PDO says:

    If Deslauriers and a second nets Mike Cammalleri I will take back every bad word I’ve ever said about Kevin Lowe ;).

    LA has lots of cap space, lots of young guys contributing already…

    I donno, but the only trade I see LA even considering with Edmonton at this point is either A) one revolving around Roloson or B ) one revolving around Stoll.

  3. uni says:

    Deslauriers and a second rounder for Cammalleri?

    To start the Oil traded their 2nd rounder for a career AHL defender, and to follow that up, it’s Mike freaking Cammalleri. If Lowe pulls that trade off I’m going to be wondering what the pictures Lowe has of Lombardi are.

  4. oilerdiehard says:


    I am hoping his arb decision comes in higher than expected and LA seems to not want to pony up for this kid. Likewise if that is the case they do want much salary in return. If that is the case we could possibly be a viable trading partner. We have some cap room and the picks and prospects they may want in return.

    Then maybe they turn around flip something a pick for Raycroft or Gerber or whoever. Either way them dragging their feet certainly says to me they do not want any part of paying the kid big dollars.

    I wonder if Minnie is wishing maybe they had held on to Fernandez a bit longer? I could see them trying to pair Cloutier with Cammalleri for a good goaltender but who would do that and have the cap space to take on both those guys if Camm gets some big money? Maybe NJ but no way they are trading Brodeur…

  5. Art Vandelay says:

    Meanwhile, back on Earth…
    Crawford has rebuilt the Vancouver Canucks, circa 2003: Fast, explosive up front, mobile but not particularly tough on the back end, and Cloutier the Terrible in net. Too bad the Kings don’t play in the NW div, because they’ll be fun to watch. But it’s fun to see a guy go to such great lengths to prove that winning the Cup was an aberration and selecting a defencemen for an Olympic shootout instead of Gretzky was more indicative of his mental capacity.

  6. Ratpack says:

    I honestly though that this was part of Lowe’s Vanek plan, as a safety. So that if he wasn’t able to get Vanek, he would at least push the arbitration rewards much higher, thereby forcing one of the teams to trade one of their RFA’s.

  7. dawgbone says:

    Uh, uni…

    The Oilers gave up Anaheim’s 2nd rounder for that career AHL defender and a 3rd.

    They still have their own 2nd round pick left.

  8. Showerhead says:

    DB – do you have a link for that one? I want to believe it but I never saw something to prove that effect.

    Re: Cammalleri, he is a kid I am very high on. Done all of the right things at all of the right levels, entering peak years, etc. I really do wonder what it would take to land him in a deal though.

  9. Tyler says:

    …Cloutier the Terrible in net.

    LaBarbera has game. They’re gonna be ok in net.

  10. jon says:

    Cammalleri is a guy I’ve been noting could be headed for a trade in the near future. He’s made it clear he’s going to test the UFA market and he’s had tough contract talks two years in a row now. He’ll likely get in the 5 million range if it gets to an arbitrator, and I think Lowe would take that. Could cost us Smid/Greene, Nilsson, and a pick though.

  11. MetroGnome says:

    What’s this about the Oil making an offer to Dustin Penner?

  12. jon says:

    Lowe makes another offer sheet, to Penner this time. Average 4.3 million meaning comp is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this year. Penner signed.

  13. jon says:

    Makes you wonder if this wasn’t Lowe’s plan for replacing Smyth all along. Penner would play in the front of the net on the PP, likely making the 1st PP Hemsky, Penner, Horcoff, Souray, and Pitkanen. The compensation is so much that it is essentially a sign and trade, as I think most GMs would at least consider very carefully the picks coming back for a previously UNDRAFTED player.

  14. Dennis says:

    Off the hop, this doesn’t seem very sensible. At the rate per annum, it means the Oilers will give up a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Considering where this team would finish in ’08, I wouldn’t want to give away a 1st for the likes of Penner, and this is from a guy that really likes Penner, and considering that ’08 stands to be a super class, this seems like a super dumb move.

  15. Black Dog says:

    Not a huge fan of this one.

    I presume Burke will match.

    I hope so.

  16. Doogie says:

    Part of me wants to keep a death grip on that first. Part of me wonders if the Oilers won’t wind up improving to the point where they’re back in 11th place or so and out of the lottery. I mean, how far down does the Holy Shit Awesome part of the draft extend? Part of me also wonders if this isn’t also just to fuck with Burke after the Pronger deal. I mean, isn’t Anaheim pretty tight against the cap without knowing whether Teemu and Sneidermayer were coming back?

  17. Dennis says:

    I don’t think Burke will match that one. I don’t know why Teemu hasn’t decided to return and I don’t know where Ana’s at on the payroll tip but I just can’t see Burke being able to fit in Penner and bring back Neidermayer and/or Selanne. Like I said though, we need the full picture for that.

    And while I don’t mind Lowe trying to get back at Burke, he gave brian a cup and we got smid, lupul and a few shots in the dark in return. Burke has won that deal and he’ll continue to until the Oilers win a Cup where one of the five assets plays a significant role.

    A good point though on just how much this team will suck and is it to the point of lottery territory. If we’re gonna finish say 8-10 in the picking;) order, maybe it’s worth giving that up for Penner.

  18. Black Dog says:

    Looking at Anaheim’s cap numbers one wonders if Burke matches. Burke always says that you pay the right guys. With Getzlaf and Perry coming due next season and the Ducks on the hook for some big salaries already – Pronger, Giguere, Niedermeyer if he stays, Selanne ditto, Schneider, Bertuzzi – one wonders if he just won’t drive him to the airport and say ‘good luck’.

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