Oilers Salary Update

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Goal- Roloson (3.667M), Garon (1.2M)
Defense- Souray (5.4M), Pitkanen (EST 2.4M), Staios(2.7M), Tarnstrom (2M), Greene (1.15M), Grebeshkov (950k), Smid (915k)
Center- Horcoff(3.6M), Stoll(2.2M), Reasoner(950k), Pouliot (942k)
Left Wing- Sanderson (1.5M), Torres (2.25M), Moreau (2M), Nilsson (1.013M)
Right Wing- Hemsky(4.1), Pisani(2.5M), Thoresen (570k), Stortini (534k)
Extras- Jacques (668k), This Year’s Tobias Petersen(EST 450k)

TOTAL: 23 players
RUNNING TOTAL: $43,659,000
ROOM: $1,341,000

The goaltending is fine, the defense has more experience but could use a veteran stay-at-home type (Don Awrey, we’re always in need of a Don Awrey). Center’s fine, right wing could use Mike Johnson and left wing needs someone to tip in Hemsky’s ridiculous passes.

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20 Responses to "Oilers Salary Update"

  1. Kyle Kosior says:

    Assuming a trade is upcoming, are we looking for an even up salary exchange? Do we trade a roster D-man (Greene) and use that money for a UFA?

  2. Lowetide says:

    kyle: I think at this point they’ll trade one or more of Greene, Jacques and Horcoff. I’ve had a bad feeling about Horcoff’s future since the collapse.

  3. James L. says:

    It would be a travesty to let Horcoff go, unless the return was really good.

    I really hope we keep him, whatever the case.

  4. uni says:

    Lowetide, you just stop that Horcoff trade talk right now! I won’t hear of it! AHLALALALALALALALALALALALALA I can’t hear you LALALALALALALALALA!

  5. Dennis says:

    There’s no goddamn reason for this team to only spend 45 mill and if that’s indeed the case, the Souray contract is horrendous. I’m only keeping away from the pills:D because I’m believing for once that this cheap bunch of pricks are actually gonna spend close to the cap, say 48 mill.

    But if they don’t and this is the imputus for a deal of Horc as a salary dump, well then Lowe’s fucked us again.

  6. Pat says:

    Not that I’m saying you’re wrong, but can you explain why it is that Brownlee/Stauffer were suggesting this afternoon that we’ve still got around 9 million in cap space?

  7. Shawn says:

    I think it’s really important to note that Souray is actually making 6.5 or something this season.

    The Oiler budget is NOT based on cap number, it’s based on actual salary.

  8. Pat says:


    This site helps a bit, but it does not include some of the players that I think LT rightly includes.

  9. Lowetide says:

    pat: They’re not counting all the roster positions. We can make that kind of a list, too:

    1. Roloson (3.667M)
    2. Garon (1.2M)

    3. Souray (5.4M)
    4. Staios(2.7M)
    5. Tarnstrom (2M)
    6. Greene (1.15M)
    7. Smid (915k)

    8. Horcoff(3.6M)
    9. Stoll(2.2M)
    10. Reasoner(950k)
    11. Pouliot (942k)

    Left Wing
    12. Sanderson (1.5M)
    13. Torres (2.25M)
    14. Moreau (2M)
    15. Nilsson (1.013M)

    Right Wing
    16. Hemsky(4.1)
    17. Pisani(2.5M)
    18. Thoresen (570k)
    19. Stortini (534k)

    Now all they have to do is add Pitkanen and fill out the roster (they are 4 below the max at 19 listed above).

    Which is what will cost them the additional dollars. The 19 men above represent 39M, 11 million dollars below the salary cap.

    However, Pitkanen will take a bunch, plus those four players even at 500k per player put the Oilers at 44.2M of their stated cap.

    They DON’T have any room unless they’re going to spend to the cap, and we all know they’re not going to do it.

  10. Pat says:

    LT: thanks for the clarification. If your number is right, it would be absolutely hilarious if Buffalo did the last second turnaround and put Vanek in our laps after all. Not that I think it will happen, but the issue has enough teeth to make Stauffer and Gregor confirm that Buff has not yet officially submitted the docs to the NHL.

    As for Souray and the cap, I think the price is ok for a couple years, but I don’t like being tied to him for so long. I like Souray’s attitude, but from an organization standpoint this move doesn’t make too much sense, except for PR – this was Lowe making good on his promise to make a splash on the UFA market. I also think Souray had his career year this year. I expect his point production this year to be the same as, say, M.A. Bergeron. Just at 5 times the price. :P

  11. Nelson88 says:

    Anyone see any chance of getting someone like Eric Christensen (sp?) in exchange for a young defender?

    I know he is a natural C but think he can play some wing and really impressed me while following WBS. Great shot and might be a good fit with Hemsky and Horc

    Unfortunately, Penguins have Letang and Goglioski to break in as young D but clearly the organization is familiar with and like Gilbert and Brodziak so they may have higher trade value than with some other potential partners. Penguins also have loads of talented forwards so EC is kind of lost in the mix.

    Any other relatively cheap up and coming LW that could be exchanged for a good up and coming D?? I like Gilbert and Grebs but not a lot of room at the inn with SS now in the fold.

  12. SweatyO says:

    Money aside, we need a top-end LW. Some sort of 3rd/4th liner who can play some minutes (Johnson, Gelinas, etc.) is also a need.

    The surplus right now is on the blueline. Seven guys listed plus Tom Gilbert knocking at the door.

    As such….who here is open to the idea that they perhaps shop Smid in order to bring in that LW that we need for Hemsky?

    Hypothetically, let’s say they can land a Gelinas or Johnson for a million a year or less. If you offered up Smid and the Anaheim 1st in 2008 for Erik Cole, does Carolina bite?

    Cole Stoll Hemsky
    Torres Horcoff Pisani
    Moreau Pouliot Johnson/Gelinas
    Sanderson Reasoner Thoresen
    EXT: Jacques, Stortini

    Pitkanen Staios
    Souray Grebeshkov/Tarnstrom
    Greene Gilbert

    Roloson and Garon in goal.

    I’m having trouble warming up to this Souray signing. I’d have rather seen them spend the money on Danny Markov at half the price, to be completely honest. Leaves additional money to add both Johnson and Gelinas, rather than just one of them.

  13. Bendelson says:

    This is a great signing. If for no other reason than to say, yes, we have addressed multiple concerns with one fell swoop.
    PP? Much better today.
    Pitkanen? Much better today.
    Team toughness was finally addressed with certainty.

    The loss of Smith’s toughness is no longer a factor – though I think a Greene trade now would be a step back. Depth and toughness on defense is how you please MacT and get results.

    Pitkanen – Staios
    Souray – Greene
    Smid – many options

    That’s the right mixture of toughness and puck moving.

    Whether we paid too much for Souray is not the point. He offers the package we desperately needed and it makes the Oilers relevant.

    Yeah, that Johnson signing is starting to make more sense now.

    Outside of something small such as that, laying low right now and playing the rookie forwards early in the season could see someone step forward (Trukhno LT?). More players will be coming available on the trade market soon enough.

    Unless Marleau (or another center of equivalent stature) is in the picture, I don’t think trading Horcoff helps the Oil at all…
    Depth up the middle is far more important IMO than on the wing (where players are more easily interchanged).

    Wow, could the Oilers really be close to competing in the playoffs??

    (Note the genuine enthusiam )

  14. jon says:

    With an estimated first year salary of 4 million for Pitkanen, my figure for the Oilers’ actual cash salary sits at 44 million right now with one or two bottom roster spots to fill.

    So yes, unless we are sending a million or two back the other way, getting a salary in the 4 million range (Cole) seems unlikely. Still possible I suppose though.

  15. Big T says:

    SNET is reporting the Souray’s salary breaks down as follows:

    -$6.25MM plus $1.50MM signing bonus in yr#1
    -$6.25MM plus $1.50MM signing bonus in yr#2
    -$5.50MM in yr#3
    -$4.50MM in yr#4
    -$4.50MM in yr#5

    TOTAL = $30.0MM over 5yrs for a cap hit of $6.00MM per year. Hope they’re wrong ’cause everything else I’ve heard has been $5.40MM per year.


  16. Mr DeBakey says:

    The question is

    Does the $6.25 in the first two years include the signing bonus or not.

    If you take out the $3.0 in bounsi
    that leaves 27/5=5.4

  17. momentai says:

    Since both TSN and Sportsnet are listing it as a 27 million dollar contract, I’d say that the bonuses are included in the first two seasons.

    I must say that I was quite surprised that Lowe would opt for Sheldon Souray. I saw the news on a sports ticker as I’ve been trying to recover from getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday (my face looks like a bobblehead doll right now). A career season in shooting percentage and on the pp doesn’t fill me with the greatest of confidence that he’ll be able to keep pace. And on a team that needs more defenders at ES, this might be an issue. Though, I imagine that MacT is on board with this signing so I’ll see what comes about this season.

  18. Dennis says:

    Are you mentioning Christensen because he’s from Alberta?:) He was doing Ok with the Pens early on but really got lost in the shuffle once they picked up Roberts. He does have a great shot though and was money early on in SO’s as well, it was around the time when I started watching a lot of Pens games because the Oilers weren’t really fit to watch and I needed a fix. Nice eye on how our prospects would hold more value to the Pens because of the shared affiliation though. That could undeniably be a factor. But they’ve also got a glut on D and even with that Gogolski kid, I was reading yesterday that he’s shooting to make the big club but he knows he’ll most likely start in the A.

    Of the eight dmen, Gilbert doesn’t have a one way deal and we still have waiver rights on him so as much as I liked him last year in his brief run, he’s clearly gonna start the year in the A or at least he would if the season began today. Staios and Smid hole the most value in a trade and I doubt either’s going through the door and if Tarnstrom had a lot of value then other teams better off then Edm would’ve shown him that in FA offers. Grebs is still unproven and while I think Gilbert has some value, what are you getting for a guy with less than 20 GP in the league? Simply put, we are super thin up front and we finally need to move some pitching for some hitting, whereas last year it was the opposite. But there’s no way that we have anyone that we can move that would actually net us anything tangible.

    More and more it’s looking like we need a Johnson as a FA to take the tough min, as an aside I think Scott Nichol could’ve done this for us as well but he went back to Nsh before July 1st, and we have to hope that one of the kids, GULP, can drive the PP up front.

    10-16-14-83-34 are untouchable and trading them to try and upgrade the forwards corps is more than likely not the best bet. Among the kids we might be able to afford to trade,78 seems like the best bait. Him alone won’t be enough to garner the scoring forward we need, and let’s be honest we need an outscorer and a PP producer and it’s hard to find a guy that’s both but that’s what we should be shooting for, ie I heard Ryan Smyth will be available in six years time. Anyway:D, Pouliot plus a 1st plus a D prospect is probably what we will or should be peddling. If you deal him off though, you’d better lock up Horc and Stoll and hope that Cogs is the next Pouliot.

    The latter’s probably a damn good bet but the former’s iffy. In the new NHL you either gotta have the bucks, you gotta have draft picks more than covering your bets or you gotta rip off other GM’s in deals. The Ducks are the latest champions and they had factors two and three in spades. Unless RN or RS really really carry some offensive heft, the Oilers are gonna have to do it via UFA or trade-raping.

  19. Devin says:

    we have to hope that one of the kids, GULP, can drive the PP up front.

    This is what I don’t understand about the Souray signing. Showerhead’s post at IOF outlined the only reasonable scenario in which that signing could make even a tiny bit of sense, but now here were are with only three legitimate PP forwards on the roster, one of them being a pointman. Do they think RN or RS will step right in and light it up opposite Hemsky? Do they expect Horcoff will need to rack up a lot more PP minutes (the only thing that makes sense)? Then who picks up the slack ES? Does Horc trim the PK minutes given a healthy Moreau, or does he just have to play 24 min/night regardless? Can we really be sure of what we have in Thor and 78 in terms of being low-event, responsible guys? So many fucking question marks it’s driving me nuts, and the Souray signing only leads to more questions and fewer solutions. Someone joked last year that Horcoff must have been pissed when they signed Sykora as a “C” for the PP — well imagine how he feels now.

    Dennis, like you I am an avid watcher of the Pens – you can’t beat them for entertainment value. I think the consensus in Pit is Letang makes the team as the 3rd pairing RD (they brought Sydor in to babysit him), leaving them only Goligoski as a solid D prospect in the A. I am sure they’d like to beef up their D depth chart, and a Chorney, Petry, or Plante might hold some value there. I can’t see them or anyone really wanting Tom Gilbert when they could just wait three years until he’s become a real NHL-er and take him as UFA. Sadly, same goes for Matt Greene. What just might be possible, however, is fooling them into overvaluing JF Jacques, or Brodziak or even Spurgeon, all of whom were great in WBS.

  20. Nelson88 says:

    No, the alberta connection was actually an after thought ;)

    I liked WBS. They were entertaining to watch. To bad they will pretty much be average to suck this year.

    While I am not as pessimistic as some on this board I will admit to being more excited about Springfield than the Oilers in the upcoming year.

    There is some real quality down there and I like the make-up of the team (as it stands today). I would be willing to bet a nice bottle of white (LT?) the long suffering fans get their first taste of playoffs in quite some time. Bodes well for the Oilers over the next few years as well….

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