Pitkanen Signed

The Oilers signed defender Joni Pitkanen to a very reasonable contract today, a 1 year deal for $2.4M. ALL of Pitkanen’s arrows are pointed in the right direction and the odds of him covering that number in today’s NHL is huge (a slam dunk, as they say).

It also gives the Oilers some interesting options in regard to the rest of the summer and who they can afford to bring in. If you click on the Oilers Running Salary Update to the right, a reasonable estimate has the Oilers at about $1.3M under the $45M cap we believe to be the EIG’s outer marker.

Among other things it means the Oilers COULD trade for a Jagr if they decided to go for the cap number, although there is no real evidence that’s about to happen. A Kevin Lowe interview on Edmonton radio today implied they are talking about dealing an established defender (pick your poison) for a quality forward. I have zero idea who that player would be, but the actual cap gap (50.3M-43.6M=6.7M) should allow for pretty much ANY player in the NHL based on the fact that some salary would no doubt be headed the other way.

COULD the Oilers trade for Jagr? Elias? Jokinen? Hossa? Gagne? St. Louis? Whoever it is, he better be good.

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7 Responses to "Pitkanen Signed"

  1. Tyler says:

    An established defender? What Tarnstrom is going to return Jagr? Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Lowetide says:

    tyler: Which is why I said “there’s no real evidence that’s about to happen.”

    The Oilers do have some assets for a drowning Kevin Lowe to offer though, including Pitkanen and that 2008 1st rd pick which you could argue may end up being a lottery pick.

  3. jadeddog says:

    well im really scared that lowe is gonna move smid or staois or greene…. tarnstrom is a 1 year solution, so we cannot count on him coming back to fill the hole left by any of those 3 defenders next season… smid is too promising to trade…. staois is reliable, fairly cheap and one of our few remaining leaders in the dressing room…. greene is going to be out smith in a couple years, and thats a very valuable player

    basically, i want lowe to stand pat unless its an absolute steal of a deal…. even if we bring in a *very* good 1st line LW to play with hemsky, we’re still a borderline playoff team… so why bother? id rather suck this year and take my shot at doughty and stamkos in the draft

  4. oilerdiehard says:

    I did not hear the established defender part in his interview. What immediately came to my mind was Smid.

  5. Pat says:

    I agree with the comments of both Tyler and LT above.

    LT: while it’s clear that the Oil have the back-end assets, it seems ridiculous to give up either Pitkanen or Smid at this point. To me, these are pretty much the sole future bright spots in an otherwise brutal GM-ing year by Lowe (I’d add Garon and Tarnstrom as bright spots, but at lesser levels).

    Personally, if he were to move an established D, my first pick would be, uh…Souray. Oh wait, that was our PR UFA signing. In that case, we’d better deal off somebody more integral to the team. :(

    I hate how the drowning Lowe you mention was inexplicably (though perhaps only temporarily) rescued by a Souray life-saver.

  6. Bendelson says:

    Curious rumour. Hadn’t heard about that one LT.

    I know you have kept your distance from this rumour LT – but, seriously, it’s more than a little bit of a stretch. MAYBE, the Oilers brass raises the cap a little for the right top 6 forward – but to spend to a 50m cap? In Edmonton??

    Not to mention the simple truth that a player like Jagr would VERY LIKELY not pick up late in his career and move to a shitty team in Edmonton anyways. No way. Have we learned nothing from the last few years..? Certain player types aren’t an option in Edmonton – even if they are ‘available’.

    Don’t get my wrong LT, I enjoy a good rumour – that one just reaks.

    OK just one more point on Jagr trade rumours.

    IF such a trade could exist in this dimension – who thinks the NYR ‘Jagr’ would show up in Edm?? I’d hazard a guess that the Washington Capitals ‘Jagr’ would be a far more likely scenario… and who wants to see THAT in an Oiler jersey?

    I’m with Jadeddog. I don’t see a big long-term risk in standing relatively as is, and waiting for the RIGHT trade. Bringing in someone that isn’t going to stick around and grow with the team makes no sense to me.
    We aren’t one or two players away from the cup!!

    All that because of Jagr…
    Damn you Jaromir!

  7. original fan says:

    I find it very disconcerning that it is a one year contract, very…

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