Reasonable Expectations for AHL Prospects (LW)

This is Liam Reddox, one of the few players you’ll ever find whose draft day bio is clearly out of time with the actual player. Reddox was listed as 5-9, 175 on draft day, when in fact he was 5-11, 185.

The draft day info I gathered had to do mostly with skill set and footspeed, but Redline Report (one of two outstanding draft guides, along with ISS) had this to say in their 2004 Draft Guide:

Liam Reddox — Agitator extraordinaire. Industrial strength abrasive. Plays like a pit bull — locks on and won’t let go.

Who knows if he’ll make the show, but he’s an interesting player to keep track of this season.


  1. Jean Francois Jacques (22)- I decided to list him on the AHL team and to keep Nilsson for the Oilers roster stuff I’ll do later in the summer. Both might be traded by then and it’s an open question as to which one will get the roster spot but Jacques could benefit from beating up on Triple A pitching for 20 games or so before getting the call. Huge winger, strong as an ox, hits like a freight train and based on the AHL summaries I’ve read he’s too good for that league. However, he’s layed an egg bigger than Vegreville’s each time he’s played an NHL game. Reasonable expectations: No matter how many games he plays in the show this year, he needs to be better every shift. And it wouldn’t kill him to get a freaking point, either.
  2. Slava Trukhno (20)- Has a wide range of skills, including size, skill and grit. He’s my pick to be the ‘Patrick Thoresen’ this fall. Reasonable expectations: He’s a longshot to make the big club, but I think he’ll have a better offensive season as a 20-year old in the AHL than any Oiler prospect (at the same age) in recent history.
  3. Brock Radunske (24)- He’s scored 64 goals in 118 ECHL games, which sounds impressive but really means that he can’t crack an AHL lineup. Big kid who came out of university early and has been wandering the hockey backroads since (Greenville, Grand Rapids, Stockton). Reasonable expectations: A season in the AHL.
  4. Liam Reddox (21)- Scored only 8 goals in 70 ECHL games this season. Reddox should get a good shot in the AHL this season based on age and skill set. Reasonable expectations: He needs to be a lot better offensively, but he’s an interesting prospect who might be able to play the disturber role.
  5. Tim Sestito (23 in August)- 2-way winger with grit who hasn’t played much in the AHL since turning pro. He once desribed himself as a player thusly: “I think mainly I’m out there to get things going with a hit or a forecheck and specifically to keep the puck out of our net. I think my defensive part of the game is getting better and if I can chip in with some points, that’s always a plus.” Reasonable expectations: Role player in AHL.

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9 Responses to "Reasonable Expectations for AHL Prospects (LW)"

  1. speeds says:

    Only problem is the Oilers don’t need a “Patrick Thoresen” LT.

    They need a “Paul Stastny”.

    Can Trukhno, Pouliot, Cogliano, Gagner or Schremp be that guy? Let’s hope so…

  2. jon says:

    The best part of weekend mornings is logging in and reading the flood of posts here LT. Hopefully JFJ’s streak doesn’t pull Pouliot down again this year.

  3. Dennis says:

    If Truk starts putting up some points in SF, it could really “transform” our prospect pile.

    Ok, I’ll stop now;)

    I thought Radunske went to Europe or something, didn’t he?

    Mike’s right though, we need to come home with someone hot, not the fat missus who’s been after us for years;)

  4. Black Dog says:

    Yep, I’m tired of guys who come along slowly but surely. I know that’s the way of the world and all and its better then getting kicked in the head but just once I’d like someone like, well, Paul Stastny or the kid from SJ – Pickles.

    Someone who comes in in his first year and really makes a difference.

    Maybe when we get Tavares.

  5. Nelson88 says:

    Here! Here!

    However; that would also entail having a coach who was willing to play the young, talented guys in prime scoring roles.

    Not trying to knock MacT as he is a good coach but gee whiz. Would it hurt to at least try a new tact and let a young guy play 1st or 2nd line and let the multitude of defensively responsible forwards (moreau, thoreson, pisani, etc., etc.) form a very effective shut down line. The Devils seem have had some success with it for like 10 years already!!

  6. Black Dog says:

    Up front is almost as big a mess as the back end in terms of mixing and matching. Put Pisani and Torres with anyone and you have a solid line. So I would think you would have them play with Stoll who they need to take on some tough minutes. Then it all depends on Horcoff’s role. Do you play him with Moreau and Sanderson and let Hemsky play the soft stuff with Pouliot and whomever comes out of the pack – Nilsson, Schremp, Trukhno?

    Then Thoresen, Reasoner, Brodziak as your fourth line?

    That’s a mess. So say Hemsky, Horcoff and a kid, with Pouliot between Moreau and Sanderson or Thoresen.

    They need Pouliot to be ready to play and they need someone to step forward on the LW and be ready to play a role – either tough minutes or working with Hemsky. Nilsson would be the one possibility I see for the latter.

  7. Oil Stain says:

    I think the bottom three wingers will be in tough to make the AHL team this year.

    The cutoff may be right after Trukhno. With the rest possibly on pressbox duty or in the ECHL.

    They only dress 11 forwards in the AHL and the Oilers already have five centers(Schremp, Cogliano, O’Marra, Brodziak, Spurgeon) possibly six if Almtorp comes over.

    So after JFJ, Trukhno and the 5 centers that leaves only room for 4 other regulars. Stortini might be there as well.

    You have to think that Rohlfs, McDonald,(if signed) and Bodie have to be ahead of the left wingers on the AHL depth chart.

  8. Ribs says:

    Reddox looked very undersized at last years camp. It was also pretty annoying to watch him play as he really is an agitator. He takes himself out of the play to agitate any chance he gets.

    He has “Project” written all over him.

  9. Ribs says:

    …Also need to mention Brock Radunske has signed with the Augsburg Panthers of the German Hockey League for this year.

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