Running Depth Chart and $$ Count

I thought it might be an idea to post this and then update as needed over the next while. We know Tarnstrom and Grebeshkov will be added but don’t have the number so I’ve estimated the number. I’ve also estimated RFA numbers and thrown Toby Petersen in as a UFA to give the roster that “Washington Capitals 74-75″ authentic look.

There’s a lot of work to do here, this looks like an expansion team in several spots.

  • GOAL- Roloson (3.667M), no backup yet (EST 900k)
  • DEFENSE- Pitkanen (EST 3.2) Staios(2.7M), Tarnstrom (EST 2.11M), Greene (EST 1.1M), Smid (915k), Gilbert (908k), Grebeshkov (EST 900k)
  • CENTER- Horcoff(3.6M), Stoll(2.2M), Reasoner(950k), Pouliot (942k)
  • LEFT WING- Moreau(2M), Torres(EST1.9M), Sanderson (1.5M), Nilsson (1.013M)
  • RIGHT WING- Hemsky(4.1), Pisani(2.5M), Thoresen (570k), Stortini (534k)
  • EXTRA F’s- Jacques (668k), Tobias Petersen(EST 450k)

23 players there. Cap number estimate is $39,327,000. Going by the Oilers’ imposed cap number of $45M, that leaves $5,673,000 in cap room. The Oilers have so few actual NHL players (I’m not including the kids who are trying to establish themselves) that I cannot imagine they can get to the fall as a contender in the NW from where they sit today.

Kevin Lowe, the stage is set. Are you Sam Pollock?

UPDATE: I’ve added in the new guys with an estimate for Pitkanen (completely uneducated, I have no idea what he’ll get). Oilers look a little stronger on LW (not a bunch but Sanderson is an NHL player) and clearly have some more options on RW for the 2line and 4line.

UPDATE 2: Tarnstrom’s contract is 2.111M, so I’ve added it and adjusted the numbers. Still to confirm on Nylander.

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26 Responses to "Running Depth Chart and $$ Count"

  1. Dennis says:

    Well, there you go.

    Even if they remove Lupul’s pact, there’s really only so much room the Oilers have and thus only so much damage Lowe can do before he’s fired or just not re-upped

  2. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: My list is a little misleading because end of the roster could be much less expensive (more Stortini’s and fewer Nilsson’s) but yeah there’s a limited number of things he can do right now (unless he deals Lupul).

  3. uni says:

    I’m all for Guerin and a bunch of the one year contracts. Guerin-Horcoff-Hemsky would take some of the sting from Smyth away.

    Pisani-Stoll-Torres is as solid a second line as you could want (provided Pisani gets confused and thinks it’s the playoffs again and Torres fulfills his promise as a 20+ goal scorer).

    Both of those lines would make good EV heavy lifting lines.

    But that leaves Lupul-Pouliot-Moreau, Kid-Reasoner?-Kid/Peterson?, and god only knows on defense.

    If Pouliot plays like a freak (Bergeron in Beantown comes to mind), Pisani starts scoring, Torres figures it out and gets stuck in ‘ON’ mode, Stoll’s head clears, Hemsky freaking shoots more, Horcoff’s bad luck was all spent last season, Lupul’s workouts with Stoll helps him turn the corner like Stoll seemed to last season, Smith and Staios can hold on for one more season, Smid discovers his offensive game and matures freakishly, Grebeshkov turns out to be a steal (with his RSL experience), Greene can become that consistently solid 5-6 defensive D-man, if if if if, the Oilers could surprise.

    But only if the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars…

  4. Dennis says:

    This is the dawning of the…

    Well, can Guerin play tough min anymore? And I’d have no problem with a 18-78 tandem being asked to play the secondary tough min. I myself have some questions about 78′s offensive potential, though that might round up with some GP, but outta the gate the kid knows what to do to keep the puck out of the net. That’s evident when you watch him behind his own blue.

  5. Dennis says:

    The problem is the Oilers somehow somwhere need to add, besides Tarnstrom, someone who can make the PP hum. And it would also be nice if he could play the tough min too.

    Someone like say, Ryan Smyth for instance

  6. uni says:

    Barret Jackman somehow had a +20 rating on the Blues last season? Wonder if they’ll take Greene and Roy for him in St. Lois…dare to dream.

    Well. Blueskying again, Hrabel and Gresbeshkov will turn out to be rocket shots from the point PP wizards, teeing up Hemsky passes left and right.

  7. uni says:

    Unless of course Craig Simpson isn’t the PP coach anymore…then we could have the possibility of a low play.

  8. Doogie says:

    This assumes, of course, that the Oilers’ budget is actually $45M, and not closer to $47-48M, which is more in line with what most teams with money will be doing (and make no mistake, the Oil have the money — it’s the willingness that’s in doubt). Having $8.7M to play with instead of $5.7M could make a tremendous difference.

  9. Dennis says:

    Yeah, I just remember how good Stuart looked as an Oiler rental last year and that makes me lean to the 45 mill figure.

  10. uni says:

    If Neidermeyer doesn’t retire:


    Lord almighty…next thing you know Kariya will sign for 4.5 million for 2 years to replace Selanne.

  11. Lowetide says:

    There’s some nice signings already. Poti to WASH makes complete sense, he’s a DEFENSIVE upgrade over much of what they’ve had and a nice PP option.

    I like the McLean signing and Schneider’s always been a favorite of mine and Anaheim continues to show the way.

    I understand Lowe finally got the phone cord untangled and they’re ready to roll once they fire up the addiator.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Oilers website confirms the signing of Tarnstrom and Grebeshkov (without $$’s).

    When Redden arrives someone good is going to be sent out, mark my words.

  13. Black Dog says:

    The Schenider signing is a nice one – two years. Does this mean Niedermeyer is leaning towards retiring? They signed O’Donnell already as well.

    I would think so.

    That is the way to go – these five/six year deals should be given to two types of players – the elite older guys – Pronger, Iginla, Thornton – and the young guys – Hemsky, Horton, Whitney – who you can build a team around.

    Pretty slow so far. I dream of the day that all of the agents sit by the phone and nothing happens at all. Never happen but that would be a beautiful day.

    Back outside for some sunshine and beer.

  14. uni says:

    Poti and Mclean were good signings, and the Zednik one falls in the cheap player who if he can regain form is a steal, he’s a solid 3rd liner if nothing else.

    Briere to Philly for 8 years? That would be insane.

  15. Black Dog says:

    Eight years.

    My God.

  16. Black Dog says:

    Smid and Torres for Redden? And sign him?

    Or if Drury signs with SJ, perhaps Smith or Staios plus for Marleau?

    Or perhaps Scott Gomez for 18 years at 7.6 M per?

    Sorry that might be the St. Ambroise talking.

  17. uni says:

    Toss in 10 million the 1st year and a NO TRADE CLAUSE.

    WTF, 52 million, 8 years, 6.5 million per, no trade clause.

  18. PDO says:

    Calgary signs defenceman Cory Sarich to a five year, $18 million deal worth an average of $3.6 million per year.

    …. god I love Mike Keenan.

  19. uni says:

    And it just keeps coming:

    4:01pm et
    Brian Rafalski agrees to a five year, $30 million contract with the Detroit Red Wings.

  20. Lowetide says:

    The best news so far is that Gomez is apparently on the way to the NYR. This gives Lowe a chance to avoid blowing the wad on a big UFA and settling in (as FLorida has done today) with a couple of nice mid-range talents.

  21. oilerdiehard says:

    A couple rumour type sources are reporting that a deal possibly is done Lupul + Smith for Pitkanen + Sanderson.

    Tencer confirmed he is hearing rumblings of a deal with Philly but nothing confirmed.

    Sounds like TSN is hearing about a Philly / Edmonton deal too.

    If this is true what do you think LT?

  22. Black Dog says:


    Geez, that shakes things up.

    The good – Lupul’s contract is gone. And so is he.

    The bad – bye bye Gator.

    So, now what? I’m confused as hell. But that may be the Caledonian talking.

  23. Black Dog says:

    So D is now – Pitkanen-Staios, Grebeshkov-Greene, Tarnstrom-Gilbert, Smid

    More moves to come or we’re talking 2011?

  24. PDO says:

    Is Jaromir Jagr on the trading block?

  25. Steve says:

    Though any guess I’d make would be more uneducated than yours, that seems a little low for Pitkanen, even given the season he had. As has been pointed out elsewhere, he still got a lot of points, and $2.7 million doesn’t seem to buy you a good puck moving defensemen anymore.

  26. Lowetide says:

    You’re right, Steve. I’ve changed it to 3.2M.

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