HN’s Oilers top 10 Prospects

This is Riley Nash. He should really take two plates at supper right through the end of the decade. He’s listed at 6-1, 170 but he looks like Ron Howard in the Love American Style pilot that became Happy Days.

I’ve been reading the Hockey News since maybe 1971 and for many years they were pretty much the bible for pro and junior hockey. Players and fans alike would read it cover to cover, from the latest news to major features, updates from each team, AHL, IHL, CHL, college, junior and on it went (much later came European information).

I have a copy of a 1968 HN that mentions that the Czech national team might release Vaclav Nedomansky from his contract and allow him to play for the New York Rangers. Great historic value, the past issues of the Hockey News.

Current editions? Not so much. By the time an edition hits the stands we’ve read everything in it long days ago on the internet, and probably responded to it.

I think a publication like HN is in deep trouble, and it’s more pronounced because their website isn’t close to being as popular as one like and they don’t appear to be blinding us with innovation (their “salaries” page for instance still has 06-07 prices and rosters).

I don’t know if they’ll go under, but they’re being passed like a house on the side of the road and the gap appears to be widening.

In these circumstances, it’s always fun to see if the publication under pressure can turn it around, by finding unique and relevant information to pass along that gives the reader enough value to pick up the paper despite reduced value.

Things like very deep stats issues (they did one, but you can get everything at the HN offers and more), or maybe a very good prospects database (McKeen’s is out of this world with their summer issue) or something that gives me an excuse to buy their paper.

The HN’s summer edition (the big one that goes for $10 or whatever) is just out, including their list of the 10 best prospects in the system:

Oilers top 10
  1. Andrew Cogliano
  2. Sam Gagner
  3. Alex Plante
  4. Rob Schremp
  5. Devan Dubnyk
  6. Riley Nash
  7. Tom Gilbert
  8. J.F. Jacques
  9. Jeff Deslauriers
  10. Danny Syvret

This is not a good list. Leaving aside the guys that some of us prospect nuts like better than the rest (Trukhno, Chorney, Hrabel), there’s O’Marra, Grebeshkov and Kyle Brodziak not on the list.

The HN used to exclude picks from the same summer in their list, waiting instead for the following summer to include them in the ranking. For instance, Jason Arnott never made an HN list because he was in the NHL in his draft season. This season, they include the three first rounders in the top 6, and passing over quality in other areas.

The HN used to be known for including guys who are more NHL ready than those with more potential as skill positions. Now, they seem to have waffled on that, too. There’s nothing you can say about a publication that like JDD’s future more than Salva Trukhno’s or Ryan O’Marra’s.

It’s a poor list. If you only buy one summer hockey magazine, make it McKeen’s. And if you buy two, make it McKeen’s and something else.

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19 Responses to "HN’s Oilers top 10 Prospects"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Sorry to nitpick LT but Gilbert is on their list as you say.

    Agreed though on the jist of this – reminds of me of a Toronto Star article I read earlier this week where they proclaim that Cogliano or Schremp might put up big numbers for the Oilers this season. Totally ignore the facts about Schremp – his issues with getting scratched plus the injury – I’m no prospect nut but he’s not making this team out of camp, based on the injury alone. Nilsson has the inside track I think – this is his shot.

  2. doritogrande says:

    Damn, BDHS beat me to Gilbert.

    I tend to like the HockeysFutures list (even the one from last year) more than I like this list. I like Gagner, and love Plante, but they aren’t 2 and 3 in our system. And what’s with the obvious omission of Robert Nilsson? Do they think he’s no longer “prospect” material?

  3. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: Thanks for the catch, fixed now. Agreed on Schremp. If he makes the team it would represent overcoming injury, inexperience and the fact that his weaknesses are in areas that make him a longshot to ever have a position of importance on a MacT team.

    Cogliano though I think may have a chance if he hits the ground running.

  4. Lowetide says:

    dorito: Nilsson has played too many games to be considered a prospect. He’s not eligible for the Calder and has played 50+ NHL games.

  5. Mr DeBakey says:

    How much of the Oiler’s Page is put together by Tychkowski?

    Because, frankly, beat writers know dick about what’s going on.

    Danny Syvret in the Top 10 prospects?
    Hell, its 50/50 the guy will be playing in Stockton.

  6. Oilman says:

    sadly, the hockey news has been left behind….guess they figured this whole internet thingy that Al Gore came up with was just a fad

  7. mc79hockey says:

    Riley Nash looks like a baby giraffe.

  8. danny says:

    mc79hockey said…
    Riley Nash looks like a baby giraffe.

    “Gingers” — those with red hair, freckles, and pale skin — are creepy and evil. They suffer from “gingervitis” and their light skin comes from their lack of a soul.

  9. digger says:

    Riley Nash looks like a baby giraffe.

    Not bad… ;)

    To me though, he looks like Shawn Bradley with a 10 dollar haircut.

  10. Art Vandelay says:

    The Hockey News ceased to be relevant about the time Mark Howe was on the cover wearing a New England Whalers sweaeter.

  11. Doogie says:

    Vaclav Nedomansky, eh? I’ve wondered sometimes whether he’d have been Peter Stastny 15 years early if he’d joined the Rangers in ’68. Do you also have the issue where he was traded from the WHA to the NHL? Wasn’t he the first to be in a trade like that?

  12. jon says:

    LT, are you planning on catching any Oil King games this year, or following them at all? I’m somewhat ambivalent on the idea of going to see any games given the pricing for tickets of an expansion junior team. Unfortunately it seems like a fairly significant price gouge by the EIG, as the tickets on average are pricier than most AHL franchises’ prices.

  13. Mr DeBakey says:

    Go see the Golden Bears

    Better Hockey
    Better Deal

  14. PDO says:

    “Gingers” — those with red hair, freckles, and pale skin — are creepy and evil. They suffer from “gingervitis” and their light skin comes from their lack of a soul.

    God I love South Park.

    LT (hope you see this ;) ):

    What do you think of Truhkno, and why does he miss out on so many of these top 10 lists? I mean, this list certainly wasn’t good… but the guy can’t seem to buy much fanfare from prospect guys outside of yourself and Speeds.

    I like him, but I’m no prospect guy :D

  15. speeds says:

    I can’t speak for LT, but I like Trukhno based on his numbers as an 18 year old – highest scorer on the team by a bunch, and a far better +/- than pretty much everyone else on the PEI team.

    Last year he started out ridiculously hot, then fell off and was hurt. Maybe he fell off because he was hurt, I don’t know.

    I’ve only seen him play one game live (The Bears/Rookies game last year), and he read the ice very well, very smart player, great reads.

    I’ll be excited to see more of him this year at camp.

  16. Bank Shot says:

    Trukhno doesn’t seem to get much tire pumping from Kevin Prendergast as far as I can tell.

    With KP being a guy that loves to pimp the beejeebus out of his picks that doesn’t seem to bode well for Trukhno.

    Anyone know if he put up any points in the preseason games last season?

    I didn’t actively look for him, but he also didn’t do anything that made me notice him either…..
    Good trait in a defenceman, but not so much for a scoring forward.

  17. Lowetide says:

    bank shot: Trukhno got into two pre-season games, was plus 1 and the stats say he got two shots.

    The big stars among prospects last fall were Schremp (5gp, 2-2-4), Thoresen (6gp, 1-4-5)and Mikhnov (5gp, 2-2-4).

    The three who made the opening night roster iirc were Mikhnov, Thoresen and Jacques (who incredibly was 4gp, 0-0-0 in pre-season).

    Pouliot went 6gp, 2-0-2 and was called up during the season.

    As for Trukhno this fall, it would be very easy for him to slip through the cracks, but imo you could say that about anyone. TONS of prospects coming to the minors and looking to stamp their tickets to the show.

    I think one thing people overlook about Trukhno is that he has a wide range of skills. Schremp is a one dimensional player whose contributions to a team are valuable but narrow.

    Trukhno otoh could make the NHL in a variety of ways. Better overall prospect imo, although that may not show in as short a term as training camp.

    And as much as I like KP’s drafting record, I’ve pretty much decided he just rambles on when a mic is in front of him. He was talking up Schremp the other day, apparently unaware the coach has already put him behind the 8-ball with a quad injury. You may say “hey that injury wasn’t that bad” but the coach is the one who brought it up and I suspect we’ll hear him bring it up again this fall.

    It won’t take much to be left behind in TC if you’re a rookie, and even a slight injury before training camp has to be viewed as a possible deal breaker (NHL-wise) for the beginning of 07-08.

  18. Dennis says:

    KP is either super stupid, super optimistic, super oblivous or super calculating. I can never figure out which catergory I’d put him in.

    Truk is a guy I’d really like to watch, just to see what I could take from him. MacT seems less impressed with MP than I thought he would or than I am, but I’m convinced for all the world that he’s an NHLer. Same goes with Thoresen and Gilbert for that matter. JFJ is the last fellow that I really hadn’t read enough about and wanted to see in action and I’m less enthused about him now than I was at this time last year but there’s still a little piece of me that believes that all the forces alligned to make sure he had a miserable season. If he was ever as clueless in junior and the A as he was last year, no one would’ve ever talked him up, let alone drafted him.

    Truk is a guy that doesn’t get fuckall press but you look at his numbers and it looks like there should be something there. He reminds me of a Horc in that respect. Long before I was surfing the net or reading guys who really know their prospects, I saw Horc’s starts listed in the Oilers prospect section of THN’s preview mag and it just looked like he’d be able to help us at some point. Then I saw him live for an AHL series and then watched him on TV with the big club and it was clear that he could help us. Same goes for MP and Thor. Now I’m hoping that Truk’s the latest kid.

  19. Bank Shot says:

    Thanks for the info Lowetide.

    Perhaps I didn’t see him in training camp at all as I only attended the Panthers and Coyotes games last year.

    I’ll be sure to take in the Bears versus rookies and and couple of TC games this year, and I’ll be paying extra close attention to see what the Oilers may have in that Slava kid.

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