I really miss hockey right now. It’s late summer, soon we’ll drive through the river valley and the leaves will have turned, we’ll see our breath early in the morning.

Soon after, the sound of skates against the ice, or a puck perfectly passed and received, the sound we have all heard thousands of times when a puck hits the backboards, the feel of an arena maybe an hour before the game.

I miss it all. A lot.

There are some things I don’t like about hockey, and none of them have to do with the game. I don’t like the EIG’s obvious plan to take money out of my pocket, I don’t like New York lawyers buggering up the game with their money decisions.

And I don’t like internet rumor sites. They take the fun out of the game. I had lunch with two friends today, we were just bullshitting back and forth and it was terrific. Between the three of us there was enough hockey knowledge (not bragging, Canadians know their stuff) to create a successuful rumor blog but none of us would even think of doing it.

Why? We love the game. The sticks and pucks, the stories, the prospects, the veterans hanging on, the glory of the SCF and the intense pain of losing G7, SCF.

Eklund has become famous. Too famous. Everyday I visit the HF site and see posts like “Eklund: Devils-Oilers Talk?” and “Staios Rumor Updates?” and it pains me that some of us follow this guy from Pennsylvania and his every word.

Folks, there’s no mystery here. The Oilers have 9 defensemen they like, Kevin Lowe recently said something like he was giddy when he found out a specific forward was available, and MacT mentioned they might need another forward before the season begins.

ANY of us could make up a rumor based on these quotes and be at least as accurate, and yet we don’t at least partially because we love the game. It’s in us, a part of the fabric, like beer and skirts and Hockey Night in Canada.

Hockey is about the best of us, and Eklund and other rumor sites are about making a buck. So do me a favor: piss on Eklund and use your brain.

It’s the right thing to do.

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5 Responses to "Leaves"

  1. Muller says:

    Me myself am getting tired of the Eklund rumours about Edmonton. Few, if any are ever true.

  2. Art Vandelay says:

    Ecklund and his ilk are just the 21st century equivalent of AM sports talk radio.
    “Hello Mr. Short?”
    “Call me John. My dad is Mr. Short.”
    “OK John. I read in Jim Matheson’s column that the Oilers were going to trade Dave Lumley for Brian Propp, Mark Howe and Pelle Lindbergh. Do you think the Oilers will go for it?”
    (Five minutes of Short talking about it like it had more than a zero percent chance of happening, instead of pointing out that Matheson never wrote anything that he didn’t, um, borrow from the wire or imagine).
    Ecklund is the virtual Matheson. The people who read him are the long-lost callers of AM radio.

  3. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    It’s all about the game.

    Perspective has helped me to simplify, and I now place info into one of two categories…

    contributions to…


    distractions from…

    I give each an appropriate amount of thought. ;-D


  4. Dennis says:

    Where was this “giddy” quote from Lowe???I’ve tried to read the Sun and EJ everyday but was this something that he said during a radio interview, perhaps?

  5. IceDragoon says:


    If memory serves…
    It was an interview on Stauffer’s show post-Penner. He was surprised that a certain player, previously untouchable, was brought into discussion by a GM.

    My impression was…
    Nothing is imminent.
    It has the potential of a Thornton trade. Mid season… midnightish… some bad games… a frustrated GM… >>>… a bad trade.

    Keep ‘im close, Klo.
    We can only hope. ;-)


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