Oilers 1999 Training Camp Roster (#’s 61-94)

#61-Todd Reirden

He was signed as a minor league free agent in 1998 and played a few games with the big club in 98-99. He came out of college (Bowling Green) and played a ton in the ECHL and IHL (very little in the IHL) but finally got a break when the Oilers signed him. A good AHL season got him a callup and in the fall of 1999 he was the second last defenseman cut by Edmonton. On September 27th they sent him down in order to get their roster to 25, and then the St. Louis Blues claimed him September 30th. He ended up playing 183 NHL games, and was still active last year in Austria.

  • #62-Paul Elliot: Puck moving defender with size was sent back to junior September 12. He would play on the Regina Pats Memorial Cup team in 2001 and then turn pro. Three AHL seasons was as high as he’d go, but he did help Laredo win a Central League championship.
  • #63-Lee Svangstu: Huge enforcer looks to have missed the 98-99 season and on September 4th he failed the medical (knee). He bounced around the lower minors for awhile but that was his career.
  • #64-Doug Teskey: Goalie out of U of Alaska-Anchorage was sent out September 12th and had a decent career in the lower minors.
  • #65-Maxim Spirodinov: 9th round pick in 1998, the Russian LW peaked at the AHL level (95 games) but was back in Russia by fall 2001. Oilers cut him September 12.
  • #66-Dominec Forget: Small center from the Q was sent out September 12th and had a massive offensive season in 99-00 (67gp, 38-78-116) but would go on to play only 3 AHL games.
  • #67-Lukas Zib: Big Czech D was a pretty high pick (Oilers took him 57th overall in 1995) but he never played in North America. Oilers sent him down September 12.
  • #68-Kevin Haupt: Offensive defender from the dub, he was released on September 12th and would play three seasons in the ECHL.
  • #70-Brett Hauer: Big defender had a career in the high minors and in Europe, and in fact by the fall of 1999 had played in 29 NHL games. I can’t find when they sent him down, but they recalled him on November 29th for 5 games. Hauer has played a total of 37 NHL games and was in the RSL this past season.
  • #71-Alexander Fomitchev: 9th round pick in 1997, the Oilers scouted him in St. Albert with the Saints after coming out to see Jamie Lundmark and Mike Comrie. He was outstanding in the AJHL and had some time in the AHL but eventually found his way to Russia where he has had some terrific seasons. Returned to junior September 12.
  • #72-Blair Manning: Undersized center came out of the WHL and by fall 1999 had been kicking around the lower minors for three years. He was released September 12.
  • #73-Terry Marchant: Todd’s brother came out of Lake Superior State U and had one AHL season by fall 1999. Oilers released him September 12, he had a career in the low minors and played this past season with Ft Wayne of what will be called the IHL starting in the fall.
  • #74-Michel Riesen: A fascinating player. Riesen was 19 years old when he played in the AHL (98-99) and was a later cut in fall 1999 by the Oilers (September 20, same day as Cleary). He had a good season at 20 in the AHL (73gp, 29-31-60) and the next fall would play so well he made the big club. That was it though, highlight of his career was a dozen games with the Oilers out of the gate 00-01.
  • #75-Alex Henry: Massive defender took awhile to get there, but he has had an NHL career. Fall 1999 he had just graduated from junior hockey and was sent to Hamilton September 20 with a bunch of the Oilers better minor league prospects. Henry made the big club in fall 2002 but was claimed in early October by Washington. He has played 175 NHL games, including two full seasons in the big leagues. He was in the AHL this past season.
  • #76-Mike Thompson: U of A grad from St. Albert who the Oilers assigned to Hamilton on September 12. He never made it as high as the AHL, spending time in the ECHL.
  • #77-Adam Copeland: Big RW had split time between the AHL and ECHL in 98-99, the Oilers sent him down September 12 and he never got close to the show.
  • #78-Karol Bartanus: Huge Slovakian RW had played in the ECHL in 98-99. He was released September 12 and went back to Europe.
  • #79-Brent Belecki: Goalie played in the ECHL in 98-99 and technically was the first player released from training camp (September 10th).
  • #80-Jussi Tarvainen: Finnish center was a 4th rd pick in 1995 and had a solid career in Europe (Finland and Sweden). He played in the SEL this past season. I can’t find when they sent him out.
  • #81-Dana Mulvihill: He played in the ECHL in 98-99 and went back to the same league after getting released on September 12.
  • #82-Travis Mailhot: Goalie from the AJHL was released on September 10 and I can’t find where he want after a brief run in the West Coast Hockey League 99-00.
  • #83-Jason Reid: Big defender out of the University of Vermont was sent out (with the rest of the known world apparently) September 12 and played for a few years in the ECHL.
  • #84-Jason Simon: Huge LW had already played 5 NHL games in the mid-90s and was looking to catch a minor league job with the Oilers. It didn’t happen, although he did play 11 AHL games in 99-00. Assigned to Hamilton September 12.
  • #85-Mike Legg: Best known for scoring a famous lacrosse goal in 1996, Legg’s hockey career was interesting in that he left Michigan (NCAA) and played in Finland first year pro. 98-99 saw him in the ECHL and he was sent to AHL camp September 12.
  • #86-Brian Urick: 5th rd pick in 1996, he had finished up his NCAA career by fall 1999. He was sent down on September 12 and lasted a seasons and a half in the AHL.
  • #87-Paul Comrie: He made the big club in 99-00, signing a contract (2 years) on October 1, 1999. The deal included a bonus ($200k) and would pay him $1M over the two years of the contract. He was sent down to the minors on December 1, and picking up the story from Steve’s Oilers Site: on March 6th, 2000 Comrie informed the media a neurologist had advised him never to play hockey again. The 23-year-old center, who led the Oilers in scoring in the pre-season with 5-1-6, is suffering from post concussion syndrome after being elbowed during a game in Hamilton Jan. 7. Comrie will remain on the Bulldogs’ injured list for the remainder of the season and has yet to decide whether he will be heed the physician’s advice.
  • #88-Tim Rothering: Defenseman out of Wisconsin (NCAA) retired on September 9th, 1999.
  • #89-Brian Passmore: Center was a junior invite and eventually drafted by the Minnesota Wild in 2000. Oilers sent him out September 12.
  • #90-Jared Smyth: Ryan’s brother was a big defender from the dub and he played just a couple of games in the AHL. Oilers released him September 12.
  • #94-Ryan Smyth: Oilers signed Smyth to a 1-year deal on October 1, 1999. He was coming off his poorest NHL season (13-18-31) but would rebound nicely (28-26-54). At the end of the 99-00 season, Ryan Smyth had scored 102 NHL goals and he has currently played 788 NHL games.

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3 Responses to "Oilers 1999 Training Camp Roster (#’s 61-94)"

  1. James Mirtle says:

    Jeez, Paul Elliot was a pretty good junior defenceman. It’s amazing just how talented some guys are and they’re not even good enough for the AHL.

  2. MikeP says:

    James, I don’t think there’s a great deal of talent separation at the top levels of hockey – every NHLer is pretty damn good. What separates them is mostly how they apply what talent they have, and there’s a bit of luck in there too. You can have mad stickhandling and sniping skillz, but if your work ethic isn’t up to snuff (see Schremp, Robbie) then you’re in trouble.

  3. Lord Bob says:

    #71-Alexander Fomitchev: 9th round pick in 1997, the Oilers scouted him in St. Albert with the Saints after coming out to see Jamie Lundmark and Mike Comrie. He was outstanding in the AJHL and had some time in the AHL but eventually found his way to Russia where he has had some terrific seasons. Returned to junior September 12.

    I was pretty early in my hockey-watching life when Fomitchev came up (I was 12 when training camp opened in 1999) but I distinctly remember thinking Fomitchev looked like a player.

    Why did I say that? Because he was an ace goalie for my St. Albert Saints so of course I said that.

    Imagine how pleasantly surprised I’ve been over the years to glance at his career now and again and see that I’ve been right.

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