Oilers sign Brodziak, Roy

The Edmonton Oilers have signed two prospects who could end up being actual NHL players.

Both Kyle Brodziak (in photo) and Mathieu Roy have been quietly building solid resumes in pro hockey and each have had some time in the NHL.

Neither has a good pedigree, both work hard and play a smart game, both have gotten nice reviews from the head coach. Brodziak has 173 games in the AHL and led his AHL team in scoring in 2006-07. He’s in a very good spot heading into this fall’s camp and I don’t think anyone would be shocked if he made it on the 4th line or as an extra forward to start the season. He’s building a resume somewhat similar to Rem Murray’s, although Rem the Gem was an NHL regular at age 24 (Brodziak is 23).

Mathieu Roy is a favorite of mine for lots of reasons. He’s an underdog who doesn’t get as many opportunities as a guy like Matt Greene but has showed well in his chances at the big league level. He’s 24 and has 162 games in the AHL, and there’s a chance the Oilers will lose him if he’s sent down during training camp this fall (Roy is one of FIVE defenders on the Oilers roster born in 1983. Matt Greene was born the day before I was married. Good grief).

If we built a depth chart, Roy would be about #8D and Brodziak #5C (or so). Still, they have some things going on and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them both break camp with the big club.

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5 Responses to "Oilers sign Brodziak, Roy"

  1. Big T says:

    I’d love to see both Matt Greene and Marty Reasoner traded early in the season – with appologies to the Hot Oil girls.

    Both seem to have some value – Marty retianing what’s left of his and Greene gaining value through constant pimping by Oilers management.

    Reasoner, I suspect, is just as likely to stay as insurance for Stoll as well as injury insurance. I have to think that the edge in play is slightly in Brodziak’s favour now though.

    Marty just never seems to have recovered from that brutal knee injury. That and the trade that sent him to BOS before the run really makes me feel for the guy. Cruel game this hockey.


  2. doritogrande says:

    Have to disagree with Roy being #8 on the overall chart. Gilbert looks like more of a player to me. Really would not be a good day if we lose Roy to say, Tampa, Atlanta or the Islanders, who we all know are hurting for solid defensemen.

  3. Asiaoil says:

    DG – agree that we are a good match with those teams who could use multiple younger players including a dman. I would really like to swing a deal like one of column A (Gilbert, Greene, Grebs) plus one of column B (Schremp, JFJ, Nilssen) plus JDD for a good young forward. Problem is TBL, ATL and NYI don’t have much of what we need – only possibility I see is Hunter from NYI. St Louis from TBL woul dbe very nice but that would likely cost Smid instead of one of the dmen listed above (Smid, JFJ, Schremp, JDD?).

    One way or another we’ve gotta move some prospects by the end of TC to help the NHL roster.

  4. Ribs says:

    Well what the heck. Why was everyone telling me Roy was signed all this time?

  5. Black Dog says:

    LT – back from vacation and readong a week’s worth of posts – terrific stuff as usual.

    Here’s a question – does Roy have to clear waivers if the Oilers send him down?

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