Updated Salaries

Goal- Roloson (3.667M), Garon (1.1M)

Defense: Souray (5.4M), Staios (2.9M), Pitkanen (2.4M), Tarnstrom (2M), Greene (1.15M), Grebeshkov (950k), Gilbert (908k)
Center: Horcoff(3.6M), Stoll(2.2M), Reasoner (950k), Cogliano (1.133M), Gagner (1.725M)
Left Wing: Penner (4.25M), Torres (2.25M), Moreau (2M), Sanderson (1.5M), Jacques (668k)
Right Wing: Hemsky(4.1), Nilsson (1.013M), Brodziak (498k), Pouliot (942k)
TOTAL: 23 players
RUNNING TOTAL: $47,304,000
STATED CAP: Out the Window
Originally posted Aug 2:
The quality of defensemen who will start in the minors (Tom Gilbert) probably outweighs the depth up front (Jacques, Stortini, Sanderson). Bob Stauffer stated on his show today he felt Robert Nilsson would get a chance on the 2line, which might mean the checking (read: #1 line against opposition’s best) will be Pouliot-Moreau-Pisani.
Also, Kevin Lowe apparently said something about getting more help up front, which falls into the idea of having an elite level “soft parade” line and may mean either Horcoff or Torres is leaving with one on the defenders (I’ll guess Greene).
Updated October 2:
The Oilers appear to be 3M shy of the cap, although I’m not certain about the Pisani (2.5M) factor and what he’ll mean to the cap.

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15 Responses to "Updated Salaries"

  1. Andy Grabia says:

    That left side is sure big, I’ll give them that.

  2. Whitewoody says:

    Well were almost tapped out. I was hoping next we could make a run at Hossa or Heatley next year. There is not 1 elite player in the lineup. Ite better than last year but will be tough to make the playoffs.

  3. SweatyO says:

    Two things:

    Torres ain’t going anywhere LT. Horcoff, I’m not so sure about. I posted something about a “Philosophy Shift” on Oilfans that basically questions whether or not they go to a checking line and if that suddenly makes Horcoff expendable.

    As for elite players in the lineup, I think the idea is that Hemsky and Pitkanen are going to be those players. Which I do not have a problem with. They are clearly building to get back into the playoffs in 2009 and to contend in 2010, which I do not have a problem with.

    Their mission right now is to make sure that first rounder they gave the Ducks is no better than 12th overall.

  4. PunjabiOil says:

    A little concerning with Stoll, Pitkanen, Grebeshkov, Pouliot, Nilsson, Thorosen, Jacques, Stortini all RFA’s.

    That makes guys like Pouliot or Nilsson RFA offersheets threats. Do you match Pouliot at 1.9M, and compensation is only a 2nd rounder?
    What about Grebeshkov if he performs well? Of course most of these guys can be taken into arbitration, but that’s not a long term solution.

    Sanderson, Reasoner, Tarnstrom are all UFA’s, and it would make sense to keep 2/3 if they preform.

    I also don’t see the purpose of keeping 14 forwards. 1 extra forward at max. 7 defencemen are signed to one-way contracts, so they’ll have an extra defenceman munching orville butter popcorn in the pressbox.

    Of course the cap may go up next year, and the EIG may possibly be willing to spend to the cap.

    Just looking around nhlnumbers.com, it seems more and more teams are further away from the cap, unlike last year. The artificial revenue increases in the CDN dollar has kept many US teams at a similar budget as the 2006-2007 season.

    The Oilers biggest problem is the 3rd and 4th line make are expensive. Not enough cheap effective players like Thorosen. If a guy like Nilsson (1.013M) is on the team, he better be in the starting lineup. You can’t be paying a guy 1M to sit in the press-box.

    The team looks strong on even-strength upfront – following the Dallas model (leading point getter with 58 points – 14 guys with 20 or more points) would be ideal.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Punjabioil: I don’t think any of the rfa’s would be a huge problem in terms of an offer sheet save Stoll and Pitkanen. Pouliot might get an offer sheet but the Oilers would match it I suspect.

    Sanderson, Reasoner and Tarnstrom would be three of the guys I’d expect the Oilers to pass on next summer. They’re going to be busy retaining the rfa’s mentioned above and of course will want to have some dollars for free agent signings.

    The 3 and 4 line guys don’t have to be making huge money, they should be able to sign someone cheaply for both the 13F and 14F slots. There are so many free agents out there now the Oilers might even get a pretty good player for 700k.

    The Oilers at EVs is the big concern with this roster imo. They’ll be better on the PP and the PK is usually pretty good. Putting up goals at EV will be the struggle.

  6. PunjabiOil says:

    The Oilers at EVs is the big concern with this roster imo. They’ll be better on the PP and the PK is usually pretty good. Putting up goals at EV will be the struggle.

    I respectfully disagree here. Sykora (Oct/Nov aside) and Lupul are additions by subtractions. Guys like Hemsky, Penner, Stoll, Pouliot are a year older and maturer.

    Horcoff, Pisani, Torres, Sanderson and Moreau are strong ES vets on the team. Instantly Moreau (full year) and Penner are beneficial for their grittier games. Penner could be useful down low, cycling the puck. Keep in mind, his 20 goals on ES last year were 2nd in Anaheim.

    The Oilers lose some of the grit and strong ES results in Smyth however.

    Of course there is no shame in using the PP to win hockey games. Montreal, worse than the Oilers on ES last season, stayed in the playoff hunt with their top PP in the league. Toronto too.

    Of course this could just be my typical August optimism. Time will tell.

  7. Lowetide says:

    PunjabiOil: That’s really my issue with Penner. His results at EVs were against really weak opponents (Vic has a nice piece at his site on same).

    Maybe that’s going to be the plan this season, playing Hemsky and Penner against weak EV opposition and hope they put the boots to them.

    But that means someone has to do the heavy lifting and not get killed too.

    That’s really the issue with Penner vs. Smyth. I don’t doubt Penner could score 35 goals next season with Hemsky if things break right, but the questions are:

    1. How tough are the minutes and
    2. How do those 35 goals compare to what is going the other way.

  8. Jeff says:

    Eklund is better at predicting trades then you

  9. PunjabiOil says:

    Lowetide: Those are excellent points. As you mentioned, perhaps the Oilers are going to go ahead with a checking line against the opposition’s best.

    Back to the RFA’s – What if Pitkanen is offered in the range of a compensation of 2 1sts, 2nd, and a 3rd? Do you match it? How many teams would be willing to play the RFA game? I’m not sure it’s going to be that many.

    My bigger concerns are a guy like Pouliot (say he hits the 15-20-35 mark while playing tougher minutes later on in the seeason) getting a Kesler type offer. A 2nd rounder is insufficent, and 1.9-2.2M hurts your bottom line. You have no choice but to match. Ditto if Grebeshkov has a solid debut (the one Oilers I’m most excited to see).

    Flip-flopping back to Penner – He was a rookie and handled the softer minutes. My question is, when do players begin to handle tougher assignments? Is it in their second year? Third year? Penner is obviously no spring chicken, turning 25 in September – when you start giving him tougher assignments, and see whether they can excel on them?

    As far as Nilsson making the team – he showed a few flashes in his 4 games, but MacT wasn’t really impressed, ”It is very questionable to say whether Robert will be an impact player for us next year.” (paraphrasing). It will be interesting to see whether he has a decent camp.

    On an unrelated note, Souray mentioned how hard 7-8 guys were training in California this off-season. That’s good to hear.

  10. Paul says:

    hey punjabi, ive never really pushlished too much in hf or what not too much only this is in reguard to lowtide aswell… but i really real i have to reply on this reply…

    O totallu understand where you guys are coming from in this sort of forum, post/reply thing lowtide has.

    I know i am replying alot of what other people has said, ut with younger guys, you never know what they have to proove in the nhl until they are given the opportunity. AND…….it is up to the GM when the RIGHT opportunity is given. maybe penner;s opportunity is given or not, its really a shake of the dice, and all you can do is looks at the facts and make a decsion…K-Lowes descision was right on whaat kind of player we need… but the rest is left up to the future…. Just like every other springfield falcon we have… thank you

  11. Steve says:

    The Journal published a similar list today; it came as a stunning revelation to me that the Oiler whose last name comes first alphabetically is Garon.

    I’m not at all adverse to an upgrade in a first line centre, potentially even if it means losing Horcoff (but, as you’ve written, replacing Horcoff with Marleau isn’t a good idea). I’m a little leery about giving up Greene, because he almost seems like one of our more defensively reliable defensemen now (I can’t believe I’m writing that).

  12. danny says:

    With regards to ES results, excellent points guys. I’m of the opinion that we post minimum equivalent ES, more than likely superior.

    It’s not always as cut and dry as saying we lost our best ES horse in Smyth and replaced him with Penner.

    Last year, the major reason our ES results were poor is because we lost Dvorak/Peca/Moreau, and had a defense that couldnt escape the zone if their life depended on it. Its a recipe for trouble. Edmonton were NOT a puck posession team last season, and the D were exposed. The down low coverage was putrid. The forwards couldnt score because really their minutes with the puck were significant depleted in amount and quality.

    This season, I think we really would do well to add Peca, but with Stoll/Pouliot ready to take a step hopefully, Im torn.

    Anyways, with the puck movement upgrade in the back end, and with Moreau back, and a healthy season from Stoll, and an ES reliable Torres… MacT should be able to squeeze a respectable ES showing this season. Edmonton’s problems last season werent generated in trasition on defense, it was normally during the cycle and Souray isnt that bad down low.

    It will be an interesting season for sure. I think the Oilers could suprise a lot of people depending on if they can keep their PK results up, and follow through on the anticipated PP renaissance.

  13. Dennis says:

    I think that if you believe in Cogs, you put your apples in either his or MP’s basket and the same thing with Horc OR Stoll. Keep one of each pair and you’ll be fine for years. The best bet would be in keeping three of them and hopefully we can do that.

    Looking in terms of who might get plucked away via RFA, Burke and Caryle certainly know the value of guys who can play tough min, ala their love and appreciate of Pahlsson, so if MP plus 18-34 take the tough min this year and MP puts up the aformenetioned 15-35 in the process, maybe Burke comes calling. Then again, he probably needs a purely offensive pivot more than another EV outscorer.

    And, I think it’s clear that the MO will be 18-34 plus a pivot taking on the tough opp. I’m expecting Horc to be dealt off in a salary dump because until the I see the Oilers spending close to 48 mill a year, I really don’t believe they’ll do it. I wouldn’t know how you deal Horc and improve the team though, unless you do it and take on more salary like a Richards.

    Note: yes I know that’a a minimal upgrade for a huge jump in payroll but I just don’t see any way to improve the team by dealing Horc. I believe in MP as much as the next fellow but what happens if you deal him off for a soft min centre and MP can’t handle the tough min load? Then it’s 16 in that role OR it’s Reasoner. I’d rather stay where we’re at.

  14. namflashback says:


    I agree — until we see 30 games and can evaluate:
    - Stoll’s durability and abiltity to play tough opp
    - MP’s next step and development

    The drop in quality by losing any of the C’s other than Reasoner is not easy to recover from.

    They will also need either Brodziak and perhaps an Almtorp type to make the case to be Reasoner’s heir apparent.

  15. Black Dog says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the Ducks coming next season Dennis – they have to worry about Getzlaf and Perry – Lowe actually picked two pretty good teams to go after. The Sabres, despite their bluster, are not going to overpay some guy drastically – not their way. And the Ducks, for now, anyway, are tight against the cap. They have some big ticket guys and lots of guys are going to cash in on this Cup win for sure. Beauchemin is another. Pahlsson.

    I know he’s just a kid but another possibility for tough minutes in the future may be O’Marra, don’t you think Dennis? I know he has injury issues and he may not put up big numbers but a lot of what I hear about the guy sounds like a third line shutdown type guy at the least.

    The wings are thin – well, maybe not the left so much now – but they certainly have a bushel of guys up the middle.

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