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In the national fishwrap today comes some quotes from MacT on Matt Greene:

“He’s got to slow the game down for himself.”

“He’s got to slow the game down a little bit. When he does that, he’ll be fine.”

The individual who wrote the Globe and Mail piece is Grant Kerr, and it’s a small but very strong item. I would post the link here but it’s five miles long and I just got in and have to do some stuff. I don’t know Grant Kerr, but this is a really nice little article.

There’s another article on HF boards about Winchester showing well and some posters worrying openly about the Oilers making a mistake. It’s possible, but the Oilers have had a very impressive string of making the right choices when sending away young players since the arrival of Lowe and MacTavish.

I had a quick look at this here. Brad Winchester would be an exception to the established rule 2000-07.

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7 Responses to "A Few Notes"

  1. momentai says:

    I’m sure enough people are going to be discussing his habit for taking penalties of the obstruction variety. However, I’d like to point out something that doesn’t get mentioned as much.

    For as long as he’s been playing hockey… the dude still needs to learn how to pass. Seriously.

  2. Black Dog says:

    Kerr is one of a number of guys who do good work for the Globe – Duhatschek obviously and Maki as well. All three are either based out west or spend quite a bit of time out there. All three have published work on the Oilers this fall – worth skipping by the G&M site, imo.

    I’d rather a guy who can move the puck then one who cannot, obviously, but you can have a guy on the roster who isn’t the greatest at that particular skill if he is Jason Smith, for example.

    Greene may turn into a decent player at some point but as LT pointed out in another thread he’s just running in place here. He is not improving. If they could hide him as a 6 or a 7, spot him with a veteran partner, not rely on him so much, then that’s one thing (and its not his fault that they need him to contribute NOW) but they are relying on him now and his penchant for taking penalties (and we’re playing the scrubs now folks) doesn’t bode well for when teams start using the live ammo.

  3. Bohologo says:

    I thought the full comments (from the podcast) were more damning:

    “He’s got to slow the game down for himself,” MacTavish noted during post-game comments. “There are players you try and work some intensity in their game. Then there’s Matt. You try and work some intensity out of his game.

    “His first inclination is to pole-axe everybody. He’s got to slow the game down a little bit. When he does that, he’ll be fine. (Sometimes) he turns those non-dangerous battles into life-and-death struggles in an area where it shouldn’t be that intense.”

    It’s possible that Greene was ideal for the old NHL, but now?

  4. oilerdiehard says:

    Bohologo – Yeah I heard the full MacT piece on Greene on CHED. I thought it was odd they ended the podcast right at the end of the negative bits on Greene. It cut off right before MacT started the more complimentary parts with any eye to his future.

  5. Black Dog says:

    Someone else (Dennis?) made that point too, bohologo – if this were 1997 the Oilers would be looking at a guy who could totally play top four. Big and strong, he could just throw guys around.

    Not so much now.

  6. Dennis says:

    I’ve been making that point since the playoffs in ’06.

  7. Bohologo says:

    Well, look at guys like Adam Foote and Ohlund in Vancouver-maybe it’s age catching up to them, but maybe the game has passed them by? Either Greene learns how to adapt, or he’s in trouble, I suspect.

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