Anson, Eric and Mike (Update: it’s Anson)

Spector’s Hockey Rumors has published a report today that the Oilers are about to invite a “semi-high-profile” (?) UFA forward to be joining Oilers camp – not sure if its a tryout or a signing. Some will like it, some will hate it. It will certainly be water-cooler talk!

As much as I’d like it to be Mike Johnson, and pray to God Almighty that it’s Eric Lindros, I expect it is Anson Carter.

Here are the negatives for Anson Carter:

  1. He’s a very inconsistent player on a pretty young (and they will be inconsistent) team.
  2. He isn’t physical despite his size.
  3. He’s not close to being a two-way player.
  4. Even if he has a good season, then what? He’s a fading player whose peak was probably around league average.

Here are the positives:

  1. He has 674 games NHL experience.
  2. He can find open spaces.
  3. He can still score given optimum circumstances.

Eric Lindros and Anson Carter are somewhat comparable offensive players based on last season. Lindros’ EV points-per-60 number was 2.00, and his PP number was 2.74/60. These are similar to Carter’s numbers last year (at EVs, he was 1.76, on the PP he was 2.53/60). To give you a comparable, Hemsky’s EV points-per-60 was 2.09 last season, he PP numbers was 5.45. According to Behind the Net, Lindros had the second easiest minutes in terms of opposition amongst Dallas forwards, and Carter played the 5th toughest in Columbus. Both were slightly in the red numbers plus/minus, so I’d say at a guess they were about equal in EV results for the season (Columbus plays in the soft “Detroit and crap” division).

Lindros had a bunch of missed games because of foot and groin problems, and he’s extremely unlikely to play even 60 games. Carter had a sprained shoulder last season, played in 64 games (about 15 more than Lindros). Mike Johnson remains a nice option, but reports from Jim Matheson a few days ago suggested that Edmonton wasn’t interested. Maybe they changed their minds.

I’ve always liked Eric Lindros as a player, and if they signed him now it would be a cool thing. Anson Carter doesn’t appeal to me on any level, but he may well be the guy Spector is talking about, and Mike Johnson would be a nice fit with this team.

Just to post them where we can find them if something does happen, here are the scoring rates for each player at EVs and PP:

Even strength per-60-minutes

  1. Eric Lindros 2.00
  2. Anson Carter 1.76
  3. Mike Johnson 1.54

PP per-60-minutes

  1. Mike Johnson 4.17 (small sample)
  2. Eric Lindros 2.74
  3. Anson Carter 2.53

EDIT TO ADD: It’s Anson Carter. I believe this impacts Robert Nilsson quite a bit, not so much Pouliot and Brodziak. Nilsson’s being bumped down to 4line (if Carter makes the team) could have an impact on players like Schremp. I don’t like the move, but if MacT doesn’t believe Nilsson can do the job and this makes him more comfortable then it may be a solid stopgap measure.

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12 Responses to "Anson, Eric and Mike (Update: it’s Anson)"

  1. gary b says:

    Well, at least it’s not Jason freekin’ Allison.

    while i’m sure under ideal circumtances Anson could net 25 goals or so, i’m waaaay more concerned about how this team replaces Fernando’s contributions WITHOUT the puck.

  2. Black Dog says:

    ffs – where is the plan? there is no plan!

    Lowe is killing me.

  3. Ribs says:

    Damn I wish I could go to the Joey Moss Cup again this year.

    Gagner gets a chance to play with Hemsky so soon! I love it!

    Pouliot gets a shot with Horcoff. Love it!

    If Schremp can’t work with Carter he has more problems than I think he does.

    I have no idea where the coaching staff is going with these lines but I hope they have some ryhme to their reason.

  4. mc79hockey says:

    Fact du jour: The last six teams Anson played on failed to make the playoffs.

  5. therealdeal says:

    MC: That’s not too bad, because I think he played for 6 teams last year alone…

  6. majeau13 says:

    the thing with Anson is that he has alot of finish. Look at when he played with Weight/Smyth, and than Comrie/Smyth.

    Than, in Vancouver, Sedin/Sedin.

    Do we even have room for him? Possibly with Stoll/Torres?

    Should be interesting. I just hope they don’t try to force him onto the Opening Night Roster

  7. Ken says:

    Anson Carter is invited. Just received a 630Ched email alert about it.

  8. Ducey says:


    There is no downside to the Oliers giving him a tryout. The guy does have over 200 goals. Maybe sitting on his ever expanding butt while camps started is just the attitude adjustment he needs to find the occassional corner or to consistently back check. Maybe he can add some finish to team full of passers. Maybe he will sign, maybe he won’t. Maybe he will sign a two way. Maybe he will sign for $500K plus incentives. Maybe he fills a spot for 3 months until Pisani is better or a prospect gets more seasoning in the AHL.

    In other words, lets see. I fail to see how checking to see if a player might be a good fit is a mistake.

  9. Lowetide says:

    Ducey: Let’s make a list of skill forwards who learned to back check after age 33. You get started, I’ll join you later.

  10. Chris says:

    I’m hoping this tryout winds up being just that – a tryout. Hopefully it motivates the kids to step up and play sufficiently well that Anson takes his game to Sweden, Finland or Russia. He’s always been a floater, although he does have a nice shot. But he’s a worse backchecker than Shremp so I really don’t understand were he would fit into this team.

  11. Black Dog says:

    That may be the only thing I see coming out of this – perhaps it spurs on some of the kids even more.

    Because if Carter makes this team then that means that the kids are not alright and the team even less so.

  12. Steve says:

    If Anson Carter’s the answer, what’s the question?

    How about “Where the hell can we get some veteran offense?”

    No good team would seriously consider bringing Anson Carter in the way the Oilers have. But the Oilers are not a good team, and Anson Carter is a legitimate, if one dimensional, NHLer.

    He’s not going to score thirty and he’s not going to learn to check, but as long as this is really just a tryout and the Oilers haven’t already pencilled him in to start the season, I’m okay with this move – it won’t get the team into the playoffs, but it will give MacTavish some options as to how he uses his rookie forwards.

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