Brodziak Has a Big Game

With all the first rounders lined up (2003-2007 editions), it’s a guy taken 4,958th overall who kicks out the jams. WHY do we even pay attention to the first round?

I kid. Sam Gagner delivered like a first rounder should, and there seemed to be some good signs for the other two 1st rounders ’03-’07 who play forward on this team. Below is the list of selected Oilers first round picks in tonight’s game, their minutes (this may be wonky, may have been drinking tonight) and how Brodziak compared to them on the night.

  1. Kyle Brodziak: Selected 214th overall in 2003. 2 goals, 1 assist, +2. 18 shifts, 16:33 TOI, 1:59PP, 2:31PK. He was splendid based on the play-by-play and the results. Listening to Rod from the first shift of the night through the last it was clear that Brodziak was not only on a mission but had prepared for the opportunity. THIS is how players win NHL jobs.
  2. Marc Pouliot: Selected 22nd overall in 2003. 0 goals, 0 assists, -1. 14 shifts, 13:50 TOI, 2:14PP, 1:45PK. He had a couple of chances and his line seemed to force the issue later in the third period, but the offense didn’t come for him tonight. With Reasoner injured and unable to take the final two faceoffs of the game, Pouliot did so and had a positive outcome both times.
  3. Rob Schremp: Selected 25th overall in 2004. 0 goals, 0 assists, -1. 12 shifts, 11:12 TOI, 2:29PP, 0:00PK. Had a nice chance late but it sounded like he’s still a step or two behind this training camp. Schremp got passed over with the penalty brigade and didn’t seem to get it back until midway through the third period when he had what Morley described as the best chance for his line on the night.
  4. Sam Gagner: Selected 6th overall in 2007. 1 goal, 0 assists, +1. 21 shifts, 17:33 TOI, 4:55PP, 0:39PK. Popped a goal and had several chances again tonight. I know they’re showcasing the kid and giving him every opportunity, but he’s also delivering results. Each time he does it, we say “well let’s wait until he does it against better competition.” Tonight’s result came in a game against an NHL team with NHL goaltending. At what point do we begin to take him seriously?

All of them got plenty of icetime. Can all four make this team? What about Cogliano?

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40 Responses to "Brodziak Has a Big Game"

  1. Gret99zky says:

    “All of them got plenty of icetime. Can all four make this team?”

    I’m thinking you know the answer to that one already. My question is, if Gagner continues to impress what happens with Horcoff? Does he go to the second or third line or does Lowe put his name on the block and see who calls? Do we keep Stoll and Horc just in case of injuries? One poster on HF suggests that Horcs will remain on the first line because of loyalty. IMHO chemistry trumps loyalty. What are your thoughts, LT?

  2. Lowetide says:

    If Gagner makes the team, the Gagner-Penner-Hemsky line plays the soft parade and the PP.

    Which makes Horcoff more important, as he is the best option for heavy lifting.

  3. Pigsofa says:

    Watching Brodziak tonight felt like watching an NHL vet. I never said to myself that he seemed overwhelmed, or too small, or nervous. He went and played hard. He made a few mistakes, but he fought the whole time, and you could tell that he wasn’t going to let plays die, or let an attack go by easy. Threw the body down for a couple blocks too. I was impressed by him, he bled copper and blue tonight.

    Gagner on the other hand had an interesting game I thought. He seemed really nervous the first period, and wasn’t seeing any pucks his way. I was sitting behind the oilers net watching hemmer try and fight off two guys, and asking myself why he wasn’t giving the puck to Gagner. Of course everytime he got the puck in the first half, he seemed to panic. The goal he got was great, but handed to him on a platter. Good to see that he can produce in a bad game, and hopefully he’ll calm down before the end of the preseason.

  4. Lowetide says:

    MacT was raving about Brodziak in the postgame, and had nice things to say about Gagner. With Nilsson also showing well, someone is going to be disappointed with a ticket to the AHL at the end of the month.

  5. godot10 says:

    //My question is, if Gagner continues to impress what happens with Horcoff.//

    If Gagner makes the team, Gagner, Horcoff, and Stoll will cost $7 million this year, and around $9 million next year. Sydney Crosby, all by himself, with cost over $8 million next year. Spezza and Fisher will probably cost around $11 million next year. Thornton and Marleau, around $13 million.

    I fail to see any problem keeping all three for the next two seasons salarywise.

    Horcoff’s contract is a bargain.

  6. digger says:

    After listening to MacT’s postgame comments re: Brodziak, it sounds like he’s ready to bear Kyle’s children and get ‘KB’ letters shaved on his head of curly hair.

    Needless to say, Brodziak caught MacT’s eye.

  7. HBomb says:

    First off, just so everyone knows, I’ve gone back to my Oilfans roots and ditched the SweatyO handle for my “radio name”.

    I’m not one to usually gloat, but I think I am going to take credit for being the first one to suggest on Oilfans and in the Oilogosphere that I thought Gagner could make this hockey club.

    I’ve got his chances somewhere around 1 in 3 right now, give or take a bit. I think there’s one spot for him, Cogliano or Schremp. Pouliot, Nilsson and Brodziak are all going to make this hockey team.

    If he doesn’t make it this year, he’s in the NHL for certain next October. Finally, six years later, a second Oiler prospect worthy of the “Hemsky treatment”….we’ve waited too long for such.

  8. Gret99zky says:

    I see no sense in letting any of our capable centers go. Especially if they continue to be cap friendly. Add a couple of winger of the same ilk and we are playing in June.

  9. stache_master says:

    Would this be so bad? I’m not a fan of Carter coming to camp, but since he’s there I’m pretty sure he’ll made the cut. Nilsson is a left handed shot so I’m sure he can play the left side.

    PB-Stortini, Thoreson

    Springfield-Jacques, Schremp(trade bate?), Cogliano

    As excited as I once was about Schremp(I went to three american games at the 06 WJC just to watch him), I think that he’s the third best prospect in the system up the middle now and with horcoff and Stoll I don’t see a place for him to move into unless he seriously improves his skating.

  10. stache_master says:

    Oh yeah… and Sanderson… too many new faces, not enough 4th lines.

    I like Sanderson somewhere. I just don’t know where.

  11. Steve says:

    I’m not a fan of Carter coming to camp, but since he’s there I’m pretty sure he’ll made the cut.

    Not without a trade, since right now that fiftieth contract seems pretty much earmarked for Gagner.

  12. Lord Bob says:

    The trouble with keeping both Carter and Gagner is that you end up needing to shield two lines; there’s no way Horcoff can look after both Nilsson and Carter by himself.

    Therefore, even with the 50-man limit aside, one of Carter and Gagner will have to be taken out behind the barn. My money’s on Gagner, but I’m hoping for Carter; this isn’t a playoff year anyway, so let’s give Samwise some at-bats.

  13. Julian says:

    The very fact that it’s not a playoff year says that we should stick Gagner in the A. Why burn a year of his march towards RFA and UFA status just to rush him to the show?

  14. Lord Bob says:

    The very fact that it’s not a playoff year says that we should stick Gagner in the A. Why burn a year of his march towards RFA and UFA status just to rush him to the show?

    Gagner can’t go to the A; he’d need to go back to the London Knights and learn far less than he would by actually going to a higher level.

    I’m sick of people talking about ‘burning a year until UFA’, by the way. If Gagner’s a player, we’ll pay for him, and if he’s not, we’ll let him go, but isn’t the chance to make Gagner a better player worth say, a million bucks per year when Gagner’s turn comes up? Would you rather have a 2C for five years or a 1C for three?

  15. gary b says:

    Schremp = gone.

    Carter = gone.

    Greene = gone.

  16. mc79hockey says:

    First off, just so everyone knows, I’ve gone back to my Oilfans roots and ditched the SweatyO handle for my “radio name”.

    Can I have my $20 that I donated to cancer research back?

  17. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: Welcome back, it’s a better handle. I think speeds mentioned it to around the same time, but credit where due you certainly did call it.

    As for what to do, well Brodziak’s emergence this fall imo makes a trade more likely and the parts heading elsewhere more attractive.

    As much as I like Pouliot, if Brodziak can handle his workload then a Pouliot, Greene + a pick trade has way more value than a Schremp or Jacques in place of Pouliot (imo).

    Lineup might look like:

    (soft parade)

    (heavy lifting)
    Horcoff-Moreau-veteran acquired

    (2nd line)

    (4th line)

    And then say Carter and Sanderson as Nilsson insurance. There would be some worry about Reasoner’s health and the lack of depth there with Pouliot gone, and certainly Carter and Sanderson wouldn’t always be in the pb, but this at least makes sense and if the veteran acquired is a solid two way player the possibility exists the Oilers could have three scoring lines.

    Just saying.

  18. momentai says:

    I went to the game last night and when I have time, I’ll post my first impressions later. I hope that’s ok.

  19. Gnash says:

    Does anyone have a comment on what the Oil did on the pp last night? From the CHED broadcast, it sounded like they didn’t get alot done with the group that could be the starting pp unit for the regular season: Gagner/Penner/Hemsky/Pitkanen/Tarnstrom.

  20. timokamuraartworks says:

    What’s up with ESPN’s box score?? Was looking at the results there – It’s saying the goals were scored by Steve Staios, Jonas Almtorp(2), Shawn Horcoff, and Geoff Sanderson(sh)… with MArty Reasoner getting three assists…. What the hell?

  21. Ribs says:

    I think I forgot to take my crazy pills this morning.

    Fans are giving Gagner Horcoff’s job and suddenly Brodziak is some sort of wizard/warlock/monster that everyone loves?

    Tell me we’re not getting way ahead of ourselves here.

    You can’t just put Hemsky on the ice for the softest minutes and think that you’re going to win any game in this league with the roster the Oilers have.

    Like it or not, the Oilers are a 1 line team when it comes to scoring goals and who’s on that line besides Hemsky is still a mystery in itself.

    The soft-parade matchups only work if you have a franchise scorer on the first line. I don’t think Horcoff can fill that role. Do you?

    As far as Brodziak is concerned…why the big fuss? We all know what kind of player the guy is…why does everyone seem so shocked that he’s putting work in?

  22. Black Dog says:

    Brodziak is doing what he should have done last year, probably because of what happened to him last year. He may be this year’s Thoresen although not as obscure as the Norwegian was.

    Love Gagner but lets see how it goes. If he sticks its soft minutes with probably the guys he’s playing with now. Its an attractive look for the team. You can have Stoll-Torres-Pouliot Moreau-Horcoff-Thoresen or take your pick how you run those out. In any case you end up with a line that can really do the heavy stuff and another that can probably do ok – if Pisani comes back things get even better.

    Bad luck for Cogliano.

    Way way early but it is exciting to see youngsters coming up and doing something, anything to compete for actual jobs – not just the scraps. Worse things can happen.

  23. Bank Shot says:

    Pitkanen and Tarnstrom on the point didn’t look that great. Both were really hesitant to shoot the puck last night. Having Souray or Stoll back there would give the PP more dimensions I think.

    Pitkanen and Tarnstrom were pretty decent otherwise.
    Grebeshkov was a mess. That giveaway on the second Panthers goal was just bush league. Didn’t seem to have his head in the game all night.
    Gilbert had some bright points, but also some flubs. Pretty blah game from him.
    Greene looked good until the third period when he got rocked by Globke. He kind of had a rough go of things for a few minutes after that.
    Young looked young.

    I see some fans at HFborads saying Schremp was concentrating on his defensive game? God. I don’t want to see what he looks like when he isn’t “focusing” on D. Looked better at 5on5 then last season’s camp though. He carried the puck at times and was much more willing to go into traffic to battle.

    Pouliot looks faster. Had a couple of good scoring chances. Saw him better then last year’s camp were he looked subpar.

    The veteran forwards all looked pretty good.

    I don’t think all four guys higlighted in LT’s post can make the team. There is probably a limit on small, skilled, one-wayish forwards this season.

    I suspect Gagner and Schremp are fighting for a spot that doesn’t exist unless one of them goes gorilla on training camp.

  24. HBomb says:

    Can I have my $20 that I donated to cancer research back?

    No, but you can donate another $20, I’m doing the run again this year.

    For the record, the name change was at the reccomendation of Vic Ferrari himself via a PM on Oilfans. He said “it was fun while it lasted, but I think you should go back”. And this was an unsolicited piece of advice from a man I consider an absolute master of all things Oilogosphere…..

  25. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: I think the bottom line important item is that IF Gagner plays his way onto the team, it’s going to open up options for Lowe in terms of making a “quantity for quality” deal.

    As for Anson Carter, I don’t think he makes the Oilers. He’ll have an OK camp, ask for too much money, and will be subsequently released. I’d rather see those soft RW minutes go to Nilsson, Cogliano or Schremp anyways….

  26. dawgbone says:

    If gagner makes the team, there’s just no way Horcoff plays with guys like Nilsson and Carter.

    Penner – Ganger – Hemsky
    Nilsson/MP/PT/JFJ – Stoll – Torres
    Pouliot/PT – Horcoff – Sanderson
    Brodziak/MP/PT/JFJ – Reasoner – Moreau

    Don’t confuse their order listed here with line numbers.

    Everyone talks about how one of the youngsters are going to have to step up (which they clearly will), but I think the bigger step will need to be a Pouliot/Thoresen/Brodziak. 2 of these 3 are going to need to deliver results against some primo competition.

    Horcoff’s line is going to need to play the tough lines, and the only healthy player we have left is Sanderson who can play on that line (if Moreau and Reasoner are tied to the hip again).

    With Pisani back, hopefully we could go with one of the youngsters with Horc and Pisani to jump on the shutdown line.

    Penner – Gagner – Hemmer are going to need to pound the piss out of their soft-op this year, and one of the kids needs to step into the role of impact hard minute eater.

    It those 2 things can happen, the Oilers may have a decent chance this year.

  27. Showerhead says:

    “Brodziak is doing what he should have done last year, probably because of what happened to him last year. He may be this year’s Thoresen although not as obscure as the Norwegian was.”

    I commented last year to some of my buddies that I got the same impression from Brodziak that I got from Horcoff and Stoll the first few times I saw them – one way or another, he is going to find a way to make himself useful. These particular buddies have a hate-on for Horcoff and a hard-on for Stoll so it didn’t really make sense to them but I stand by it all the same. I am really pulling for the guy.

  28. momentai says:

    First Impressions:

    Overall, I thought the Oilers as a whole were kept in their own zone a ton and it showed on the shot clock. Not all of those shots were of quality for certain, but it’s a testament to how we were running around in our own zone at times last night. Florida just didn’t have the finishers to put us away.


    Roloson: He couldn’t really be faulted on either goal that he allowed in his first period and a half. One was a very pretty tip from Frolik that hit top corner from 8 feet out. The other was a horribly botched play at the beginning of the second by his two dmen which basically gave the Panthers a 2 on none to break in alone. Overall, though, my friend thought that he looked a little slow and mechanical. That could be definitely be rust and some time could be needed to get his old body back into the flow.

    Deslauriers: He wasn’t really tested that much but showed great flexibility on a save right after he entered the game. I still don’t know whether or not the shot hit him as he was swimming around in the crease but good effort by my eye. The second goal he allowed by Globke was terrible. A weak shot that got pushed at him created a huge rebound that Globke tapped in as he was rushing to the net. (I forget who the dman was on that play but he’s partly to blame as well.)



    Probably the best pairing for the Oilers tonight. They got caught running around in our own zone at time (something that happened to most of our pairings last night) but were the best of the bunch. Pitkanen made a killer rush with Hemsky on the pp in the third but couldn’t convert as Vokoun came over for the save. Pitkanen is definitely a smooth skater. I can’t really see this being a pairing, though, as neither guy was hugely effective at gaining the puck along the boards.


    Huge pairing by all accounts. LT, you’re right. I think Young is a very good positional dman. There’s certainly nothing fancy about his game at all but he’s going to be better with more experience under his belt. Greene was a lot better with his passing lanes and he intercepted a couple passes while on the pk. He looks like a horse out there and in very good shape. But he still can’t pass. Seriously.


    Worst pairing on the night by my eye. It was my first time seeing Grebs play and I did not come away impressed. First impressions are huge and Grebs’ first play was a botched pinch that left Gilbert alone on a 2 on 1. (it’s like it was telling the future) Roloson made the save but terrible timing on that play. Grebs also got beat wide a couple of times and looked slow in general and weak along the boards.

    That second period goal was just sick, though. Grebeshkov get caught at his own blueline as the puck goes by him for a 2 on 1 against Gilbert. Gilbert doesn’t really take away anything and Roloson gets hung out to dry. What Grebs was thinking was anyone’s guess.



    Sestito showed good hustle and it was a nice shot that beat Vokoun shorthanded but you could tell that he just isn’t skilled enough at this level. Jacques I didn’t notice. With O’Marra, I remember at the Juniors he hit everything in sight. It’s harder to do at this level because all the players are as big as him. I’m sure that’s quite the adjustment for him. Overall, though, nothing much doing from this line at ES.


    Disappointed in this line overall as they didn’t create much of anything the entire game besides a good spurt in the third period. Thoresen had a beauty of a hit and got jumped by Globke (who was a real shit disturber last night) afterwards. I like the fact that Brodziak was the first guy to pile in for aid. Pouliot had a very burst of speed when he cut in for a shot on Vokoun. Schremp didn’t really show anything. He was lagging behind the puck pretty often and didn’t keep the puck on his stick for long stretches. Even on the pp, he didn’t have time to work his so-called “magic”. There’s not enough time and space at the NHL level. Schremp is going to have to adjust or get buried in the minors.


    Reasoner looked solid and I smiled when he went down for a block late in the third. You know he’s coming to play. I thought that he might have been done after last season but so far he’s looked better. Here’s to hoping. Moreau looks like typical Moreau. He was a bulldozer out there and you can tell he was an NHL player compared to the young lineup of the Panthers tonight.

    Brodziak was really buzzing and I could not possibly be happier about that. Everybody has a guy they hang their hat on (LT has McDonald for some strange reason) and mine is Brodziak. That hustle to set up Sestito for the shortie was gold.


    Hemsky was high-flying tonight as usual. It might just be the opposition but I think he’s gotten faster if that’s at all possible. When he blew by Noah Welch on the pp, the entire crowd was in awe. No shot off of course but the speed was breathtaking. Penner came as advertised. He’s not really a big hitter but he’s got a wide frame and definitely takes defenders with him. Gagner’s goal came as a direct result of Penner’s size as Dustin tangled up with a defender and lost the puck. Gagner picked up the garbage and had a clear shooting path at the net.

    Gagner: The first thing that I noticed was that he’s small. He keeps up with the play well enough and had a few chances to score in this game (a couple on the 5 on 3 to boot). But he gets pushed off the puck rather easily in any zone so he can’t really get involved in the play much. He leaves it for Hemsky/Penner to battle and Gagner gets into the open areas. He’s got a nose for the puck, though, and it reminds me of Comrie that way. However, he’s not going to break into the regular season as the pivot between Penner/Hemsky. At this stage he just isn’t strong enough to create at ES with the room available. I like him a ton but he’s got a ways to go yet.

  29. Master Lok says:

    I don’t see the Oiler management trading Greene this year at all. They’re in love with the guy – he’s not going away. if any of the dmen gets traded – it’ll probably be one of the puck-moving types not the lone defensive hitting type.

  30. Rod says:

    Just quick hitter on some line possibilities:

    Penner – Gagner – Hemsky
    Moreau – Horcoff – Pouliot
    Torres – Stoll – Nilsson
    Thoreson/Jacques – Reasoner – Brodziak/Sanderson

    Penner – Gagner – Hemsky
    Pitkanen – Souray

    Torres – Horcoff – Nilsson
    Stoll – Tarnstrom

    Of course it’s very early, but I like the fact Carter’s not in that mix. ;-)

    For Gagner, it’s way too early to determine whether he plays here or London. The fact he’s even a possibility for opening day is a testament to his play thus far.

  31. Dennis says:

    LT, is this veteran acquisition in any way related to the veteran dman we were supposed to get last year;)

    If 19′s healthy, then any kid picked to play with the 18-19 combo is gonna look able as long as he knows what to do. The other two boys are so sound, that all you have to do is be half-decent and you should be fine.

    I’m not getting all caught up in the Nilsson thing so I don’t know why 78 couldn’t get the RW gig with 14-16 while Brodziak plays with 10-18 and those two lines take on the tough min while Penner-Gagner-Hemsky take on the softies.

    If Gagner is indeed a Comrie that can find the open spot, then he just might hang around.

    Some other things:

    -Cogs is making some decisions easier with his injury, no question about that. So is Schremp for that matter because it seems clear that his conditioning just isn’t up to par and he’s gonna have to be lights-out in all other elements if the Oilers are to take him on in that regard.

  32. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    I got part way thru compiling my 3 day perspective to add to the JMC Obs, but then had to look after other business so I could take advantage of last minute tickets to the game last night.

    My husband loves me.
    Plus, he’s a smart man who knows, “When Mama is happy… everyone is happy.

    I’m going to Millennium on Wednesday, so I’ll try to cobble together a week of progress/regress as I see it.

    We’ve always liked Brodziak, Lain. This kid had ‘steady as she goes’ development written all over him. He’s been my dark horse since I first saw him.

    Speed and strength were the areas he needed to work on the most. He obviously put serious time in to improve his areas of weakness, and he added some versatility to his game.

    We should keep in mind that he has had Marty Reasoner as his C for days 1, 2 & 4, but also recognize that he always played centre till last year. Apparently, Richards shifted him to RW for about 1/2 the season.

    He played his first LW shifts with Schremp and Carter in the JMC. Adapted fairly seamlessly and even scored a goal.

    He has a good head for the game.
    If he maintains his play…
    coach keeps him.

    Pouliot has been mystifying me this camp. He is stronger, but doesn’t look much faster. He’s played wing before, but seems to be fighting the adjustments. I know he wants to be a centre, but this team needs him to adapt and fill a hole. If it’s good enough for Horcoff…!!!

    I fully expect him to pick it up as pre-season gets more intense.

    Given his injury, Schremp was in tough to begin with. I have seen conscious effort to play a complete game, tho… no cheating.

    Considering he just discovered his own zone part way thru last year, a hitch in his transition thought process is completely normal. He should have been given an assist on Brodziak’s JMC goal.

    He needs to play lots… in the ‘A’.

    I think it was one of the boys at Covered in Oil that coined the name “Samwise”. They’re pretty smart over there. ;-D

    The kid was in a little over his head to start, but adjusted to the speed as the game progressed. Cool thing is… he got better in the midst of increased pressure from Florida.

    Hope he keeps it up. Having MacT and co. oversee his development could be the best thing for him.

    Cogliano needs to play lots… in the ‘A’.


  33. Black Dog says:

    I like that Dennis – then a 4th line of 19-28 and Sanderson or Jacques or whoever is needed.

    Agreed on Cogliano’s injury – I think that takes one name off of the list of possibilities. By the time he gets back it will be too late.

    Schremp has been better by all accounts (and how long before his apologists complain about Gagner getting to play with 83/29 – not long, I guess) but still a step behind.

  34. Rube Foster says:

    I’m not too sure why it seems most folks are down on Dancin’ Anson and relatively firm in their opinion that Sanderson belongs somewhere on the team.
    If you look at their numbers over the past few years they are essentially and eerily the same player. (perhaps lowetide can run a comp.) I’m not convinced that Sanderson is vastly superior to Carter from a defensive perspective and offer that Sanderson’s plus minus has been consistently worse than Carters’ the past few years for though Sanderson has played on some very bad teams for whatever that’s worth.
    I believe they bring equal value in terms of veteran leadership and as far as my eye can tell their significance difference is that Carter is two and half years younger and a big six one to Sanderson smallish six foot. When it comes to style, well Anson wins that one hands down.
    If Sanderson and Carter aren’t competing for the same spot, let me strongly suggest that they should be. Lets say they both perform equally well through camp and we can sign Anson for a cool mil. That’ll save us $500k on the cap and we can give some valuable ice time to the kids. Keeping them both makes no sense to me.
    As for Samwise, if he keeps scoring they’ll have to give him his nine games to see what he can do – won’t they?

  35. Rod says:

    Those lines could work too, but I think they need to find out what Nilsson can bring to the table. Plus I think Pouliot with a 10&18 combo a bit more offensive punch than Brodziak. Strange to say in the face of last night I suppose. We’ll see.

    As for picking up a veteran forward, I’d say those are easier to come by than puck-moving defensemen. Lowe found out the hard way last year. This year he may have too many, but that’s a nice position to be in. Other teams will come calling, so he shouldn’t be stuck like last year. In theory anyway…

    Definitely right that the Cogliano and Schremp injuries has created separation. That said, some time in the A will do them both some good while that option doesn’t exist for Gagner. It’s here or London.

  36. Jonathan says:

    I don’t understand why Brodziak wouldn’t make this team. Despite the fact that management doesn’t seem to realize this team is in desperate need of defensively responsible players both up front and on d (why else would Carter be invited?), MacTavish surely does, and Brodziak’s statistics match nicely up to a Dave Scatchard/Stephane Yelle style career, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  37. Asiaoil says:

    Here is my take on the Carter invite and a shot on the opening day lines:

    Penner Horcoff Hemsky
    Torres Stoll Nilssen
    Moreau Reasoner Brodziak
    Sanderson Gagner/MAP Carter
    ext Stortini

    Now none of these lines is stellar at ES except for Reasoner’s checking line and I think we need to use one this season. The Horcoff and Stoll lines should be capable…I’m having trouble finding the word….well there is no reason that they shouldn’t be bad put it that way.

    That would leave Gagner (who I want to stay) between a couple of vets in Sanderson and Carter on the 4th line. Gagner should also share time with MAP who may play a lot of the road games. I’d be very content with Gagner playing in 40 NHL games plus WJC.

    That’s my take on the Carter signing – a 4th line vet for the Gagner and Sanderson unit which could even be interesting to watch and effective if the minutes were uber-soft.

  38. Steve says:

    I’m not too sure why it seems most folks are down on Dancin’ Anson and relatively firm in their opinion that Sanderson belongs somewhere on the team.

    1. Sanderson is signed, and unlikely to be unloadable for value. Carter’s a free agent.
    2. If history is any indication, Carter will probably ask for an overpay, not being aware of the concepts of supply, demand, or bargaining position.

    I wouldn’t be crying any tears if Sanderson wasn’t on our team, and if I could pick between the two I’d probably take Carter by a hair. But people are down on Carter within the context that Sanderson is on the team, and there’s a limit to how many washed-up one dimensional forwards we need, especially given how many up and coming one dimensional forwards we could be giving their minutes to instead.

  39. Lowetide says:

    I think Sanderson and Carter are NHL players and the Oilers don’t have enough of them. As much as we all like prospects and it would kill me if Carter made the team over, say Pouliot, fact is that this club needs guys who have NHL experience.

  40. doritogrande says:

    “First off, just so everyone knows, I’ve gone back to my Oilfans roots and ditched the SweatyO handle for my “radio name”.”

    Actually, you’ve just changed your name to the same name my ultimate team uses, haha.

    I think if Gagner makes the team, he won’t be doing the first-line EV duties. Something tells me he’ll be playing 4th line EV minutes with a respectable vet (Sanderson anyone?) supplimented with primo powerplay time with Penner, Hemsky, Souray and Stoll.

    I’d love to see Kyle Brodziak make this team, actually to ride shotgun to Gagner and Sanderson on the 4th line to be honest. I think he brings a lot to the table that we’ve lost in Pisani’s condition. I’m pushing lines of…

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Stoll – Nilsson
    Moreau – Reasoner – Pouliot
    Brodziak/Thoresen – Gagner – Sanderson
    With one of Brodziak/Thoresen and Stortini in the pressbox depending on what the situation requires.

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