Colin McDonald Star for Rookies in Golden Bears Game

I believe this to be the Colin McDonald who is the Edmonton Oilers prospect. He scored the only goal for the Oiler rookies in the Golden Bears game last night and was (according to many reports) their best player.

I don’t think there’s much surprise there. Colin McDonald will turn 23 later this month, and is only 13 and a half months younger than Ales Hemsky.

He’s a man.

He’s pretty much 5 years older than William Quist, who also played and impressed some in the game (Guy Flaming will have an interview with Quist on his show tonight).

Colin McDonald’s draft day scouting report read like this:

  • Owns projectable size (6-2, 190) and a nice touch around the net. Will attend Providence College. Needs to prove he can put up numbers against stiffer competition or risk being labeled a checker.
  • He will need time to develop. He’ll attend Providence College for at least two years, but may leave early if there’s an opportunity to crack the Oilers lineup at that time.
  • Has a heavy shot, goes to the net consistently. Doesn’t have a scorer’s touch.

That is three different scouting reports and there’s some inconsistency (“nice touch around the net” and “doesn’t have a scorer’s touch” are at odds). This sometimes happens, especially with a player who isn’t scouted heavily (McDonald was in the EJHL the season of his draft). His goal totals in the NCAA over 4 seasons put to rest any questions about his being a scorer (10,11,9 and then 13).

Or did it?

Is it possible for McDonald to be a scorer in the NHL with those piddly college numbers? Fernando Pisani outscored him for crying out loud (Fernando had 56 goals in 4 NCAA seasons, compared to McDonald’s 43), and Fernando’s assists totals implied a much better offensive player (Pisani’s career assist total dwarfs McDonald’s, 110 to 34).

Is it possible that Providence College outlawed the forward pass ? Here are the goal totals for Hockey East in 06-07:

  1. Boston College 142
  2. New Hampshire 139
  3. Maine 133
  4. U Mass-Amherst 109
  5. Boston University 99
  6. Northeastern 84
  7. Vermont 87
  8. Providence 76
  9. Mass-Lowell 74
  10. Merrimack 37

Providence is a low scoring team, but they aren’t so low that we can give McDonald much of a lift. Pisani scored 14 goals for his team as a senior, which represented 12% of his team’s total. McDonald’s total as a senior represents 17%. That’s not a wide gap, and if we factor in their assist totals as senior wingers (24 to 4, Pisani) we come back to the horrible truth.

More Brad Winchester than Pisani. That’s what the numbers say. Brad Winchester started his pro career at age 22 and played 181 AHL games before playing his 20th NHL game. Fernando Pisani started his pro career at 23 and played 172 AHL games before playing his 20th NHL game.

Colin McDonald should probably count on two full seasons in the AHL before he arrives for any extended period in the NHL. The Oilers extremely poor depth at RW could fast track him, but he is likely to go 11-6-17 in the AHL this season.

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10 Responses to "Colin McDonald Star for Rookies in Golden Bears Game"

  1. dawgbone says:

    Pisani’s Providence team also had 7 players with 20 or more points (highest being 44).

    McDonald’s team had 2.

    If McDonald can come out with similar defensive attributes to Pisani, but with less offense, I don’t think that’s overly bad.

    Bill Guerin he isn’t though.

  2. Black Dog says:

    I love it – I believe this to be Colin McDonald.

    Here we go – the annual rollercoaster of training camp – already I have read that Cogliano and Trukhno are nowhere near ready, that Peckham is the next Pronger (both Chris and Sean) and so on and so on. Of course this is part of the fun. The kids come in, jacked up to play (O’Marra),trying to make the team in one period (witness Cogliano moaning that he was unable to score)and destroying perspective one shift at a time.

    Wait until Gagner scores a pile or Schremp for that matter – then the HF boards will be in full cry.

  3. Lowetide says:

    I’m pulling for him but he looks like an excellent comp for Winchester (with fewer pims).

  4. Black Dog says:

    I’m pulling for him too LT. Him or Almtorp or someone, anyone, to come out of nowhere and stick. Like Thoresen did last season. Its a great story and God knows I think that is all we will have this season to hang onto.

    Its the same every year though – good for him for having a good game but if he has a couple more there will be calls for Fernie to be traded when (if?) he gets back. And it goes the other way too – based on what I have read nearly every guy who played last night was just terrible.

    One game folks, one game. Breathe.

  5. speeds says:

    I thought Trukhno looked better, more complete, last year.

    Very good read of the ice on the PP, when on the point, when playing as a F he didn’t really seem to be finding open spots like he could have. At ES, with Cogliano and Rohlfs, it didn’t really seem like Trukhno and Cogliano could figure out what the other was going to do.

  6. Nelson88 says:

    McDonald is the man. I’m betting he scores 20+ goals in Springfield this year!

  7. Dennis says:

    I thought it was a shot of Chris Klein doing off-field training with his lacrosse buddies circa American Pie.

  8. Ducey says:

    Well a Winchester who brings it every night (say an Ethan Moreau) is of a lot of use to an NHL team.

    Any word on McDonald’s work ethic?

  9. grease trap says:

    If you’re good at fries, they move you up to burgers.

  10. Asiaoil says:

    I actually think McDonald has a shot a popping 20 this year in the AHL with the right linemates. Upside is probably Sean Donovan with a clue not Pisani who’s hockey IQ is off the charts.

    … but LT I still can’t for the life of me figure out why you are so high on Trukhno. Has he ever ever shown anything outside of a CHL environment? Not that I’ve seen.

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